Creating a 3×3 Desk with Swivel Chair: How Much Space Do You Need?

Many people are building their own desks with swivel chairs because they want the freedom to move around. They also like how it looks and how much space it takes up.

However, many people don’t think about how much space is needed for a swivel chair that is 3ftx3ft, which can be surprising considering how small of an area they take up! In this blog post, we will discuss how much space you need to have a desk with a swivel chair that’s 3 ft x 3 ft.

Swivel Chair


How to determine Space Required for 3ftx3ft Swivel Chair

First, measure how much space you have for your desk as a whole. If the width of the area is shallower than that, then it means you need to make some adjustments to fit an entire swivel chair on the top surface!

Step 1. A standard depth for desks is 24 inches; however, this can vary depending on your preference

Step 2. If you are tight on space, consider using a small swivel chair that is less than 18 inches wide. It will take up the same amount of room as an average size one!

Step 3. You can also use any desk surface to make your own DIY desk; just be sure it’s big enough for how much space you need

After measuring how much space you have, it’s time to think about how tall the desk should be. It is recommended that your desk surface be at least 30 inches in height; however, this can vary depending on how high you want or need your chair to go and how comfortable a seat fit for you!

The standard size of a desk is 44 inches. It’s best to be sure that the height of your desk or surface will work for how much space you have, as it can vary greatly depending on where and how tall you want it

If your chair has a backrest, measure how tall it goes up from the floor. This should also tell you how high you need your desk to be

If you want a taller chair, measure how tall the back of the seat is and how much space that takes up. Adjust this height measurement if needed for how much space you have to find how high your desk needs to be.


How do you stabilize a swivel chair?

Many swivel chairs are actually designed for use on a desk. They have four small legs at the bottom that hold them up off of the ground, and they generally do not need any other way to be stabilized. If you want to make sure your chair is stable, place something under each leg (like an old book) so there is a flat surface for it to sit on.


How do you stop a swivel chair from sinking?

If you have a swivel chair that sinks when you lean on one side, it might need to be tightened. Loosen the screws holding the seat down by turning them in an anti-clockwise direction with your fingers or pliers and then tighten them again until they are secure. If this does not solve the issue, use crumpled up newspaper underneath the leg near where it is sinking, which will provide more support for that area of the chair’s base.


What should I do if my desk height doesn’t match how high my chair needs to be?

A good way to figure out how tall your new workstation has to be would just be taking measurements from what is already there: Your current desk height and how high your chair needs to be. If the height difference is a few inches, you can usually make it work by just adding risers underneath your desk or using boxes of books etcetera as an alternative.


How do I measure my desk height?

Measure how high the desk is in inches by placing a measuring tape from the floor to where your arm meets the desk.


How do I measure my chair height?

Just like how we measured our desk, just measure how high up on your leg you need it and then subtract that number of inches off of how tall your new workstation needs to be.

For example: If someone wanted their swivel chair at 29″ above the ground but they needed it around 27″, they would just add an inch or two onto their current desk height so that when added together with adding an extra few inches for cushioning gives them about 28″. This will allow room enough for both items while not wasting much space in between.

What type of desk should I look into?

People usually choose desks that match their personality or how they work best. There are a variety of styles to choose from:

The L-Shaped Desk provides more space by having the desk on both sides, but it can take up valuable floor space.

The U-shaped Desk is perfect for people who like their chairs close together and usually has less legroom under the desk.

A Corner Desk helps you save some floor space while still providing enough room to leave your chair in case someone wants to walk through without getting caught off guard or even just push all your stuff out of the way if needed (this also might be helpful if you’re trying not to hog too much table real estate).

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