Pink Wedding Dress History, Meaning, And How To Wear

Are you curious about the history of the pink wedding dress and if brides used to wear this color? What is even the meaning of wearing a pink wedding dress?

And for the bride who wants this color for her bridal attire, we’ve included tips below to help you find the most flattering pink wedding gown. But what about other unique wedding dresses? 

pink wedding dress

You can read what do wedding dress colors mean for the list of non-white but popular wedding gowns among brides nowadays. 


Everything To Know About Wearing A Pink Wedding Dress


History Of Pink Wedding Dresses

Brides often wore bright colors like pink, green, or blue back in the day. But after the war, white wedding gowns became more common, including other white shades like ivory, cream, or even off-white. 

It was also known that the trend of brides picking white wedding dresses started when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. But according to JSTOR Daily, a digital library of academic materials, the popular white wedding dress worn by Queen Victoria when she married Prince Albert is more a light pink. 

Therefore, pink was not an uncommon wedding dress color choice for brides back in the day. However, white became the symbol of virginity and status, so it makes sense to be the ideal color for brides. 


What Does A Pink Wedding Dress Mean?

A pink wedding dress symbolizes romance, innocence, and femininity, making it an ideal color choice for brides who want to show their love and softness to their grooms. It’s not as bold as red, but it’s not as predictable as the common white wedding dress, so pink becomes the ideal middle ground for brides that want to stand out without potential misinterpretations. 

Wearing pink wedding attire can also be seen as rejuvenation, attributed to the pink flowers that bloom during summer and spring. When a woman enters marriage, it’s a milestone similar to flowers blooming as she changes and matures. 

Finally, pink is a beauty inspiration, so wearing this color for your wedding day can mean confidence and embracing your natural looks. Interestingly, brides can easily find a specific shade of pink that will complement their style best. 


Is It Okay To Wear A Pink Wedding Dress?

It’s okay to wear a pink wedding dress as there are different shades and styles to choose from. The bride can still feature out-of-the-box wedding attire without committing to loud statement dresses like red or black. 

You’ll still create a striking look without feeling awkward or worrying about being misinterpreted, especially by traditional family and friends. You can always pick a light pink wedding gown like blush, which is as popular as non-white wedding dresses like off-white and champagne among modern brides.

However, weddings differ; some might be more strict and prefer the bride to wear a white wedding dress. You can incorporate pink in the details, like applique or embellishments on the bodice and dress skirt.  


Why do some brides wear pink?

There are many reasons why a bride might pick pink for her wedding dress or gown. For example, it might be more flattering for the gown design, or pink enhances the bride’s natural beauty. 

And, of course, it’s more acceptable and less taboo in modern times to wear non-white wedding dresses. You can create a unique look with a chic and feminine pink wedding gown. 


How Do I Style A Pink Wedding Dress?

The secret to wearing a flattering pink wedding dress is not only about picking the dress style that flatters your body or the pink shade that makes your natural beauty stand out. You also want the right shoe color and jewelry design to make the most of the lovely color. 


What color shoes to wear with pink wedding dresses?


  • Neutrals

Some safe shoe color options for brides wearing pink wedding dresses are neutrals like black or brown. Black can fit formal weddings, while brown is perfect for casual weddings. 

However, you can also pick a nude color for your shoes, as it complements any shade of pink. Alternatively, beige is also popular to match with pink wedding gowns because it’s a lowkey color. 

The bride can emphasize the details, fabric layers, lace appliques, and other details on the wedding gown bodice or skirt with beige shoes. But if you’ve already bought traditional white bridal shoes, no worries, as it will look fresh with the pink wedding dress. 


  • Metallics and reds

What about pink wedding dresses with a simpler design? You can make your overall look more attractive with metallic wedding shoes like gold or silver. 

Another romantic and sexy option would be burgundy shoes, especially with a light pink wedding dress. You want a lovely contrast between the shades, so dark reds are best with pale pinks. 


What accessories and jewelry to wear with pink wedding gowns?


  • Gold and rose gold

Brides can always wear gold or rose gold jewelry and accents for their pink wedding dresses. If your pink gown has details like beading and embellishments, you can also use it as inspiration for the jewelry. 


  • Pearls, diamonds, or silver

For example, diamonds and pearls can also work with pink wedding dresses that use similar details in their design. Silver is also a neutral option if you’re unsure what jewelry to wear with your pink wedding dress. 

Do you want more tips about picking bridal jewelry? Then, make the most of your dress design and flatter your look by learning how to accessorize a wedding dress.


Are Pink Wedding Dresses Less Formal Than White Wedding Dresses?

The style and design of the pink wedding dress will dictate how formal or casual it will look. It’s not possible to consider pink wedding gowns less formal than white wedding gowns just because the latter is regarded as the traditional bridal attire color. 

There are also casual white wedding dresses, while there are extravagant and formal wedding dresses. For example, a short sheath white dress is less formal than a pink ball gown for the wedding. 

You can also opt for bridal silhouettes like mermaid or A-line and pick bridal materials like tulle and sparkly details. These can make your pink wedding dress look more formal and less like a dress for a party. 


What Style Of Pink Wedding Dress Would Look Best On Me?


Pink wedding dress silhouette

Wedding dresses come in different silhouettes, so you should know what flatter your body type best. For example, you can wear a pink mermaid wedding gown to accentuate your curves or opt for a pink A-line wedding dress if you don’t want to show your tummy. 

Don’t forget to consider the wedding dress’s neckline, straps or sleeves, back, or skirt length. These details complete the overall look, regardless of whether it’s a pink dress. 

However, because pink dresses are less readily available in bridal shops, you might need to request a specific design to be in pink. Still, please don’t feel like you need to pick a non-flattering gown style because it’s the only design available in pink. 


Wedding dress pink shade 

Familiarize yourself with the shades of pink to know what pink wedding dress best suits your skin tone. You should also know your skin undertone as warm, neutral, and cool skin tones will vary in what pink shade will flatter them best. 

For example, brides with warm undertones look best in warm pink wedding dresses like coral or salmon. On the other hand, brides with cool undertones will be flattered by cool pinks like rose, fuchsia, or even baby pink wedding gowns. 

What about brides with a neutral skin tone? Dusty pink and peach pink should enhance natural beauty and make your complexion glow. 


Pink wedding dress design and details

Besides the dress silhouette, its design is also influenced by details that can flatter you. For example, the pink fitted wedding gown with ruching can hide bumps and lumps, or picking a dress skirt with tulle layers can create a cinched waist. 

You can also find pink wedding gowns with lace appliques or beading that can help you highlight your best assets. And, of course, these details should match your wedding theme and complement the groom’s style. 

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Where To Buy Pink Wedding Dresses

Popular wedding dress stores like David’s Bridal, Anthropologie, Lulus, BHLDN, Net-a-Porter, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Revolve offer an array of pink wedding dresses and gowns. You can always check the wedding dresses that come in different colors as they might be offered in pink shades. 

Etsy also has vendors offering pink wedding dresses, but check the reviews to know what look to expect. And for brides who want a designer dress, some designers do offer pink wedding gowns. 

They include Giambattista Valli, Alex Perry, Anna October, Teuta Matoshi, Andrew Gn, and Cult Gaia. You can always call the bridal store when making an appointment to confirm if pink wedding gowns are available. 



And that’s it! We hope you enjoyed learning about the history and meaning of wearing a pink wedding dress. 

Interestingly, pink was also worn by brides back in the day before white became the iconic bridal attire color. Pink can also symbolize femininity and romance, which makes it suitable as the bride’s wedding dress color. 

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