How to Change the Swivel on a Sinking Office Chair

There are many reasons that you may need to replace the swivel on a sinking office chair. If your chair is too low, it will be difficult for your employees to stand up from their desks and get back down again.

This can lead to chronic pain or discomfort in the lower back as they try to sit at their desk all day long. In this post, we will show how easy it is to change the swivel on an office chair that sinks so you can create a more comfortable work environment for your staff!

swivel on a sinking office chair


Steps on Changing the Swivel on a Sinking Office Chair

Step 1. Remove the bolts on the bottom of your chair. Use a wrench to loosen them and remove them completely.

Step 2. Take off the seat from your office chair using a screwdriver or pliers if needed. You will need access to where you can see how it attaches with screws to put in new ones when finished changing out the swivel.

Step 3. Set the new chair on your desk or another flat surface, removing all of the packaging and protective plastic from it so you can see how to assemble everything. Some chairs have multiple screws that need to be tightened down when they are assembled for a tight fit. This is how you will know how many pieces there are that will need to be reattached with screws.

Step 4. Screw-in the first few parts of your chair, starting at the bottom and working up from there. Make sure you tighten each screw securely so that it is secure when done assembling everything.

Step 5. Take off any excess plastic or packaging materials left on the chair and place them in the trash.

Step 6. Clean off any dirt or residue from your hands and chair with a towel, which will help to keep everything looking clean as you go along.

Step 7. Reattach all of the pieces that were not screwed on securely when you first assembled them by using screws so they are neat and tight again.


Why does my swivel chair keep sinking?

The most common cause of a swivel chair sinking is because the screws holding it together are not tight enough, or they need to be tightened. It could also be that the metal supporting frame under your seat has become warped due to overuse and needs some time off for it to keep its shape again.


How do you fix a hydraulic office chair?

Sometimes hydraulic office chairs can become jammed due to either the weight of someone sitting in it or because something was spilt on them. When this happens, there are a few simple steps that will make fixing your chair easier for you:

Step 1. Look at how the lever attaches to the base and detach any pieces if necessary using an Allen wrench (or another suitable tool)

Inspect how much fluid is still inside by opening up the fill cap which should be located near where you detached from earlier with an Allen key.

Step 2. If there is no more fluid left, attach new fluid until its level reaches about three inches below the top of the reservoir container. Be careful not to overfill! This could cause excess pressure when pressing down on the foot lever to make it swivel.

If there is still fluid in the reservoir, detach from where you detached before and attach back together using an Allen key (or another suitable tool)

Step 3. Add new fluid if needed until its level reaches about three inches below the top of the reservoir container


Why is my Gaming Chair Wobbly?

Is your gaming chair wobbly? Is it too high for you to maintain a good posture, or does the back cushion feel like it is sinking into the seat when you sit down on it? No worries! It’s time to switch out that old and worn-out office swivel. Here are some tips for how to change the swivel on an office chair:

Step one: turn off your computer and unplug all of its cords from power outlets before removing any screws. You may want someone else nearby with knowledge about how computers work if they’re unfamiliar with how this process works.

Remove two or three screws near where your armrest meets up with the rest of the chair frame; these will be holding the swivel in place.

Step two: carefully lift the old, worn-out office chair swivel off and set it aside; be sure to put on a pair of work gloves first if you’re not already wearing them.

If your new replacement part comes with instructions for how to install it correctly, follow those steps next. Otherwise, continue following these basic guidelines below before putting the new one back into its home location!

Step three: take an Allen wrench (or any other type of screwdriver suitable for this task) that is compatible with the head size used to hold all hardware together – usually Phillips or slot heads are best suited for this job – and tighten down screws by turning them clockwise until they cannot be tightened anymore.

Tighten screws by turning them clockwise until they can’t be tightened anymore

Step four: once the new swivel is in place, insert and screw in a bolt that matches the head size of all other hardware used before (usually Phillips or slot heads) to hold it together tightly with however many turns you need to achieve this goal.

This process will take time but as long as you are careful not to strip anything else – everything should function properly afterwards!

Turn bolts clockwise until tight enough so nothing pulls out when turned back on; snap off parts for easier installation next time if needed.


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