4 Best Plants That Go Well With Heuchera

The plants that go well with heuchera include various annuals, perennials, bulbs, and shrubs. We all know that the greenhouse makes an excellent environment for a companion, planting different herbs and vegetables. But the beautiful heuchera or coral bells are also friendly to a lot of other plants, and you can make the greenhouse extra eye-catching by strategically gardening with this beautiful foliage with delicate flowers

Heucheras have different varieties that you can find plants hardy both for the coldness of zone 4 and tolerance for the heat of zone 9. Some can even thrive at zone 3 or zone 10, but it’s still better to learn your growing zone and use a greenhouse to ensure that your plants stay healthy. Upon planning the best heuchera garden and companion plants, you can create a more interesting northern garden unique to yourself.

4 Best Plants That Go Well With Heuchera

What Are The Plants That Go Well With Heuchera

Many cultivars, foliage colors, and bloom colors of heucheras will surely catch anyone’s garden theme. To further enhance the look of your planting environment, you can even choose from annuals, perennials, bulbs, and shrubs to accompany your coral bells. All of them make worthy candidates, and it will all boil down to the plant that will thrive in your existing environmental conditions and personal goals like blooming time. 



Coral bells will enjoy growing alongside different kinds of annuals. You can choose from the well-loved flowering plants like petunia and vervain, as well as touch-me-not, begonia, and wishbone flowers. If you’re familiar with these flowering annuals, you’ll already have an idea of how colorful and beautiful your garden will end up looking with them growing with each other.

Using a greenhouse would make it easier for you to control the environment according to these annual plants’ liking. It would help if you also remembered that each annual would grow much better in a specific container, so plan accordingly. For example, if you are growing heuchera in a container, touch-me-not would be the ideal companion.

The location should also be a significant factor when choosing annuals for heucheras. Petunias and vervains love full sun. Much like wishbone flowers, they’ll even bloom throughout summer, so they’re the best choice if you want an active summer garden. 

If you want an eye-catching garden, it would also help to know what colors complement each other. Gardeners often choose begonias with white flowers or green foliage to accompany heucheras for this matter.



Other than annuals, did you know that you can also choose perennials to grow alongside coral bells? You might be interested in growing perennials instead of annuals because of their capacity to regrow every spring. This way, you are not limited to one growing season as you would with annual plants, and the look of coral bells makes good edging companion for many perennials.

Coral bell itself is a perennial, and it will pair well with painted ferns, plantain lilies, woodruff, silver mound, false goat’s beard, columbine, and Solomon’s seal. When choosing a perennial partner for heucheras, you can apply the same concept earlier when selecting annuals. For starters, which perennial has the right color, texture, and size to complement heucheras aesthetically and functionality?

The spacing should be adequate for your plants’ requirements, and their preferred growing conditions should be similar. It’s not enough to consider which combination will give you a stunning outcome. The plants themselves should thrive in the same temperature and light, moisture condition, and soil.



Flowering plants like crocus and snowdrops that propagate through bulbs will also grow well alongside heucheras. What’s fantastic with these bulbs is that you can plant them simultaneously with coral bells, which, later on, helps in getting adequate spacing for their root systems. Additionally, they bloom early, and planting alongside an evergreen like coral bells will give you a magnificent garden that’ll also be in season first. 



If you love shrubs, coral bells will enjoy the company of azaleas, spindle trees, ninebark, and daphnes. Compared to annuals and perennials, shrubs offer an additional benefit for heucheras. Because you’ll be growing coral bells underneath them, the shrubs will prevent weeds from overcoming heucheras.

They will also protect the plants from the harsh sun and keep the roots cool because of their height. Just remember that when you’re choosing shrubs for coral bells, they should have the same soil, watering, and feeding requirements to keep all plants happy and healthy. Afterward, the next deciding factors are the bloom time and intended color combinations in mind.



Companion gardening does not only improves the look of your garden, but it also helps for efficient spacing while strategically placing plants with their beneficial neighbors. If you have coral bells, you’re in luck because the plants that go well with heuchera are extensive. You can choose from annuals, perennials, bulbs, and shrubs. 

With this vast array of potential friendly heuchera neighbors, you won’t have a hard time choosing a size, color, and shape that will complement your coral bells. Additionally, some plants like shrubs offer benefits such as shading and root moisture protection for heucheras. The considerations left for you in deciding which plant to get is if they match your heucheras’ location’s requirements and conditions. 


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