Puffy Mattress Vs Leesa Mattress: Which Is Better?

Those who want to compare Luffy mattress vs Leesa mattress can read this buying guide. We will go through each bed and talk about its pros and cons. You can also learn more about each brand and which one is worth buying. 

Puffy is also compared to other mattress brands known for its foam beds. If you’re also interested in how Puffy compares, check these other comparison reviews of Puffy vs Layla mattresses or Puffy mattress vs Casper mattress.

puffy mattress vs leesa


Puffy Mattress Vs Leesa Mattress Comparison Review


Puffy mattress


Available mattress models

Puffy has three main mattress models, namely the Puffy mattress, Puffy Lux, and Puffy Royal. The Puffy mattress is a foam bed, while the remaining two are hybrid mattresses. The starting price for a Puffy mattress is $899, but the brand sometimes has sales that can get it as low as $599. 


Trial, warranty, and returns

You have 101 nights to try a Puffy mattress and as early as 30 nights to consider returning it. However, the best feature of Puffy, especially compared to other mattress manufacturers, is they provide a lifetime warranty. So as long as you didn’t damage the bed due to use, you can enjoy this timeless warranty. 


Flagship mattress

The flagship mattress of Puffy is the memory foam Puffy mattress. However, the Puffy Lux model is also their most popular mattress. Choosing between the two will depend on the preferences and needs of the sleeper, but to give you a quick comparison, Puffy is a 5-layer 10-inch mattress rated 6 to 8 on the firmness scale, while Puffy Lux is 6 layers, 12 inches, and rated 5 to 7 on the firmness scale. 


Leesa mattress


Available mattress models

Leesa is one of the best online mattresses, and the brand offers four models to choose from. They are the Leesa Original, Hybrid, Legend, and Studio. The Leesa Original and Studio mattresses are foam beds, while the remaining two are hybrid models.  


Trial, warranty, and returns

You’ll have 100 nights to try a Leesa mattress, but because of the expected adjustment period to the new bed, Leesa requires you 30 nights of use before considering returning it. The brand will pick up the mattress and refund you if you’re unsatisfied. And as for the warranty, you’ll get a 10-year limited warranty from Leesa compared to Puffy’s lifetime warranty. 


Flagship mattress

The Leesa Original mattress is the brand’s flagship product, and it is rated 4.5 over 5 stars by buyers. But if you want a hybrid, the Leesa Hybrid also has the same rating. To compare their prices, the starting price for the Original model is $799 while the Hybrid mattress starts at $1,099, so both are definitely the best-priced beds in the market. 


Is Puffy A Good Mattress Brand?

Puffy is one of the best mattress brands to try because of their policies that benefit buyers. For example, returning a Puffy mattress if you’re unsatisfied is a smooth process, as you can see in this guide on how to return a Puffy mattress. In addition, the brand won’t even resell the returned bed nor add it to the landfill because they will donate it to charities. 

Another reason why Puffy is a reliable mattress brand was their lifetime warranty when you bought a mattress. Most mattress brands only offer ten years or even shorter with their warranties, so purchasing a bed that will be under warranty as long as it is yours gives you peace of mind about its quality. You can even expect to get a response within seven days once you make a warranty claim.

Please read where is the Puffy mattress made to get more idea about its overall construction and craftsmanship. 


Is Leesa A Good Mattress Brand?

Leesa is also one of the best mattress brands among others, and they are even certified B-Corp. This means that they met the highest standards for social and environmental impact. Last 2020, the company even delivered 3,000 bed kits in Virginia and North Carolina to aid the pandemic. 

Leesa also donates a bed to a family in need for every ten mattresses sold. Over 37,000 Leesa mattresses are donated, and they also provide made-to-order beds for each child to ensure a high-quality rest for them. And as for Leesa being an eco-friendly mattress brand, they use natural and recycled materials, and even their headquarters run on renewable energy.


What Mattress Is Comparable To Puffy?

Puffy mattresses are often compared with other foam beds, especially mattresses that are bed-in-a-box. If you’re also familiar with Purple and Nectar beds, we have written comparison reviews for each of them. Read Nectar vs Puffy mattresses or Puffy mattresses vs Purple mattresses if you’re curious how Puffy compares with them besides Leesa. 


What Mattress Is Comparable To Leesa?

Leesa mattresses are often compared to Casper and Loom and Leaf. For example, Casper also provides the same periods with Leesa for their trial and warranty. On the other hand, Loom and Leaf are compared to Leesa in terms of their smooth and reliable customer service.



And that’s it! We just reviewed Puffy mattress vs Leesa mattress side by side, and finding the winner will depend on the sleeper’s needs and preferences. Regardless, both are excellent mattress brands because of their product quality and services, and they even donate to those in need. 

If you’re still having trouble knowing which specific model to get, use our mattress articles to guide you in buying a new bed. 

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