Practical Tips on How to Decorate Vertical Blinds With Curtains

Vertical blinds are very popular in homes and offices for many reasons, but sometimes they can be a bit plain. One way to add more style and elegance is by using curtains as opposed to just hanging them on the wall or window. In this blog post, we will discuss how to decorate vertical blinds with curtains so that your home or office looks great.


how to decorate vertical blinds with curtains

Tips on Decorating Vertical Blinds with Curtains

Tip 1. First, measure how long your curtains need to be. You will also want to take into account how much space you have on the window or wall that you are decorating. Also, make sure they don’t hang too low this can cause them to drag and create a mess of dust.

Tip 2. If the door swing is in the way, you may need to have an extra piece of fabric that drapes over the door.

Tip 3. When it comes to choosing what kind of curtains you want for your vertical blinds, we recommend a simple design since these types of blinds are usually more minimalistic than their horizontal counterparts. This will allow them to stand out and be the focal point of your decor.

Tip 4. You should also consider how much light you’ll have to deal with, and make sure there is enough room in the window for curtains that will block out all or most of it. If not, you may need a heavier material like velvet so they can maintain some privacy while blocking more sunlight than lighter materials.

Tip 5. Finally, you’ll want to measure your windows and vertical blinds before buying any new pieces so that they will all fit properly in the space and there won’t be any waste from ordering too much.


What are Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds are a type of window covering that has slats made from metal or plastic. They come in many different styles, including Roman shades and honeycomb shades.

There are two main types: inside mount vertical blinds where the brackets attach to the wall and outside mount vertical blinds with the brackets on the crown molding of the window frame. When they are installed, you can only see sunlight from one side, and privacy is maintained as people on either side cannot see in or out.

They come with a special cord to adjust how light enters through the blinds and there may also be slats that run horizontally across them for better control over how much light enters. Vertical blinds are usually found in homes and offices, but they may also be used for decorative purposes if mounted horizontally over a window or door.


What are the Advantages of Blinds

  • They are affordable: vertical blinds can range from $20-$200 depending on where you buy them and the type of product that you are purchasing.
  • They don’t take up a lot of room: vertical blinds come in many different sizes, so it is easy to find one that fits your window or doorway perfectly.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Blinds?

There may be light leakage when they are opened: because vertical blinds are made of slats, they may allow light to enter from the bottom or top.

They don’t hold back drafts as well as curtains do: because vertical blinds lack a fabric lining that provides insulation and soundproofing, it is easy for heat to escape through them if not installed properly.


How to care for Vertical Blinds

Cleaning: vertical blinds need to be wiped down with a damp cloth on occasion.

Storage: when not in use, it is best to keep the slats of your vertical blindfolded up so that they do not become bent or scratched.

Repairing: if you notice any rips or tears in your vertical blinds, it is important to fix them as soon as possible.

A vertical Blind’s Warranty: most vertical blind warranties last for about two years.

Cleaning and Storing Vertical Blinds: the slats should be folded up when they are not in use so that they do not get damaged or bent out of shape.

If you have children that like to play with things at home, it is recommended that you purchase vertical blinds with cords. This will help to keep them from getting tangled when they are not being used and can also limit how much area of the room they cover-up, which means less mess on the floor.

Doing this process regularly will ensure your slats stay in great shape so that your investment lasts for as long as possible.


How to Wash Vertical Blinds

  • You can take them outside and hose them off or use a nozzle to rinse the dirt.
  • To dry, hang vertical blinds on an indoor clothesline with weighted sides for extra support so that they do not get warped.
  • Drying time will vary based upon how wet they are when you dry them and how warm your home is.


Why Do I Need Vertical Blinds?

If you want to add some visual interest and create more of a focal point in your room, vertical blinds are a perfect choice.

You can also get them with privacy slats so that no one can peer into your home from outside or inside the house if they walk by.