3 Simple and Easy Steps to Make Thermal Curtains!

Thermal curtains are double or triple-layer material made from cotton, wool, and polyester and are coated with acrylic foam that functions to absorb ultraviolet rays. Increased greenhouse gas and global warming can invariably cause an increase in sun rays; hence materials employed to design thermal curtains are generally insulators (unable to let heat pass through it). In this write-up , you will learn steps to make thermal curtains.


Steps to Make Thermal Curtains

To make thermal curtains, the following materials are necessary; Batting material (insulative), aesthetic cover material, curtain rod metal preferably, curtain or shower rings, sewing machine, thread, pins, and other sewing accessories, mounting board and cap (inhibits heat from sun rays to pass through the thermal curtain). 

Ways on how you can Make Thermal Curtains

Step #1: Measurement

First thing to do when you want to make thermal curtains is measurement. Measure the width and length window where you will place the thermal curtains. You should also measure the insulative batting and fabric materials available. 

Step #2: Cutting

Cutting is the second thing to do when you plan to make thermal curtains. Cut the materials (either cotton or wool) according to the window’s measurements, leaving little space for possible adjustments as the production proceeds. 

Place the fabric material alongside the batting material in such a way that after sewing, the aesthetic view will be visible.

Step #3: Sewing

Use a sewing machine to sew the fabrics and flip them to the exterior. A hole is made after sewing both batting and fabric to pass the grommets when the curtain is ready for use. 

The grommets are put in place, and then sew velcro onto the cotton panel, which will be placed into the wall where the curtain will be placed. This will promote insulation. The cotton rods are placed to the window, and then the curtains passed over the rods hang onto the window.


What Type of Material is Used in Making Thermal Curtains?

A thermal curtain, or a fabric material, is mainly used during the summer or winter to control the intensity of  sun rays penetrating the buildings. You can join the two fabrics together using a needle and thread. In this case, you need a basic knowledge of sewing.

In the temperate region, house owners choose thermal curtains in place of an air conditioner to keep their home at a optimal temperature range. This is because it virtually performs the same role as the air conditioner. It absorbs heat during hot weather, and also, in busy areas, it absorbs noise. 

Due to the components and materials used in making thermal curtains, it’s able to absorb heat and keep the room warm, especially during freezing weather. Making thermal curtains involves the combination of an insulative material, a moisture barrier material, and covering material (which is optional).

Since the thermal curtains require bars on which they are hung, metal or plastic are used to hold them to the wall. Thermal curtains work due to the batting material, which is the insulator that prevents convection of heat from the exterior. 

Windows encourage heat loss and heat gain during winter and summer; hence, when thermal curtains are placed unto them, it prevents heat loss by absorption and encourages heat gain by not letting heat provided by the heater escape through the window, most especially during freezing weather. 

What Makes Up The Thermal Curtain?

The thermal lining added to the fabric material is what makes up the thermal curtains. Without the batting materials, there will be no way the fabric material can insulate the room. 

The batting material made of acrylic foam does not let sun rays pass through it. It is inert; hence, current cannot pass through it. For a curtain to be termed “Thermal,” it must be able to absorb heat.

Increased optimum environmental temperature can be unbearable. That is why many families living in the temperate region opted to use thermal curtains. It reduced the sitting room heater’s cost and provided them with the option of searching for these materials, most especially the insulators, to make the curtains by themselves.

Many people have made a living through the production of thermal curtains, which are in high demand during summer, and in areas where there’s a harsh weather condition. 

How Thermal Curtain Achieve Insulation

For the thermal curtain to achieve insulation, there must be an insulator that will enable the fabric material to trap sun rays or adsorb cold. People living in freezing weather may have access to these materials because they face this challenge every year. They prepare and await the season to revolve around. 

Can I live in a house without thermal curtains during summer? Yes! One can live without thermal curtains during summer, but they must ensure they have an air conditioner which is quite expensive.

For comfort, durability, interior and exterior décor, many opt for thermal curtains since they will give their home a perfect aesthetic look and comfort after a long day at work. 


I believe this article has widened your horizon on the steps to make thermal curtains. One good thing about thermal curtains is that families use it to keep themselves warm during freezing, normal, and scorching weather. In the tropical region, where there is scorching weather, most people opt for thermal curtains instead of air conditioners.

In some part of the world, where there are an intermittent power supply and high cost of living, people go for thermal curtains since they cannot afford to stay in a home devoid of average room temperature.  It is best to use thermal curtains because they’re very durable, can be hand washed with detergent to maintain their aesthetic view.

Do you know most families in the rural areas may not afford air conditioners? Instead they go for thermal curtains, which will provide virtually the same comfort as an air conditioner. Since they can make it independently, they earn a living by making and selling them to people in urban areas. 

For you to enjoy the comfort of every season of the year, get your home thermal curtains and feel relaxed with your families and friends. You can show your friends love by getting these curtains as a gift or as support, especially to students during these extreme weathers. So, if you still have concerns regarding how to make thermal curtains, drop a message on the comment section.