Professional Repair For Water Damaged Wood Floors: A Guide

Fixing damaged wood floors can be difficult, especially if you don’t know anything about it. Getting a professional repair for water damaged wood floors is the next best idea if you want your flooring done pronto. Besides the fact that quality service is expected, it can also increase the selling value of your property, which can be helpful in the future.

Having a good floor plan is often underestimated. It is an essential element that can either make or break the tone of your home’s interior design.

professional repair for water damaged wood floors

That’s why when something is off your floor, you’ll notice an imbalance in the environment. Keep reading to know more about water damaged wood floors and why you should get a professional service for getting it done!


What Are The Types Of Water Damage On Wooden Floorings  



You’ll know you have water damage on your floor when you notice some stains or mismatched spots. Too much exposure to moisture plays a part in causing this to happen. This can lead to mold growth and musty odor.


Mold infestation

Since wood is a hygroscopic material, they are vulnerable to any moisture. On the other hand, do you know what organism thrives in moist and damp areas? Mold!

Having a mold infestation underneath your floor can lead to health problems and should be removed immediately.


Curly edges

When there’s discoloration and mold growth underneath your floor, the next thing to expect is curling edges or curling. This phenomenon happens when there’s too much humidity that makes the wooden planks swell from moisture.


Why You Should Consider Hire A Professional To Do This


1. Ensured quality service

Even though DIY-ing this job may seem tempting, you probably won’t always get the job right. When you hire professionals to do this one, rest assured that you’re leaving your floors to people with proper training and experience.

Wood floors are vulnerable to damages, and you’ll want to entrust this one to people who can do it properly. What’s great about seeking professional repair service is that you’ll get satisfying results since you would benefit from individuals in this field of expertise for years.


2. Cost-effective

As mentioned earlier, when you try to fix the problem with no proper training, you’ll most likely cause more harm than good. It would be best if you leave this to the professionals. They could also give you professional advice that will help you maintain your wood floors and ultimately save money in the long run.

Another plus for hiring professionals is that most repair companies may give you a warranty for materials that they used. It means that they can either replace or repair affected planks.


3. Increased market value of your home

Market value is described as the value of a property or asset in the marketplace. If you’re thinking about increasing your home value, making interior improvements such as fixing your damaged wood floors can help you do that. Nothing excites potential buyers more than seeing a well-maintained house that they can own in the future.

The process of repairing wood floors often includes the re-installation of flooring systems. This requires proper equipment and concentration to do. Hiring qualified individuals will help you achieve results that you and your future buyers will be happy about.


4. Assistance in disposing of old floors

A problem that you may encounter if you ever plan on repairing yourself is how you would discard the old planks. Most of us may have no idea where we can properly dispose of it. You can’t just put it in your regular trash as it can be potentially bad for the environment.

Good for you, professional repair companies can help you with this matter. They can dispose of the old floors and other waste produced during the restoration process.


5. Expect excellent outcome

If you’re looking for a long-lasting solution for your water-damaged wood floors, hiring experts in this field can certainly help you achieve that. Since they have proper training and years of experience, they know better than repairing the affected area.

This alone can ensure favorable results. They would also know how to deal with the source of damage, prevent it from coming back in the future, and give you tips on how to take care of your new floors.


Should You Involve Insurance?

If you’re contemplating making an insurance claim for your damaged floor, there are specific steps to do this effectively. The first and most important one is documentation. You’ll want to take pictures of the damage as proof to ensure you’ll get the compensation you’ve signed up for.

The next thing you’re going to do is make sure that the damage is not due to neglect or lack of proper maintenance. It is included in your insurance coverage if the damage is caused by the weather, plumbing, accidental overflow, or mold. You could also get a lawyer to know your rights and get a much better outcome.



Seeking professional repair for water damaged wood floors means guaranteed quality service. If you feel like you can’t do it yourself, then we recommend that you don’t force yourself to do so. You could bring more damage than good if you have no proper training, and it may also cost you more than you expect.

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