Review of Dohney Swivel Chair

We do not know about you, but we really do love Dohney swivel chairs. We have a lot of them in our house and office. And as much as we do love sitting on the couch with our laptops, sometimes it is nice to be able to sit at your desk or in front of your TV without having to stand up all the time.

That is why when we heard about this dohney swivel chair that can move 360 degrees, it was too good for us to pass up! So let’s take a closer look at what makes this chair so great – read on for more information!

Dohney Swivel Chair


How to Vacuum Dohney Swivel Chair

Vacuum a dohney swivel chair with a soft brush attachment, or use the upholstery vacuum cleaner if you have one.

A common mistake people make when vacuuming dohney swivel chairs is to do it from the top-down because that’s how they do it on other furniture items like sofas. This is a bad idea because dohney swivel chairs have more nooks and crannies than other furniture items, so you’ll need to do it from the ground up instead.

Vacuum dohney swivel chair in sections – vacuum one section at a time until all parts are done, then move on to the next section and repeat until dohney swivel chair is completely clean of dirt particles.

For spills: use cool water only; blot with a dry cloth or paper towel before using vacuum cleaner again as normal routine (see instructions below for how to avoid staining).

Dohney Swivel Chairs Maintenance Tips

To prevent stains: place plastic sheeting under the dohney swivel chair when vacuuming the dohney swivel chair for the first time after dohney swivel chairs are delivered to your home.

To avoid dohney swivel chair staining: blot dohney swivel chair with a dry cloth or paper towel before using vacuum cleaner again as normal routine (see instructions below for how to avoid dohney swivel chair stains).

Use dohney’s proprietary plastic stripping process, high-quality metal hardware and patented self-aligning wheels to form the highest quality of dohneysware you will find on the market today.


Advantages of Owning Dohney Swivel Chair

The dohney swivel chair is a great addition to your home or office. Its 360-degree capability makes it possible for you to do work at any angle without having to stand up all the time.

We know that when you have an office space with tons of stuff spread out everywhere (or kids who like playing on the floor), then this chair can be super beneficial! This might just be what you need to get more done every day – read on now for more information about why that’s true.

One thing we really love about this dohney swivel chair is how easy it is to clean off after use as well as store away in tight spaces if necessary; there are no arms or wheels to do up, which means that nothing is going to get in your way while you’re working.

This chair has a durable steel frame and can hold just about anybody who weighs less than 250 pounds without any issue; not only is it easy on the wallet but it’s also easy on your back! The nylon fabric seat cover ensures that this item will last for many years of use before needing replacement as well.


How to Clean Dohney Swivel Chair

To clean the fabric, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove any debris as well as lint and hair that may have accumulated on the seat cushion.

You can also take off this area cover with ease and place it in your washing machine for cleaning by using water or detergent followed by air drying.

If there is visible dirt on the surface of the fabric, spot cleaning is recommended before placing it into your washer; moisten an absorbent cotton towel with warm water and gently rub over these areas to clean.



In conclusion, if you need a new office or TV room/living room desk seat that can move 360 degrees without having to stand up all the time (which we know is something no one likes doing!), then this may be what you have been looking for! This dohney swivel chair offers many great features as well as customer satisfaction ratings, so it would not be a bad idea to invest in one for yourself.

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