Puffy Vs Layla Mattress: Which Is Better?

Knowing the winner between Puffy vs Layla mattress should be easier if you compare them side by side. The good news is this article will discuss each brand’s features. We have also tested which is too soft or prone to sagging. 

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puffy vs layla mattress


Comparison Guide Between Puffy Vs Layla Mattress


Puffy mattress


Available mattress models

Puffy offers three mattress models, namely the Puffy mattress, Puffy Lux, and Puffy Royal. The starting price for the Puffy mattress is only $899, and the brand’s most expensive model, which is the Puffy Royal, starts at $1,649. They are available in standard sizes, but you can’t select each bed’s layers of firmness levels. 


Trial, warranty, and returns

You have 101 nights to try the Puffy mattress, and you can return it as early as 30 days if you’re not satisfied. In addition, Puffy will donate the returned bed and will refund you, as you can see in this guide on returning a Puffy mattress. And as for the brand’s warranty, Puffy mattresses come with a lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind. 


Flagship mattress

The Puffy mattress is the brand’s flagship bed, and it is made of memory foam. It’s firmness level is between 6 to 8, so it should be compatible with all sleeping positions. You can also check their most popular model, the hybrid Puffy Lux, which feels plusher than the Puffy mattress.


Layla mattress


Available mattress models

Similar to Puffy, Layla is an exclusive online mattress brand. But instead of three models like Puffy, they offer the Layla Memory Foam and the Layla Hybrid model only. The former starts at $749, while the Layla Hybrid starts at $1,299.


Trial, warranty, and returns

You can sleep on the Layla mattress for two weeks and return it if you’re not satisfied. Layla will pick it up for you and will repurpose the bed for non-profit and charities similar to what Puffy does with returns. And you’ll even get a lifetime warranty with Layla mattresses, which is the most prolonged period compared to other brands that only provide a 10-year warranty.


Flagship mattress

The Layla memory foam is one of the coolest memory foam beds you can get on the market, and it is the brand’s flagship model. It is also unique to other cool foam beds because Layla infused their material with copper for heat transfer and additional antimicrobial protection. And as for their other bed, the Layla Hybrid, it is designed to be compatible with an adjustable base if you want more customization with your sleeping surface. 


Is Puffy Mattress Too Soft?

The Puffy mattress is not too soft because it is a medium-firm bed. This is the perfect firmness level for most sleepers because it still cushions for pressure relief, but you won’t sink too deeply that you’ll lose a good sleeping posture. Here is a mattress firmness guide to help you know more about ratings and how to choose the perfect firmness


Is Layla Mattress Too Soft?

The Layla mattress is not too soft, but it has a softer side than the Puffy mattress. In addition, Layla is flippable, where one side is rated 4, and the other is 7 on the firmness scale. This gives the option for side sleepers to use the softer side and relieve their shoulders and hips, but the firm side is also available for back and stomach sleepers.


Is Puffy Mattress Good For Heavy People?

The Puffy mattress is suitable for heavy people because it is medium-firm and won’t sink them too deeply. It is also designed for pressure relief to prevent body pain. And considering being heavier can make heat retention more likely, heavy sleepers can also benefit from the cooling sleeping surface of the Puffy mattress. 

Since overweight people are more prone to sleep disorders like sleep apnea, consider reading these beds for people with sleep apnea for extra helpful information. 


Is Layla Mattress Good For Heavy People?

Heavy people can use the Layla mattress because it has a firm side. Furthermore, the gel-infused foam is effective for temperature regulation, especially during hot nights. You can also find reviews for people of different weights where Layla remains comfortable and supportive, even to the heavier partner. 

If you’re specific with finding a bed for overweight individuals, here are the best types of mattresses for obese people


Do Puffy Mattresses Sag?

Puffy mattresses are durable and won’t sag for a long time, as proven by their lifetime warranty. In addition, the beds are designed to hold up to 350 pounds, and you can even use the Puffy mattress on box springs, slats, platform base, adjustable base, or directly on the floor. You can learn more about where the Puffy mattress is made in our separate article as well. 


Do Layla Mattresses Sag?

Layla mattresses come with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll know they can last for an extended period without sagging. Just remember to use the proper foundation and never have the bed directly on the floor. 



Was this comparison review helpful? To recap Puffy vs Layla mattress, both come with a lifetime warranty, and the companies even donate returned mattresses to charities. Of course, choosing between them will depend on your personal preference and needs, such as the flippable option of Layla versus the two hybrid models to choose from with Puffy. 

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