7 Best Tea Length Wedding Dress For Every Bride With FAQ

Are you considering wearing a tea length wedding dress on your big day? Here are seven flattering styles that will suit every bride. 

We’ll also discuss what body type looks best with this dress length and how to wear one, so you’ll look your best for the ceremony and party. You can read what is tea length wedding dresses for more information about this short silhouette. 

tea length wedding dress


7 Flattering Tea Length Wedding Dress Styles For Every Kind Of Bride


Tea length wedding dress with sleeve

The midi length of the tea wedding dress complements long sleeves to balance the skin showing on the legs. The bride can choose between loose, tight, lace, or solid-colored sleeves, depending on what flatters her arms best. 

Tea length wedding gowns with long sleeves are also suitable for cold weddings because of the added coverage. But if you want a romantic and sexy style, you can go for illusion sleeves where the skin underneath is still visible, but the other lace details are over it for the tattoo effect. 


Strapless tea length wedding dress 

Brides with pear-shaped body types or women with wider hips than the bust and shoulders will be flattered best by strapless tea length wedding dresses. You’ll showcase your delicate upper body and balance the proportions. 

You can even pick another color for your strapless tea length wedding dress, depending on the wedding season or theme. For example, your choice can be a pink gown with a full skirt. 


Sweetheart neckline tea length wedding dress 

Another style of tea length wedding dress without sleeves that would flatter most brides is the sweetheart neckline wedding gown. The sweetheart neckline is flattering because it supports the chest and highlights the curves. 

Full-chested brides would look fantastic with this fashion option, but even brides with smaller chests can have the illusion of curves with the top-of-a-heart style of the neckline. You can go for a sweet look by picking a tea length wedding dress with a tulle skirt and sweetheart neckline, or be sultry and bold with a bustier corset-style bodice on the tea length skirt. 


A-line tea length wedding dress 

The most popular silhouette seen in tea length wedding dresses is the A-line silhouette. Its fitted bodice and the flaring skirt is universally-flattering as the style creates a cinched waist and conceals the belly. 

This is also perfect for brides who need to wear a tea length dress for easy walking at the venue but have always dreamed of a voluminous skirt for their wedding. Tea length A-line wedding gowns look as poofy and dramatic as a wedding ball gown. 


Tulle tea length wedding dress 

The light and netted tulle is a bridal attire icon and would be perfect to include in tea length wedding gown designs. This tea length dress is perfect for the whimsical and princess look for the wedding. 

The designer can use layers of tulle in the wedding dress skirt, especially with an A-light silhouette. You can even have a floral inspiration for your tea length wedding dress, where the tulle on the skirt features colored embroidered flowers. 


Lace tea length wedding dress 

Lace designs are not only limited to long wedding gowns. Your tea length wedding dress can also use lace details on the skirt, bodice, or as panels strategically placed around the dress to showcase your best features. 

With lace illusion sleeves or neckline on your tea length gown, you can also use lace to show skin without feeling too bare. Designs with a high lace neckline also complement the tea length best because it’s not too short or long. 


Silk tea length wedding dress 

You can find a tea length wedding gown made from silk for brides who want a sleek and modern style for their wedding dress. This classy fabric is a great choice to make the tea length more formal. 

For an alluring look, you can also go for a plunging neckline for the silk tea length wedding dress. Or, if you find the style too simple, silk designs with embellishments and details can inspire your wedding accessories. 


What Is A Tea Length Wedding Dress?

A tea length dress is a dress length where its skirt only reaches the mid-calf. Tea length wedding dresses are also longer and closer to the ankles. 

Brides might pick this length for comfort and practicality, as walking with long wedding dresses would be a headache in some wedding venues. But the fantastic thing about tea length wedding dresses is they’re not too short that you risk looking casual for the wedding.

But why is it called tea length? The name of this dress length came from the fact that women used to wear the same skirt length for high tea in the 1920s. 

This is why a tea length wedding gown would be the perfect choice for retro brides. But nowadays, many designs and styles are available for tea length dresses with different wedding themes. 


Is tea length and midi length the same?

Tea length wedding dresses are considered a type of midi-length wedding dresses. The skirt of a midi or tea length wedding dress will show the bride’s ankle, which means walking with this dress is easier than floor-length wedding gowns. 

However, tea length wedding dresses also come in different lengths. Most stop above the ankle, but some are more casual as they’re higher from the ankle. 


What Is The Difference Between A Tea Length Wedding Dress And A Regular Wedding Dress?


Tea length wedding dresses are shorter

The difference between a tea length wedding dress and a regular wedding dress is the length of the skirt. Common wedding dresses are usually floor-length, while tea length dresses are above the ankles or mid-calves.

It’s also expected for a wedding ball gown to reach the floor with its skirt, and the variation for this silhouette on a tea length wedding dress is the voluminous A-line dress. But nowadays, more and more designers are releasing designs of tea length wedding dresses that are as grandiose as wedding gowns. 

Some have embellishments, beading, appliques, lace panels, and tulle layers. The bridal tea length gown can also come in another color besides the traditional white in most wedding dresses. 


Can I Wear A Tea Length Wedding Dress?

