Top 10 Ways to Prevent Swivel Chair Slip Stains on Hardwood Floors

Swivel chairs are great for many reasons, but they can also be extremely dangerous to wood floors. These hardwood flooring surfaces are not designed to withstand the amount of wear and tear that swivel chair wheels cause when they turn over on them.

If you have a lot of customers or employees in your office who enjoy using these types of chairs, then there is a good chance that there will be evidence of this abuse all-around your workspace. Here are some ways how to prevent swivel chair slip stains on hardwood floors:

prevent swivel chair slip stains on hardwood floors


Ways to Prevent Swivel Chair Slip Stains on Hardwood Floors

Step 1. Place rubber mats where your employees or customers use swivel chairs. This will reduce the amount of friction that is created between the chair wheels and hardwood flooring surfaces when people are using them.

Rubber mats should be placed under both feet on either side of a person as they sit to create maximum protection from friction damage.

Step 2. Place furniture pads on your hardwood floors to have a protective barrier between the wood and swivel chair wheels. These are less expensive than rubber mats, so they might be something that you can get for everyone who uses a desk with an office chair or business owners with employees.

Step 3. Make sure to use a swivel chair mat if you have one. You can purchase these mats from many different stores, and they are specifically designed for this purpose.

Step 4. Invest in non-marking floor protectors so that your hardwood floors stay free of damaging stains even as people enjoy using them. These will not only help with the wobbling from the swivel chair, but they will also protect your floors.

Step 5. You can purchase floor mats to put on top of the wood to prevent some damage. These are usually made out of rubber or plastic and can be used with any style of office chair that does not have wheels. They come in a variety of sizes and can typically be found at any office supply store.

Step 6. Put carpet or a rug under your swivel chair to protect the floor from damage. This will not only help with how much wear there is on the floors, but it also provides for better traction of your feet as you move around in that area.

Step 7. It may be a good idea to invest in an office chair mat if you will be using your floor area for a long time. These can usually be found at any home improvement store and they will provide some cushioning as well as protection from how much wear there is on the floors.

Step 8. You might also want to consider putting up some type of wall or barrier to keep the area around your chair clear so that no one will walk on those floors and damage them.

Step 9. You may want to invest in a footrest if you are going to be using this floor space for an extended period of time

When practising how long someone can stay seated, it is always best not to stay seated for more than a few hours at one time. You may want to invest in some type of cushioning if you are going to be sitting there for long periods.


What is the best material for a chair mat?

There are a few different types of materials for chair mats, such as rubber or plastic. The type that you choose is based on how much use the mat will get and how often it will need to be replaced.

If there are not going to be many people using the chair mat, then something like PVC would work fine because it can withstand more wear than some other types but if lots of people will be walking down long corridors or moving around in open spaces where there may end up being quite a bit of dirt and debris tracked onto them from shoes, then one might want to consider an option made out of rubber due to its ability to stand up better against this kind of regular abuse.

It is also important when deciding which material to purchase for the material to consider how often it will need to be replaced.

PVC is something that might work well if one does not anticipate a lot of use, but rubber may be more desirable in other instances where someone anticipates lots of people and debris being tracked onto them every day.

If there are going to be many people using these mats, then an option made out of PVC might not last as long before needing replacement due to wear and tear from regular contact with shoes on the mat, leading some parts to break apart after extended exposure.


What kind of chair mat is best for hardwood floors?

One of the best choices for chair mats is a felt mat. Unlike most other types, it will not wear down from friction and can withstand even heavy traffic without showing signs of wear or tear. This type also has an anti-static quality to help with any static electricity that may be generated by people walking on it

A vinyl mat would be another good choice because this material does not produce static electricity as easily, so those who are sensitive to these kinds of things might find them more comfortable when in use. It also dries quickly after being wet which makes spills easier to clean up and reduces odours!

Finally, you could go with a cork flooring mat. Cork doesn’t provide much traction though so you should take care to place the mat carefully, otherwise someone could slip and fall.

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