Pre Wedding Anxiety How To Deal With

If you are overwhelmed with pre wedding anxiety how to deal with, we will help you manage the stress that typically comes during pre-wedding using three ways. It may seem hopeless, primarily when you can’t deal with anxiety and nothing seems to help. 

However, understanding that your emotions are valid and you can treat the discomfort should give you the necessary push to go through married life. We also recommend that you read what is wedding cold feet as an additional reference. 

pre wedding anxiety how to deal with


Pre Wedding Anxiety How To Deal With: 3 Ways To Cope


Normalize the feeling you’re having for the wedding day

Before you search for a way to treat the nerves before the wedding day, understand that it is valid and normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed. For one, wedding planning is stressful, and you might also end up having misunderstandings with your partner. 

Your family and friends might also cause you to feel pressured, or some vendors are hard to communicate with. When different issues arise, it’s only normal for our body to go into a fight or flight response to protect ourselves. 

And, of course, not knowing what to expect during the marriage can make anyone nervous and anxious. There will be doubts and even a lack of confidence as one would usually undergo through before a significant life change. 


Work with a professional to manage stress

After validating your stress and anxiety, the next step to effectively dealing with pre-wedding stress is to work with a professional. Dealing with anxiety on our own can be hard, especially if you have underlying factors affecting it significantly without your knowledge. 

The only way to manage and treat emotional and mental issues is to find a reliable and recommended therapist, health professional, or counselor. This person must be known for handling pre-wedding anxiety and stress. 

While it’s always fantastic to open up our worries to close friends and family, sometimes it’s easier to vent to someone we don’t personally know. You can even find a pre-marriage consultation with your partner if you identify that most of your anxiety is caused by anticipating married life.


Find a way to cope with the wedding jitters

After the professional created a setup for dealing with pre-wedding anxiety, notice within yourself the ways that help you navigate the feelings. For example, perhaps you see that lack of sleep makes you extra jittery, or you feel extra confident if you’re eating healthy. 

Every person is different, so dealing with anxiety before the wedding effectively will also vary. For example, one person might experience fewer panic attacks whenever they jog, while another’s form of self-care is a bubble bath. 

Notice the changes in your emotions and body. And, of course, do not say or act on anything without carefully thinking about it, especially when your feelings are at an all-time high because of pre-wedding anxiety. 


Is It Normal To Have Anxiety Before Wedding?

It’s crucial for dealing with pre-wedding anxiety to understand that it’s normal. Since having negative thoughts or emotions was not thoroughly studied back in the day, anyone who experiences them is doubted or seen in a bad light. 

But nowadays, anyone can struggle or experience anxiety at any time of their life. You are about to get married, so it’s only normal to feel anxious. 

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Why do I get anxious before marriage?

  • You want a perfect wedding day, and the issues during wedding planning are making you doubt the union itself
  • The misunderstandings and conflicts between you and your partner seem to be more noticeable now that you’re about to get married
  • Some family and friends have shown doubt about you or your partner
  • Your partner is also anxious
  • You suddenly notice some issues among your married family and friends
  • You have no detailed plan regarding what will happen after the wedding 


Pre Wedding Anxiety Symptoms

  • Having difficulty sleeping or eating
  • Can’t concentrate 
  • Suddenly feeling irritable
  • Constantly nervous or on edge
  • Clumsiness


How Do I Stay Calm Before My Wedding?

You can cope with wedding planning anxiety or the general anxious feeling about the big day or married life by understanding that it’s normal. But unfortunately, when we are overwhelmed, we tend only to notice the negative even if our emotions are valid.

Be it how your partner seems annoying or unreliable or how you doubt yourself in handling the pressure of the wedding day or married life. You can understand how your mind works by inspecting your thoughts through a journal or cognitive behavioral therapy.

Not bottling up your emotions is also fantastic for coping with pre-wedding anxiety because you’ll get a rational perspective of what you’re feeling. And to get rid of the physiological response when we’re nervous, practice mindfulness and breathing meditation. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap pre wedding anxiety how to deal with, it’s essential to feel valid and normal, then work with a professional to create a plan to help you cope. 

Finally, determine the ways that effectively ease the nervousness and stress unique to you. Every person is different, so it’s best to be patient with yourself. 

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