When To Start Portable Greenhouse Planting

When to start portable greenhouse planting will depend on your schedule or when you want. As you control the environment inside, creating a greenhouse is what you’d do to provide your plants’ needs.

However, if you plan to grow your plants from seeds, you’d want to start placing the seeds in 6 to 8 weeks in your greenhouse before the last expected frost date for your specific location. So your plants will be able to avoid the harsh seasonal conditions.

When To Start Portable Greenhouse Planting

In this article, we’ll talk further about when to start portable greenhouse planting. So, just read on to find out!

Portable Greenhouse Planting

Portable greenhouse planting is a trend, and when to start portable greenhouse planting, you’ll know about a technique that has produced the best plants and crops for so many farmers and gardeners worldwide.

Some best plants or crops to have in your greenhouse may include carrots, green onions, asparagus, spinach, eggplants, turnips, kale, zucchini, microgreens, okra, salad greens, and more.

Indeed, humidity and temperature are two basic factors that should be contained in your greenhouse. They are crucial not just for the propagation of seeds, but also for their growth. So, if you’re a gardener, you should start whenever you’re convenient.

For best success in your portable greenhouse planting, you should germinate most seeds in your greenhouse in temperatures around 70-80 F. (21-27 C.), at night without dropping to 50-55 F. (10-13 C.).


Starting Portable Greenhouse Planting

So, when to start portable greenhouse planting? According to most experts’ professional advice, the best time to start planting your crops in your portable greenhouse is until March and April.

The best crops for those months would be early spring vegetables – like lettuce, peas, and spinach.


Why start portable greenhouse planting in warm seasons?

Warm-season crops would also suit that time frame and vegetables that often need more sunlight and warm days.

You can also choose other crops to plant in your portable greenhouse, as long as you make sure to plant them during warm and bright seasons with enough sunlight.

Yes, a lot of seeds can be sown from your garden either in fall or spring. They also grow naturally despite of changes in weather condition. Unfortunately, other seeds are quite sensitive, thus requiring more of your attention.

That means that they need stable temperatures. In order for them to germinate, it’s obligatory to have a controlled environment. It only shows that if you’re planting seeds in your greenhouse, you have to maintain a stable atmosphere to ensure the germination and growth of seeds.

You can immediately start planting portable greenhouses due to the controlled and adjustable temperatures and conditions enclosed within the plants’ structure or space.

However, it is for the best results that most professional and experts would state or recommend to start planting your portable greenhouses in springtime or even summertime for that abundant sunlight and warm temperatures.


Why not in other seasons?

Most gardeners and farmers would often start their portable greenhouses in the fall time, which would also be applicable.

But when you decide to start planting in the fall season, please note and remember to start earlier than expected, so you will not let the first frost or cold season catch up to the growth of your plants in your portable greenhouse.


Types Of Greenhouses And When To Start Planting Them


The great advantage with an attached or lean-to greenhouse is that you don’t need to build all four walls for this greenhouse.

In addition to that, you’ll have at least one sturdy and weight-bearing wall in place (usually your house or garage), so you can build the three greenhouse sides lighter and overall more efficient.

These greenhouse structures are cheaper than other models, as it is best for growing herbs, some vegetables, and, most importantly, seedlings in places where space is abundant.

However, the only disadvantage is the limited sunlight to only three sides, so make sure to start planting during hot sunny days or a warm and bright season.



Freestanding or portable greenhouses, of course, stand-alone, enabling you to place them wherever you want on your property or garden (as long as the site is level and receives plenty of light).

Although this freestanding greenhouse can be quite pricey compared to an attached greenhouse, they would offer a lower cost per plant, as the larger space allows you to grow more plants.

In most places, a freestanding or portable greenhouse will allow you to start plants much earlier in the growing season (months of January or February).

And then, at the first sign of frost, you can bring your plants or crops back inside to extend the growing season through October or November since most plants can’t stand the harsh cold during this season.



Once again, portable greenhouses are controlled environments where you can start planting in at any time convenient for you as a gardener or farmer.

Ideal for plants to take good care and monitor the temperatures within your portable greenhouse regularly, you will have healthy-looking plants and crops in no time.

Growing your plants in a portable greenhouse takes investments in your time and many resources.

There are greenhouses famous for berries, herbs, and vegetables. These crops would also include wild berries, strawberries, potatoes, herbs, cauliflowers, beets, radish, cabbage, onions, and more.

Thank you for reading our article on when to start portable greenhouse planting. We hope that you learned and understand our content!

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