Brides can wear a tea length wedding gown as no laws require wearing a floor-length wedding gown to get legally married. The midi length of the tea wedding dresses is also practical in outdoor weddings like on the beach or in the park, where long gowns can be a hassle to walk with. 

Simple tea length wedding dresses are even suitable for micro weddings and elopements. Some brides prefer the lowkey look than extravagant and poofy ball gowns. 

Furthermore, the tea length style might be flattering for your height, and the length allows you to showcase your beautiful bridal shoes. Depending on the designer, there might be different tea length designs if you want something shorter and further from the ankles. 


The only time you can’t wear a tea length wedding dress is at a black-tie wedding

However, very formal weddings like the black-tie expect floor-length gowns for the women’s attire. Other than that, pick a style that would suit the dress code and theme of your wedding. 


How Do I Know If A Tea Length Wedding Dress Is Right For Me?


Best body type for tea length wedding dresses

The tea length wedding dress is suitable if you have a triangle or pear-shaped body type. This means your lower body is wider, so the length of the skirt of tea length dresses becomes slimming for the silhouette. 

You should also showcase your shoes, whether those are strappy bridal shoes or embellished heels. And for brides who want a vintage look, the tea length is perfect, especially when you find a style that fits the retro vibe. 


Who should wear a tea length wedding dress?

Who will look good in a tea length wedding dress? Midi wedding dresses like the tea length are incredibly flattering for tall brides. 


Who should avoid tea length wedding dresses?

On the other hand, it’s best to pick another style if you’re petite because it will make your legs look short. Of course, you can always try a shorter wedding dress or wear nude shoes to elongate your legs


Are Tea Dresses Flattering?


Tea length dresses are best for tall brides

Tea dresses are flattering, especially to tall brides, as the length accentuates their long legs. However, while this length is advised to be avoided by petite and short brides, there are ways to make the midi length more flattering on you. 


Can short brides make tea length dresses work?

Since there are many tea length wedding dress styles, find a dress above or below the mid-calf rather than the skirt stopping directly at the thickest part of the leg, as this highlights your height. And for plus-size brides, you can wear a tea length dress with ruching and other details to conceal any bumps and rolls on the bodice or hip area. 


You can never go wrong with an A-line wedding dress

Another tip to make any tea length dress flattering on the bride regardless of her body shape is to wear the A-line silhouette. It highlights the waist and flares under it, creating an hourglass figure. 

However, do you know that more than the dress style, your bridal undergarments can significantly affect its fit and your overall look? Read what do you wear under a wedding dress to make your wedding dress even more flattering. 


How Do You Wear A Tea Length Dress?


What shoes to wear with a tea length wedding dress?

Because the skirt of tea length wedding dresses stops at mid-calf, your shoes should never be overlooked. If it’s embellished, the details should match the embellishments on your wedding dress. 

Heels with straps that go slightly above the ankle and a short midi dress is a classy combination that would flatter most brides. Or, for a vintage look, you can wear pointed heels or pumps in a fun color that showcases your personality. 


Can I wear a belt with my tea length wedding dress?

It’s up to the bride if she thinks her look needs more bling at the waist. The belt might also help highlight the hourglass silhouette in A-line wedding dresses.


Do you wear a veil with tea length wedding dresses?

Brides can wear a veil with their tea length wedding gown. But to ensure that the veil won’t outshine the gorgeous midi dress, you want a short one and never anything that drags behind you. 


Should I wear gloves with my tea length wedding gown?

The mid-calf length of the tea dress is perfect for the vintage style, so some brides pair this wedding dress with gloves. They also add formality, especially if you’re worried you’ll look too casual by not wearing a floor-length gown. 


Where Can I Buy A Tea Length Wedding Dress?

You can check popular bridal fashion stores like David’s Bridal, Net-A-Porter, Revolve, ASOS, and Saks Fifth Avenue for different styles of tea length wedding dresses. Some designers also offer short wedding dress styles, although it’s possible only to find longer designs and gowns than shorter variations of the tea length wedding dress. 

If you can’t find tea length wedding dresses, check the designer’s midi designs. The two are often interchangeable, as some consider the tea length wedding dress a type of midi dress. 

You can also work with your seamstress and ask if they can shorten the dress skirt’s length for you. If it will be difficult to walk with your original dress because of its length, altering the skirt might be possible, depending on its design. 

To give you an example, here’s how to shorten a wedding dress with a train


What Length Of Wedding Dress Is Most Flattering?

The most flattering wedding dress length is the maxi length, with the skirt falling between the ankle and the top of the toe. It’s not too long, like a floor-length gown that can “drown” short brides, but it’s not so short that it can seem disproportionate for tall brides. 

You can also consider a knee-length dress, which can be above or under the knees for sheath and A-line wedding dresses because they are easy to dress up and down. But if you have wide hips and thighs, you’ll look fantastic in a midi wedding dress because it accentuates the feminine figure.

As for mini wedding dresses, they might look too casual for most weddings. However, they would be flattering for petite brides as they elongate the legs.  



And that’s it! You just learned different tea length wedding dress styles, so hopefully, you will find the most flattering dress for your body type and wedding theme. 

But to recap, this dress length is incredibly flattering on tall brides and pear-shaped women. On the other hand, short brides should pick a tea-length gown that does not fall precisely at the mid-calf so they won’t look shorter.

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