Simple Guide on How to Disassemble Power Recliner Switch

It often happens that the power recliner switch on your chair breaks. When this happens, it is important to know how to make the switch apart and fix it!

We are going to go through a simple guide for how to disassemble power recliner switch so that you can have an idea of what needs fixing.

Steps on How to Disassemble a Power Recliner Switch

Step 1. Remove the screws on the metal frame of your power recliner (you will need a screwdriver).

Step 2. Push up on the plastic cover to expose all wires and remove them.

Step 3. The switch should be in two pieces, with one being screwed onto another piece. If it is not separated like this then you will need to unscrew it.

Step 4. Once you have taken the switch apart, inspect for any visible damage to other parts such as wires or terminals. If there is no visible damage then reassemble and test your chair!

Step 5. If however there are small breaks in the metal wiring that can be repaired with solder wire (or “shrink tubing ”) then you will need to disassemble the switch further, remove all broken pieces, and solder correctly.

Step 6. If there is visible damage such as a break in one of the wires or terminals that cannot be repaired with easy soldering (or “shrink tubing”), replace the entire switch!

When reassembling, make sure all screws are tight and that the wires are correctly placed for a good connection.

What is Power Recliner Switch?

A power recliner switch is a part of the chair that aids in providing functions such as:

Making it easier to operate and control how far the footrest will go back.

Switching up/down for various positions, so you can also change your arm’s rest length. Controller for leg height, so you can switch it to the desired height.


What is Hidden in a Power Recliner Switch?

The power recliner switch consists of different wires and terminals that will control how much current flows through them, as well as how far back the footrest will go.

You need to make sure these connections are tight and that the wires are correctly placed for a good connection.

You will need to understand how this device works to reassemble it properly. There is an insulation sleeve around each wire, meaning you should not have any exposed metal on your switch when assembling it back together.

This insulation sleeve helps to prevent short-circuiting and can be seen on the backside of your power switch.

The insulation sleeve needs to be tightly stretched over each wire, at the same time as you attach them with a screwdriver.

There is an insulation sleeve that goes around all four wires which should not have any exposed metal when reassembling. The insulation sleeve needs to be tightly stretched over each wire, at the same time as you attach them with a screwdriver.

How a Power Recliner Works

A power recliner is wired differently than a standard chair.

The switch on the wall for your power recliner will be closer to where you plug it in, and there will also be an additional cord that goes from the back of the chair all the way to this switch.

This extra cord attaches into what is called a “terminal block” which is also on the wall. The terminal block will have several different wires coming out of it, one for each function the recliner needs to work properly: in this case power and manual operation.

When you plug your chair into an outlet, these two cords (the brown cord and the black cord) will go to either side of a switch.

When you push down on this switch, it completes an electric circuit and turns your chair on or off depending on what position it is in.

The wiring for those two cords inside the terminal block should be color-coded brown and black respectively (brown wire attaches into a terminal block to power recliner, black wire attaches into a terminal block for manual operation).

If the wiring is not color-coded or labeled at all, you can use an insulation tester. This will help determine which wires are live (carrying current) and which ones are not carrying any voltage.

Find the two wires that are carrying electricity and label them. Remove the wires from both terminals, one at a time to avoid accidentally shocking yourself with an electric charge.

Attach your new switch in its place making sure you connect it correctly (black wire goes into the black terminal block for manual operation). Repeat this process for brown wire going into the brown terminal block for power operation.

You will need to screw the switch into place with a flathead screwdriver and attach it securely in the desired location, being careful not to pinch any wire when installing screws.

How to Care for Power Recliner?

A power recliner chair is a great investment for any homeowner. It provides the ultimate comfort when you need to relax and enjoy TV or simply have some downtime after work. However, there are certain things that you need to do to maintain your new purchase for years of enjoyment. If not cared for well enough, it may become loose or squeaky, which can be very annoying.

Unplug the power cord before cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner or water

Dust and wipe down your recliner chair regularly to keep it clean and free of dirt or pet hair that may accumulate over time.

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