Raising Your Recliner Chair: A Quick Guide

If you have ever found yourself in a position where your recliner chair is too low, and you can’t reach the footrest without taking off your shoes or bending over to get it, this article will show how easy it can be to raise that chair. The quick guide below will walk you through the steps of raising your recliner chair so that it’s high enough for everyone!


raising your recliner chair

Tips on Raising Your Recliner Chair

Tip 1. Look for the lever that controls the footrest. It’s usually located in one of two places: either by your side or under a small flap on the side of the recliner (usually at around knee height). If you’re lucky enough to find it near your feet, pull up on it until you feel it lock into place.

Tip 2. If it’s under the flap, pull up on the lever to unlock it, then slide open the flap and push down onto the footrest until you feel it lock into position.

Tip 3. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary to get your recliner chair high enough for everyone! Once you’re happy with your height, simply pull up on the lever until you hear a click to lock it in place.

Tip 4. You’ll know that your recliner chair is now locked into position because you won’t be able to move it when pressing down on the footrest or side of the recliner!


How do I raise the height of my recliner?

The first step is to find the lever on your side of or footrest. This will be either a metal bar that you can pull up or a little tab you can grab with your finger and slide open.

Once you’ve found it, simply use both arms (or one arm if it’s close enough) to pull as hard as you can!

Do this a few times to get the height up how you want it.

If there’s one side of your recliner that is higher than the other, put more weight on the high side and pull harder with the lever until both sides are evened out.

To lock in place when you’re happy with the height, simply push down on the footrest or side of your recliner. This will make sure it doesn’t move when you press down on the lever to lower it!


Can a recliner be adjusted?

Yes, there are two ways that you can safely adjust your recliner chair.

The first way is by the side of or footrest lever. The second adjustment would be raising and lowering the entire height of the back to get it into a comfortable position for sitting upright in front of a TV screen.


What if my feet don’t touch the floor?

If you don’t feel like your feet are fully supported, try adjusting either the footrest or recliner to make sure that there’s a comfortable range.


Can you add a lift to a recliner?

No, unfortunately, you can’t add a lift to your recliner.

The best thing that you can do is to make sure that the lever for raising and lowering the back of your chair is always accessible in case it’s needed!


How high should I adjust my recliner?

If you want to sit up more or down more in your chair, you’ll need to adjust the recliner height.

The first adjustment would be raising or lowering the back of the chair so that it’s at a comfortable level for sitting upright.

You should also make sure that there is enough room on either side of and under your feet when fully reclined – if not, raise the chair back or lower it.

If you’re more comfortable sitting in a reclining position, adjust the lever so that your seat is at a comfortable angle for laying down.

TIP 1: If you have an ottoman next to your chair, make sure there’s enough room under and around it when fully raised – if not, lower the back of your chair.

TIP 2: If you have an ottoman next to your chair and fully reclined with either a table or TV on top of it, make sure there’s enough room under and around it when raised – if not, raise the height of your chair so that they’re at a more equal level.


Does Medicare pay for a lift recliner?

If you are a Medicare recipient, don’t worry about the cost of your new lift recliner. They will cover over half of it as long as you follow their guidelines for eligibility and purchase from an approved list.

Medicare benefits can vary based on how much money you have coming in each month (called adjusted income). If you have over $4000/month of income, you might only be eligible for up to a quarter of the total cost.

However, if your monthly adjusted income is under $9200 per month, Medicare will cover half or more (depending on how much they pay) and that can allow you to buy one at an even lower price point.


What are the benefits of using an electric-powered recliner?

An electrically powered recliner comes with a control pad, which allows you to adjust the recliner’s seat position with just one finger.

Some models have buttons for power and other functions that are conveniently placed on armrests or near your hands. This can be especially helpful if you’re experiencing difficulty using both of your arms because it’s hard to reach down below the chair to use a hand-operated control.


What should you look for when shopping for an electric recliner?

When shopping, be sure to give the weight capacity of the chair’s seat and see how easy it is to get in and out of the chair with any level of disability (if applicable). You’ll also want to find one that has a high-quality, durable frame.

You may be wondering how to raise your recliner chair if you’ve lost some mobility or need assistance in the home. A lot of people often wonder how they can change positions without someone’s help or whether their family member is strong enough to lift them out of the chair.