Reasons Why Your Recliner Leans to One Side

It is not uncommon for recliners to lean towards one side. There are a variety of reasons why this may happen, and it can be frustrating if you don’t know what the problem is.

This blog post will go over some of the most common reasons why your recliner leans to one side, as well as how to fix them!


Why a Recliner Leans to one Side and How to Fix Them

#1. The first reason why your recliner may be leaning to one side is that the screws that fasten it to the base have become loose. Tightening these screws will help fix this problem.

You can do this by locating all of the screw holes and inserting a small Phillips head screwdriver into each hole while turning them clockwise until they are tight enough.

#2. The second reason why your recliner may be leaning to one side is that the leg on that side has become uneven and needs to be adjusted or replaced.

This problem can also be fixed by locating all of the screw holes, but instead, you will need a socket wrench with an Allen head attachment to tighten the bolts that hold the leg in place.

#3. The third reason why your recliner may be leaning to one side is that it has been overloaded with too much weight on that side, which can cause it to shift and lean when the screws loosen up from shifting objects back and forth over time.

To fix this problem you will need a screwdriver again but this time in order to tighten the screws and lift the chair.

#4. If your recliner is leaning because of a broken leg, then this problem can be fixed by completely removing the old leg from its place with pliers before attaching a new one using bolts or nails.

This job is best left for someone who knows what they are doing since the wood may not be in good shape and could break if you are too rough with it.

#5. If your recliner leans because of a loosened screw, then you will need to use the screwdriver again and tighten it.

If your chair leans from weight distribution over time or if it has a broken leg, these two problems can be fixed by tightening screws and legs respectively.


How to Fix a Recliner that Won’t Lean Back

If your recliner won’t lean back, this is often caused by the chain being caught in a groove or kinked. Reach behind and make sure that there isn’t any obstruction on the tracks of your chair’s reclining mechanism. If you encounter an obstacle, try to dislodge it with a pair of needle-nose pliers or tweezers.


How to Fix a Recliner that Won’t Stay Reclined

Do you have trouble with your recliner when it’s in the upright position? If so, this could be because its height is not set correctly. You can measure and adjust the chair’s height manually by following these steps:

Step 1. Pull the lever to release the recliner’s mechanism.

Step 2. Put your chair at its lowest position by lowering the footrest and then raising it again until you hear a click sound.

Step 3. Line up one of the measuring marks on the chair with an object that is about five feet away from where you are standing, such as the baseboard.

Step 4. Adjust the footrest so that it is at a comfortable, but not too high an angle, and then lock the recliner into place by pulling up on the lever. The feet of your chair should now be resting lightly against the floorboards.

Step 5. Measure and adjust as needed to find your perfect height; don’t forget to lock the recliner into place after adjusting.


How to Deep Clean a New Couchouch

Step 1. Remove the cushions.

Step 2. Vacuum and wipe down all surfaces of the couch, including seams and crevices.

Step 3. Mix a few drops of detergent with warm water in a spray bottle. Spray onto the entire surface area to remove dirt, stains, or any other grime that may have accumulated on your couch.

Step 4. Let the couch air dry before replacing the cushions and placing them back in their designated space.


How to Prevent a Recliner From Leaning to one Side

Step 1. Check the recliner’s feet.

Step 2. Make sure that they’re not worn down too much and can provide enough of a grip on your flooring.

Step 3. If you need to replace them, do so with ease by pulling up on the lever. The feet of your chair should now be resting lightly against the floorboards.


How do you fix a Loose Back on a Recliner?

Step 1. If the back of your recliner is pulling away from the chair, this can usually be fixed by using a few simple tools.

Step 2. To attach it again, you’ll need to first remove any staples that are holding the fabric in place. This should only take just one or two screws and some time.

Step 3. Find a good spot to insert the new screws and carefully thread them in.

Step 4. Make sure to tighten everything with a screwdriver before you let go of your chair, otherwise it could quickly become loose again.

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