Fun Ways to Re-Purpose Your Flexsteel Captains Swivel Chair

Do you have a bunch of old chairs taking up space in your storage unit? Are they too big for your living room, but not comfortable enough to be used as outdoor furniture on the patio?

Have you been looking for an easy way to spruce up the décor in any room of your home without spending a lot of money? If so, then consider how much fun it would be to re-purpose your Flexsteel captains swivel chair. This article will give you some creative ideas that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!

Flexsteel Captains Swivel Chairs


Ways on Re-Purposing Your Flexsteel Captains Swivel Chairs

Step 1. Turn an old chair into a planter by removing the seat and adding a potting tray. Fill with dirt, plant your favourite flowers or herbs and then place on the patio for some indoor/outdoor living!

Step 2. Add cushions to create a cosy couch in one of those out of the way spots where no furniture ever seems to fit.

Step 3. Add a cushion to the bottom of the chair for extra seating in a pinch!

Step 4. Use as an ottoman, footstool, or coffee table with tray top (great idea for an office!)

Step 5. Turn into a toy box by removing the seat and covering a remaining area with fabric – how about adding some storage pockets?

Step 6. Convert into a reading nook with pillows and blankets.


How do you remove an RV captain chair?

To remove an RV captain chair, start by removing the seat. Then, unscrew and take off the armrests that are screwed on with nuts from the inside of the base of each side panel near where your feet would go to rest when sitting in it.

Pry open a gap at one end of how you would sit if placing back down the seat you just removed. If at a corner, open one gap on either side of how you would sit for both ends by wedging your fingers in there and pushing back away from the corners to pry it open.

Place something soft like an old towel or cloth down inside the opening so that when sitting again after re-assembling with the seat how it was before, you’re not sitting on something hard and rough.


What is the difference between bucket seats and captains chairs?

A captain’s chair is a bucket seat that has been elevated off the floor and can swivel 360°. These typically have armrests on both sides of the chair to provide support while using your computer or playing games, but these arms are optional for other types of chairs with this design.

The purpose behind captains’ chairs in a living room is so that you can sit at a desk with more comfort than on the floor.

The purpose behind captains’ chairs in an office is to provide ergonomic support for employees while seated and offer adjustable height capabilities, such as adjusting how high your seat goes up towards the back of it.


What are some advantages of having flexsteel captains swivel chairs in your home?

These are comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. They also allow you to clean around them easier, due to how they’re designed with the ability to move 360 degrees and a floor that can be raised or lowered. The most important thing about these types of chairs is how they can be repurposed.


How do you remove a captain seat from a GMC Acadia?

This is how you remove a captain’s seat from the GMC Acadia. You will need to unscrew two bolts and four pull pins to get it out of its current position, before committing it to your new project.

Step 1. Unscrew two bolts on either side of the chair at the base where they meet the floor, using a hex wrench.

Step 2. Remove the four pull pins on each side of the captain’s seat by pulling them straight out.

Step 3. After removing all six bolts and pins, carefully lift your chair to move it away from its current position. It should be fairly self-explanatory how to continue with this step after you have removed the bolts and pins.

Step 4. You can now have fun with your captain’s chair by doing whatever you want to it! You could paint, stain or even upholster the chair how you like.


How do I remove the flexsteel armrest?

To remove armrests, lift them off the chair and unscrew from the top.

Step 1. Lift your flexsteel captain’s swivel chair by grabbing it on either side of where you want to take out the arms.

Step 2. Remove one screw with a hex wrench at each location on both sides of the captain’s seat.

Step 3. Lift the armrests off and unscrew them from the top.


What materials can I use to upholster the flexsteel captain’s chair?

Flexsteel offers a variety of high-quality fabric options for our customers to choose from when it comes time to reupholstery their chairs.

Some of the most popular fabrics that we offer are what’s known as Alcantara, which is a synthetic suede-like fabric. We also have plenty of different leathers to choose from, such as cowhide and pigskin.

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