How Much Reupholster a Reclining Loveseat

Are you interested in how much reupholster reclining loveseat? Reclining loveseats are designed to last and are frequently passed down from generation to generation. We’ll look at how much reupholster a reclining loveseat in this article. 


reupholster a reclining loveseat

If you don’t know how to budget for reupholstery, it might be an expensive procedure. However, don’t let it scare you away from committing to this cause. In most of our modern houses, our reclining loveseats are the closest thing to thrones. 


The recliner is the most often used chair in the home for the vast majority of individuals. It’s also possibly one of the most expensive pieces of furniture you own. For these reasons, it’s reasonable that individuals would be hesitant to abandon their recliners if the fabric became ripped. 


Instead, they’d rather replace it than seek a new one. So we investigated what it takes to change the upholstery on several types of recliners. That way, you’ll be better prepared for the job. 

Reasons Affecting the Price of Reupholstery


When you wish to remodel your reclining loveseat, it’s more probable that you’ll also alter the fabric. As a result, these supplies may set you back more than $500. The cost varies based on the cloth type and quality.


Leather is a good option if you want something that will last a long time. Cotton and wool materials, on the other hand, are excellent for comfort. Velvet and linen, for example, are far more expensive fabrics that will give a touch of elegance to your house.


Costs of labor and services


When you’re thinking about hiring a professional to reupholster your furniture, don’t forget to factor in the labor costs. It’s critical to choose a skilled upholsterer and have your project sealed at a reasonable price. Some repair shops would charge you up to $800 for their services. 

Your reclining loveseat’s condition


It would be best to consider how easy or difficult it would be for the upholsterers to improve your recliner. It would be more expensive to buy an old and battered recliner. However, if you have a lovely reclining loveseat, you’ll likely pay less than the other.

Transportation charges


Another factor to look at is the transportation costs you’d have to pay. It includes picking up your reclining loveseat and delivering it back to their place of business. But, of course, you won’t have to worry about picking it up yourself.


In this case, the upholstery service will deliver it to you. Most professional upholstery firms will charge you for any wear and tear on their truck while transporting your recliner. So, it is also something you should keep in mind.


Additional features

While you’re upgrading your reclining loveseat, why not add some extra features to strengthen it? For example, you may choose to insert more features like padding, filling, or additional embellishments. In addition, it will add durability to your reupholstered loveseat.


However, be prepared since the more features you add, the higher the labor costs will become. You’ll also have to spend more money on the extra features you intend to include. But, it will be worth it in the end since your new loveseat is now better than it was before. 

Is reupholstering your reclining loveseat worth it?


What’s excellent regarding reupholstery is its long-term solution for keeping your furniture in good condition. It’s good for the environment, and it keeps your trash out of landfills. It is a location where non-recyclable garbage is collected and buried beneath the earth.


Examining the frames is one method to determine whether your reclining loveseat is suitable for reupholstering. If nothing is seriously damaged and they appear to be in good condition, re-upgrading them is certainly worth a shot. You may also consult a local upholsterer to examine your furniture and see whether it is still suitable for reupholstering.


How Much Reupholster a Reclining Loveseat?


According to a general rule of thumb, reupholstering a reclining loveseat can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,500. However, that range reflects the reality that actual costs will vary based on a variety of factors. For example, reupholstering a top-grain leather recliner will be far more expensive than reupholstering a simple fabric recliner. 


Likewise, a chair with many bells and whistles will be more costly than a simple recliner. For example, reupholstering a leather recliner may cost anywhere from $800 to $2,000. Depending on the quality of the leather, the raw material for reupholstering will cost between $40 and $200 per yard. 


In addition, specific fasteners will be necessary to keep high-quality leather in place. The materials required to reupholster a fabric recliner are likely to cost about $100. However, the fabric is one of the cheapest materials to buy, and you may already have some of the equipment you need. 


However, you should budget for $100. It is because you’ll likely have to pay an extra $200-$500 for labor if you take the reclining loveseat to a professional. So while $300 may appear to be a bargain, it might potentially be more expensive than purchasing a new recliner.


In reality, in many situations, purchasing a new reclining loveseat is less expensive than having one reupholstered. If you have a sentimental attachment to what you have, you can still do it, although replacing it is more cost-effective. The choice is yours.


The first step to practical upholstery is determining how much reupholster a reclining loveseat. Keep in mind that while estimating the costs of this project, you must include the supplies you’ll be using. Consider the condition of your reclining loveseat as well as any additional features you wish to have.

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