Swivel Legos Doll: DIY Tutorial

This how-to tutorial will show you how to make a swivel legos doll. The legs and arms are made out of regular Lego pieces, which allows for more movement than the traditional dolls. This doll can be used as a decoration or played with by kids. Follow these steps to create your own unique swivel lego doll!

Steps on Making a Swivel Lego Doll

Gather all the Lego pieces you need for this project. You will need a base plate, four medium bricks, two small bricks, and one long lego piece.

Swivel Legos Doll

Make sure to keep extra Lego pieces on hand in case of any break during construction or while playing with the doll!

Take your base plate and stack three of the medium bricks on top of it.

Take one of your small bricks and place it at the end where you have plenty of room for a neck to go through, then attach another smaller brick to each side (these will become arms).

Place two smaller pieces in between those so that they are touching but not connected.

Take a long brick and place it so that there is an equal length on either side of the setup. This will be your doll’s “legs.”

Place two of your medium bricks just above and below these to act as feet. Use one of them, preferably the top one, to create an additional foot by stacking one more medium brick on top of it.

After you put the two feet together, place one smaller brick at the bottom to act as a base for your doll’s torso.”

Why do they make mini-dolls in Lego?

This is a tricky question, but as it turns out, Lego has done this for years. There are many theories behind how the company started making miniature versions of their products to appeal to children who wanted something smaller than what they could get with regular blocks. One idea was that they made mini-figurines so kids would feel like they were playing with a better version of the toy.

How do you make a Lego swivel?

One way to make a swivel is to take the top of one of your bricks and put it on another brick, then place some small blocks at its base. Take two more bricks for your doll’s legs and attach them with connectors so they form an “L” shape. Place these next to each other in front of the “L” shape so that it creates a swivel effect.

Finally, use two more bricks and attach them to the back of your legs like how you would put on shoes, making sure they are facing in opposite directions. Now just place these on the bottom blocks for stability!

How do you make a Lego house out of Legos?

The first step is to use an existing modular building and deconstruct it. After you have the pieces that you want, take some base plates and put them down on your floor in rows with several inches between each one.

Next, start stacking up bricks so they fit over the bottom plate. The bricks you are using need to be the same color as what is on top of it, but they do not have to match in height or how many studs they go up with.

The goal here is that all the walls will rest on these bottom plates and look like a building when done. Keep adding rows until your Lego house is how you want it.

You can find a video tutorial on how to make this Lego doll on DIY Mommy’s YouTube channel, or follow the instructions below.


Legos (we recommend using about 100 pieces)

A cardboard box that will work as your body form and has one open end


String, yarn, or a long shoelace that is the same color as your Legos. A thick needle works best for this.

The body form should be at least three times taller than how high you want your Lego doll to stand up. For example, if you want it to be two feet high, then your body form needs to be at least six feet tall.

Start by cutting a hole in the bottom of the box that is big enough for you to fit your hand through and go up about two or three inches inside the box. You’ll use this later on when tying string around it so stop before you reach where it begins to curve upwards.

Next, cut the bottom of one end off and flatten it out so that you have a flat surface to work with. This will be used for the feet later on.

For how many pieces: about how tall do you want your Lego doll to stand up?

For two feet high, use six full-size Lego blocks

For three feet high, use nine pieces

For four feet tall, use twelve full-size Lego blocks.

Measure how many bricks you have at the end of your measurement and go back to number one for how many total pieces you’ll need.

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