How To Recover Patio Cushion For Wicker Loveseat

Are the patio cushions on your loveseat looking a little sad after the long winter? Are you looking at reupholstering your patio cushions for the summer? But how to recover patio cushion for wicker loveseat?


recover patio cushion for wicker loveseat

What is a loveseat?


Loveseats are two-seat couches that they initially built as a broader version of an armchair. Loveseats, sometimes known as double-chairs, are frequently paired with more oversized sofas in the living room or family room furniture.


Still, you can also use them for seating in tiny spaces, informal workplace break-out spaces, and intimate reading spaces in libraries or coffee shops.


A loveseat does not have a defined length because you can make it in various sizes to accommodate several rooms and places. However, a loveseat’s armrest to armrest measurement should be between 48 and 72 inches.


They did not design the loveseat to seat couples or lovers together, despite its name. Instead, its initial purpose was to provide ideal space for women to sit in their vast, opulent gowns.


The use of the loveseat evolved as the fashion of the time changed, and it became the ideal piece of furniture for two people to engage in an intimate conversation.


What is a wicker loveseat?


Due to its construction, the manufacture of wicker loveseat can be from synthetic rattan, genuine rattan, bamboo, cane, or any other suitable material and still qualify as wicker.


Wicker is one of the oldest furniture-making techniques in history, and its popularity peaked in the 1970s. The origins of wicker furniture were trace back to Egypt. Talk about long-lasting.


So, how to recover patio cushion for wicker loveseat?


If the cushions on your wicker loveseat look a little worn and faded, it may be time to recover them. Rather than purchasing new, consider recovering your existing cushions with new fabric.


Step 1: 


You need a cushion. An outdoor canvas must be three inches longer and three inches wider than your cushion. That is for two pillows. Then, a pair of scissors or a rotary cutter and a dozen pins. Finally, the requirement of a needle, thread, and a sewing machine.


Step 2: 


First, place your fabric on a flat surface, pattern side up, and place your patio cushion on top of it.  Next, Place your patio cushion in the top corner of the fabric, with the back of the pillow near the top side, and leave enough space on the side for the material to wrap around the patio cushion’s side. Trim your fabric now if it is too wide or too long.


Step 3


Pull your fabric up and over your patio cushion and cover it completely. Your material will come together at the top. Allow three inches of fabric at the top and then trim any excess.


Step 4


Pin the two sides of your patio cushion closed once your fabric is in place. If the back of your pillow is tapering, skip the last pin and mark it with buckles on each side of the material in the spot you would have pinned it or a fabric marker. But remember not to close it entirely. Make sure to pin the opposite side of your patio cushion as well.


Step 5


Now carefully remove the cushion. If your patio cushion, like mine, narrows at the back and is difficult to remove, simply curl the patio cushion inside the fabric like a taco, and you’ll be able to pull it easily.


Step 6


Remove the pins and sew up each side where you pinned it. Next, re-insert your patio cushion into the fabric “envelope” you’ve created, but this time on the wrong side. Take note of the extra fabric on each of your patio cushion’s two front corners. Pin the fabric at both corners so that it is taut against the pillow.


Step 7


Remove the fabric from the cushion once more and sew a line along the corner where you pinned it. Take out the pins.


Step 8


Next is by turning the fabric to the right side out. With that, you insert the cushion. To fit the buffer into the fabric envelope, curl it then, Incorporate your patio cushion into the fabric.


Step 9


Fold up the remaining fabric on the back of the patio cushion as if you were wrapping a gift. It should pin it in place. Close the material by hand, stitching it shut. To increase the strength of your thread, double it.


And you’re finished! You’ve successfully recovered a cushion from a patio wicker loveseat. So put your pretty new recovered pillow on your loveseat and relax in the sunshine!




So that sums up our talk on how to recover patio cushion for wicker loveseat. The great thing about recovering patio wicker loveseat cushions is that it is not very time-consuming. Of course, it is unnecessary to do it regularly, but a little TLC goes a long way.


The simplest way to keep all of your patio wicker loveseat cushions looking good for a long time is to cover them up when not in use simply. If you live in an area with long, cold winters and won’t use them for several months, you can store them away in a safe, dry place.


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