Pressure Washer Stall When Trigger Is Pulled: 6 Surprising Reasons!

Are you worried about why the pressure washer stall when trigger is pulled? The pressure washer was stalling when you pulled the trigger due mainly to the malfunctioning O-rings, unloader valve, or a too-high adjustment of an unloader and pressure washer trigger.

A faulty unloader valve is frequently the source of stalling trouble. The water is cycled, returning towards the inflow by the unloader valve, deflecting its passage across the piping circuit.

pressure washer stall when trigger is pulled

The unloader valve channels the flow in a cycle whenever the trigger is lifted. That allows the flow pressure to be maintained even though water is pushed via the pressure washer nozzle. So, if you are interested in learning more about the reasons behind the stalling of pressure washers, just read the article till last. Below are some of the most typical reasons for it. Let’s check it out!


Reasons Why Pressure Washer Stalls When Trigger Is Pulled

Stop searching more about why pressure washer stall when trigger is pulled. Below, we have written the possible reasons for this problem and fixed these issues. 


#1. Defective unloader valve

The unloader valve is where numerous pressure washer issues begin and stop. The unloader valve regulates pressure and permits high flow from the nozzle. Whenever the trigger is pulled, it distracts the movement of liquid through some circuit to create maximum pressure. This motor stops working whenever the pressure inside the pump is above maximum motor pressure. Damaged O-rings, deposited debris inside the pressure washer spring, or a jammed driveshaft has been the most outstanding fundamental issues with the pressure washer unloader valve.


#2. Improper valve setting

Unloader valves play a critical role in regulating and stabilizing the pressure delivered from the pressure washer. But you need to set these valves properly for the proper pressure. As a result, if the valve has exceeded, the compressors may create difficult pressure to remove. The motor may stall as a result of it now. It can occur if the water pressure isn’t high enough because the level becomes too small. To adjust the valve’s setup, read this guide; make sure the motor is functioning smoothly and precisely, the nozzle is set towards the appropriate pressure. Locate the black adjustment ring just on the valve. Placing a flow meter between pumps and the pipe is a good idea. After activating the washer and setting the valve’s ring, be sure you can read the indicator.


#3. Worn out piston

The piston seems to be one of the main critical pieces of an unloader valve since it regulates pressure stability. Whenever the pressure washer gets turned on, its piston travels backward and forwards. The pressure washer switches off because the pull action is interrupted or stopped. Disconnect the piston to the unloader valve carefully check it. Here are symptoms of bad piston rings.


#4. Damaged o-rings

Defective and damaged O-rings create petroleum flow leaks that prevent the unloader valve from working correctly. Like an outcome, your pressure washer turns down. Whenever the trigger is pressed, The unloader valve’s O-rings should be checked and replaced if these are fractured.


#5. Low-pressure level on unloader valve

Whenever you remove the trigger d, the engine’s ability is inhibited by max pressure on the unloader valve. That’s because an unloader valve will not enable enough water flow redirection inside the circuit towards the intake to alleviate the immense pressure. Instead, it allows your pressure washer to stall by putting more pressure inside the washer. To minimize the pressure setup that triggers your pressure washer to completely switch off, modify the controls such as the unloader valve may send the excess flow to its intake.


#6. Problem with the trigger

Even if you address all of the issues mentioned previously, your power washer may indeed expire whenever its trigger gets pushed. So there might be a problem with your trigger. First, consider a better motivation and determine whether that’s the issue. Whether that’s the case, dismantle the trigger to check if there’s an issue. It’s a good idea to replace the worn-out pressure washer trigger instead of repairing it. 


Unloader Valve

A pressure washer’s unloader valve is a device just on the front of piping. Based on the power washer type, you may even be able to tell due to the apparent dark arm being over the valve. This valve can reroute water into a circuit when you remove the trigger, enabling it to keep its power, yet you unload it via the nozzle. Finally, the unloader valve prevents moisture from entering the higher or lower pressure levels. Finally, the unloader valve is responsible for spraying water continuously and aggressively from the pressure washer. If there’s an issue using this system, your pressure washer may stall once you let go of the washer trigger. Know how to adjust unloader valve on pressure washer


It’s A Wrap!

We hope you will learn pressure washer stall when trigger is pulled. If this problem occurs, don’t worry about the reasons mentioned above and its solution will surely help you. Please try to read the article carefully to fix the stalling issue. Thank you, friends, for being with usClick on these links to read related articles; know how to store pressure washer and why wont my pressure washer start.

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