Sofa Fabrics Which Is The Best? Natural Vs Synthetic

If you want to know more about sofa fabrics which is the best, you have to differentiate natural from synthetic materials first. This is because the best fabric upholstery for every household will be different, and there are pros and cons for each material. The good news is we also included buying tips to help you select the fabric for your couch.

Speaking of fabric, do you also need to know how much material is required to cover a sofa? Please check our article regarding this to help you prepare before visiting the shop. 


What Is The Best Fabric For A Sofa?


Natural fabrics


  • Cotton

One of the most common fabrics for sofa upholstery and even slipcovers is cotton. Cotton makes a fantastic choice for you if you are on a budget and you also want something relatively easy to maintain. In addition, those with kids and pets can consider cotton fabric for their couch because it is durable and soft and breathable for comfort during lounging.


  • Linen

Decorating the room with a sofa is easily achievable if you use linen fabric. Linen fabrics come in an array of prints, making it effortless to find a design that will become your living room’s focal point. And while linen is also affordable, a drawback you should keep in mind is that it’s prone to shrinking and tends to wrinkle easily. 


  • Silk

Those who are thinking of reupholstering an antique sofa can use silk fabric. However, one can consider that using silk for their sofa is a luxury because it is one of the more expensive materials you can use for furniture upholstery. Silk fabric will truly become the most visually appealing in the living room, but note that it will be demanding to clean compared to cotton or other synthetic materials. 


  • Wool

Sofas should not only provide aesthetics to the living room. They should also be functional for social events and relaxations. If this characteristic is your top priority, opt for wool fabrics because they are resistant to stains, provided that you keep them dry to avoid odors. 


Synthetic fabrics


  • Polyester

Polyester is a material typically combined with other fibers. For example, if you want a sofa that won’t wrinkle immediately, you can select a polyester blended with cotton fabric. Getting a polyester fabric will also allow you to dye the couch at home to complement your changing interiors. 


  •  Acrylic

Those who want the look and feel of wool for their furniture but would like an animal-friendly alternative can use acrylic fabrics. Acrylic sofas won’t fade quickly and also resist soiling, making them ideal for outdoor use. Just remember to check the quality of the fabric itself. 


  • Rayon

A cheaper alternative for silk fabric is rayon. You can also consider rayon for your couch if you intend to have it outdoors, such as in the patio or garden. However, it’s not the best material for high traffic because it wrinkles easily. 


  • Nylon

Those who want the texture and looks of velvet but don’t want to deal with fabric napping can opt for nylon. Much like polyester, nylon is also blended with other fibers. However, it’s not the best material for outdoor furniture as it fades quickly.  


  • Olefin

You can always learn how to Scotchgard a sofa or use other protective treatments to keep it from getting stained or soiled. But if you prefer something low-maintenance and won’t require you to treat it for protection, consider getting olefin for your upholstery fabric. It is also reasonably durable while still giving you visual interest because of its woven appearance.  


What Are The Grades Of Upholstery Fabric?

The grades of upholstery fabric range from A to F. Note that the grades are not the sole indicator of quality, but instead, the expense you can expect with the furniture. More so, every manufacturer will grade their material differently, depending on various factors such as type of fiber, thread count, fabric construction, weave complexity, and performance expectations. 


What Is The Most Durable Material For A Sofa?

When selecting the best sofa fabric to get, you want to consider the wear and tear it will undergo according to your lifestyle. The most durable material you can get is microfiber or even synthetic materials such as olefin. You can remember to check the thread count and rub count as well because high marks on these influence the durability to expect on the fabric. 


What Is The Easiest Sofa Fabric To Clean?

Cotton is the easiest sofa fabric to clean because it does not shrink and won’t degrade quickly if you use specific cleaning solutions. You can also check the cleaning code of the sofa you’re buying and consider if you will find the procedure convenient personally. For example, some fabrics can be cleaned with water, some require solvents, while others are best vacuumed. 



Are you looking to buy or reupholster your couch? In this article, we have discussed sofa fabrics which is the best. Both natural and synthetic materials have their pros and cons, and selecting among them depends on your lifestyle and priorities. You want the sofa upholstery to be visually appealing for your room but can also withstand your expected usage. 

Ask yourself if you need something easy to clean, durable, UV-resistant, or visually stylish. We hope you ended up with one fabric in mind, but let us know in the comments if you can’t still decide. 


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