Puffy Mattress Vs Purple Mattress: Which Is Better

The answer between Puffy mattress vs Purple mattress will depend on your needs and preferences. To make the comparison easier, we’ll talk about their features and pros and cons. We will also compare Puffy Lux with Purple since these two beds are often put side by side. 

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Puffy Vs Purple Mattress Comparison Buying Guide


Puffy mattress


Available mattress models

The Puffy brand offers the Puffy mattress, Puffy Lux mattress, and Puffy Royal mattress. The Puffy mattress is a foam bed, while the Lux and Royal models are both hybrids. They are also available in standard sizes such as twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. 


Trial, warranty, and returns

Your Puffy mattress comes with a 101-night trial to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with it. However, the company requires you to try it for at least 30 nights before considering returning it. And as for the warranty, Puffy mattresses have a lifetime warranty as long as you used the proper frame or base and it’s not damaged from improper use.

Do you want to know more about Puffy trials and returns? Here is how to return a Puffy mattress to learn more.


Flagship mattress

Puffy’s flagship mattress is the Puffy mattress, which is a memory foam bed. It is made in the US with a cooling cover and a five-layer structure. Puffy also has its most popular model, the Puffy Lux, made of a hypoallergenic cover, gel foam, humidity-resistant foam, and a combination of coils and high-density foam for the base. 


Purple mattress


Available mattress models

The Purple brand offers the Purple mattress, Purple Hybrid, and the Purple Hybrid Premier. Similar to Puffy, Purple has one foam bed, and the remaining two are hybrids. For the sizes, Purple mattresses are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, but instead of Cal king, the brand offers split king. 


Trial, warranty, and returns

You can test the Purple mattress for 100 nights, which is only a day shy of Puffy’s trial period. You’re also required to test it for at least 21 nights before considering returning it. And as for the warranty, Purple only offers a 10-year warranty compared to the lifetime offered by Puffy. 


Flagship mattress

Purple‘s flagship mattress is the Purple mattress, which is essentially a foam bed with the option for the buyer to get a Plus version. For an extra $400, you’ll get two inches more foam that results in better support, responsiveness, and breathability. But if you want Purple’s bestseller, you can try the Hybrid Premier that is available with a 3-inch or a 4-inch grid option. 


Which Is More Comfortable Purple Mattress Or Puffy Lux?

Identifying which is more comfortable between Purple and Puffy Lux beds will depend on the needs and preferences of the user. So to help you decide, we’ll talk about the features of each model. 


Purple mattress

  • Has the brand’s SoftFlex knit cover for better responsiveness
  • Uses Purple’s GelFlex grid that helps with breathability and pressure relief
  • Has a foam base to maintain the mattress’ support
  • Supportive for the back and legs but cradles the shoulders and hips
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic  (feel free to read what is the powder in the Purple mattress as well)

Puffy Lux mattress

  • Uses a hypoallergenic cover to prevent dust and dust mites
  • Six-layer mattress construction for back pain relief
  • Uses Puffy’s cooling layer called the Cooling Cloud to avoid heat retention
  • The combination of memory foam and coils adapt uniquely to the sleeper’s body
  • Firm core for spine support

Do People Like Puffy Mattresses?

Customers are very pleased with Puffy mattresses because they have a rating of five over five stars based on the 15,000 plus reviews on their website. Viewing the Puffy mattress reviews, it has the same perfect five over five ratings out of more than 10,000 customers. And as for the most popular model, which is the Puffy Royal, more than 10,000 customers rated it perfectly. 


Do People Like Purple Mattresses?

Purple mattresses have a rating of four over five stars from the more than 15,000 reviews on their website. The Purple mattress itself is rated 4.4 over 5 stars by more than 29,000 customers. In addition, the brand’s most popular Hybrid Premier has more than 10,000 buyers that gave it 4.4 over 5 stars.


How Long Do Purple Mattresses Last?

Purple mattresses come with a 10-year warranty, so users can expect them to last for as long. Still, you can get a new bed earlier than this life expectancy if needed. So be on the lookout for discomfort and check your bed’s shape once it’s over 7 or 8 years.


How Long Do Puffy Mattresses Last?

A Puffy mattress can last for ten years when used and maintained correctly. Remember that Puffy even offers a lifetime warranty to prove their confidence in their product’s quality. However, you can still consider replacing your bed after 7 to 8 years or check the signs you need a new mattress. 



Was this comparison helpful? To recap the battle of Puffy mattress vs Purple mattress, Puffy has a more extended warranty period since it’s a lifetime than Purple, which only offers ten years. Other than this gap, both have noticeable strengths in providing support and comfort tailored to the sleeper. 

And in terms of customer satisfaction, we conclude that both brands have satisfied customers and buyers. 


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