Recliner Slipcovers – How to Put on a 4 Piece Recliner Slipcover

When it comes to recliner slipcovers, these items can be some of the most difficult things to put on. This tutorial will show you how to put on a 4 piece recliner slipcover to make your life easier and prevent frustration.


How to Put on a 4 Piece Recliner Slipcover

Steps on How to Put on a 4 Piece Recliner Slipcover

Step 1. Find the front of the slipcover. You may want to make a small incision at this point with scissors so that it is easier to locate later when pulling on both ends

Step 2. Take one side and pull tightly around the back of your particular recliner, while making sure not to go over or past any handles or buttons

Step 3. Do the same for all four corners, until you have created an easily accessible opening in which you can put on each leg separately

Step 4. Pull tight from bottom-up as well as top-down to hold everything firmly together

Step 5. Invert (turn inside out) and place over the chair’s seat first before pushing it onto arms. If necessary use some heavy objects like books or cans filled with rice to hold it in place

Step 6. Adjust as necessary. If the slipcover is too big, take one side and put it over the other. If there are any loose strings or fabric, cut them off at this point with scissors.


Why do I Need 4 a 4 Piece Recliner Slipcover?

Provides a layer that is both soft and protective.

Helps reduce wear on upholstery fabric by protecting from the sun’s ultraviolet rays as well as dirt, spills, pet hair, etc.

Easy to put on and remove when guests come over or you want to clean your couch in preparation for sale time!


What are Recliner Slipcovers?

A recliner slipcover is a protective cover that goes over your furniture to protect it from dirt, spills, and pet hair.

Recliner slipcovers come in many different sizes and can be found at most home improvement stores or online websites like for around $25-$50.


How to Prevent Tear and Wear on Recliner Slipcover

When installing the recliner slipcover you can take a thin towel and place it over the frame of your furniture. This will prevent any wear on the fabric from happening during installation.

A good way to make sure that your new cover stays in great condition for as long as possible is to vacuum or brush off any loose dirt and pet hair before installation. This will help prevent the new cover from being damaged during your first use of it and can lengthen how long you keep it on your furniture.

To avoid any wear or tear, make sure to store the recliner slipcover in a dry place when not in use!


How to Put On A Recliner Slipcover

Step One: Layout all pieces making sure that everything is facing one way:

The fabric covering should be smooth with no wrinkles, folds, or creases present; The batting should be top-down without folding at the center; All elastic bands are turned outward (away from furniture); the Straps are flat against the chair back.

Step Two: Begin by placing the slipcover over the chair back.

Pull one strap from each side, and wrap it around the front of the chair seat.

Step Three: Carefully pull one end across, then reach behind and grab another strap from that same side (near where you left off). This will create two segments on either side of your furniture.

Step Four: Pull once more at a similar spot on an opposite armrest; this should leave four straps hanging down: Two in front, two in back. The elastic bands are now all secured underneath your recliner’s arms! There’s just one last step before installation is complete…

Step Five: Grasp both sides of the fabric with handles facing outward and stretch them tight until the elastic bands feel snug.

Step Six: Take one end of a strap and loop it over the seat arm, then bring the other side around to meet it at its base.

NOTE: You may need to adjust how much fabric you have hanging down on each side for this step to work properly.

Step Seven: Repeat steps five-six until all four straps are attached securely underneath your recliner’s arms! The slipcover is now installed! Move onto attaching solid trim pieces if chosen when ordering custom covers or contact us with any questions you might have about installation procedures.”


Tips: Recliners can be difficult because they’re easy to move while putting a slipcover on. The secret is to have someone help you by holding the recliner in place while you attach straps underneath each arm.


How to Clean Recliner Slipcovers

The best way to clean a recliner slipcover is by vacuuming it with the upholstery attachment, wiping down any spills or stains with a damp cloth, and spot cleaning where needed.


How to Prevent Stains on Slipcover

The best way to prevent stains on a slipcover is by wiping up spills and using a protective mat on the recliner.


How to Store Recliner Slipcovers

When storing recliner slipcovers, roll them tightly like an Indian rug or place them over the furniture with care so they don’t get wrinkled.

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