Swivel Pedestal for Captain Chair: DIY Installation Guide

If you are tired of how stiff and uncomfortable your captain’s chair is, then the swivel pedestal for the captain chair might be just what you need. Swivel chairs are better because they make it easier to stand up from a sitting position without having to turn around or move in any way.

This installation guide will teach how to install this type of pedestal into any captain’s chair that has armrests and how to use it correctly.

Swivel Pedestal for Captain Chair


Steps on Installing Swivel Pedestal For Captain Chair

Step 1. If you have an armrest, then remove it by unscrewing the bolts on either side of the arm. You will need a wrench to loosen and tighten these screws.

Step 2. Use your drill with the appropriate sized bit for drilling into the chair. You will need to drill through your captain’s chair to install the swivel pedestal for captain chairs.

Step 3. Once you have drilled all four holes, use a Phillips head screwdriver or hex socket wrench if needed and attach brackets around them with screws that are included in the package of hardware. Make sure there is enough space between the chair and bracket to slide the pedestal in.

Step 4. Take your swivel pedestal for captain chairs, place it on top of the brackets you just screwed into the underside of your captain’s chair, then attach with screws that are included in the package. Screw them tight. You may need someone else around if this is a tall person’s chair.

Step 5. Grab the seat and try to spin it around to see how tight you need to tighten the screws for there not to be any wobbling or movement when spinning.

If too loose, grab your Philips head screwdriver again and tighten one more turn until desired snugness (usually about a quarter of an inch from how tight you can get it with your hands).

Step 6. If too tight, loosen screws a bit then try to spin the seat again. If still too tight, repeat until desired snugness is achieved.



This often takes two people: one person on either side of the chair and holding both ends of the seat with their hands.

It’s usually easiest to do this when the chair is on its wheels, but if you’re trying to tighten screws that have already been tightened all of the ways in and don’t want to loosen them again, then it can be done while sitting on the seat (but only with a lot more difficulty).


How to Install Clamp-on boat seats

This how-to install clamp-on boat seat tutorial will help you avoid the expensive dealer prices and make your own.

Buy a clamp that is at least as long as the distance between two of the holes in your seat.

Use a drill or hacksaw to cut it so it fits lengthwise across all but one hole, then screw it in so that one end is flush with the wood.

Cut a piece of scrap to fit across the last hole, and glue it on top of the bolt sticking up from the unfinished side. Fit this clamp over your seat holes and tighten down until you can’t turn anymore.

Drill a pilot hole through all three pieces of wood and put in a screw to hold them together.

Spray paint your clamp for an industrial look or use contact paper if you want it to match the colour of your boat’s seats

Run screws through all three holes into the seat frame, then flip over so that they’re sticking up on the other side.

Drill a pilot hole through the seat frame and put in a screw.

The screws should be sticking up on one side, with their heads resting against the clamp. They will keep your seats from rotating around while you’re out cruising or just relaxing between sailing sessions.


Steps on Mounting Boat Seats to Floor

Step 1. Stabilize the seat in place and drill pilot holes into it.

Step 2. Attach a bracket to each hole with screws or bolts, then attach another piece of metal at an angle between them to make sure they don’t shift when you put weight on your chair.

Step 3. Screw anchors through the back of the flooring so that they are flush with the front and back of each hole.

Step 4. Next, attach a bracket to both screws on one side so that it creates an L shape in between them. Finally, screw anchor brackets through the flooring onto this bracket as well.


What is Universal Swivel Seat Base?

The Universal Swivel Seat Base is a welded steel base with two swivelling pedestals.

It comes in different lengths to fit your needs! A seat will be mounted onto one of the pedestals, then you can use heavy-duty bolts/screws and washers so that it doesn’t move around on its own when someone sits down or stands up.


List some benefits of installing an extra set of swivel seats

#1. You’ll have more room for people to sit comfortably while cruising around using their boat’s Hobie catamaran pedal system; how about having several kids playing at once? You could also employ this configuration as a way to make sure everyone has plenty of room to hang out and enjoy themselves.

#2. The pedestal swivels away from the boat so you can safely get up and down without disturbing your guests- how about your kids? It’s also a great way to keep them safe while they play around or explore whatever it is that’s caught their attention at the moment.

#3. It makes it easy for those in attendance to reach over, shake hands or swap items with other people on board– how about snacks, drinks, sunglasses, towels or anything else they might need while socializing!

What if someone needs something from below deck but doesn’t want to have everyone waiting by doing this one time task? The extra seating allows just what we’re looking for.


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