How to Repair a Pedestal Swivel Reclining Chair Mechanism

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a homeowner is when they are unable to repair furniture. There are many different types of mechanisms in the home furniture.

The pedestal swivel reclining chair mechanism falls into this category and it can be difficult to work on because there are so many different parts, how do you know which ones need to be repaired? In today’s blog post we will discuss how you can identify the problem parts with your own eyes, how to remove them if necessary and how to replace them so you don’t have any more problems!

Pedestal Swivel Reclining Chair Mechanism

Pedestal Swivel Reclining Chair Common Problems

  • The chair doesn’t stay in a reclining position
  • The swivel mechanism is difficult to operate
  • The chair doesn’t stay level
  • The front and back of the chair are uneven
  • The chair is squeaking
  • The leather on the seat or back of the chair has become brittle and cracked.


How to Identify a Swivel Reclining Chair Mechanism Problem

Check for any visible cracks in the metal parts, seats or arms of the chairs. If you see how it affects how they move then.


Some of these problems may be easily diagnosed and solved through a simple fix.

The seat doesn’t stay in reclining position: This can simply be fixed by tightening the screw that holds the spring in place or replaces it with another one if necessary, which will solve this problem completely.

The swivel mechanism is difficult to operate: This problem can be solved by tightening the screw on the arm of the chair that connects to it. If this doesn’t work, you will need a new recliner seat.

The chair is squeaking: this can be solved by tightening the screws that are holding it together or replacing them if they’re damaged.

The chair is making a rattling noise: this problem may require you to tighten some of the bolts on the chair and make sure all parts fit snugly with one another.

The seat moves but does not recline: this can be solved by tightening the screws that are holding it together or replacing them if they’re damaged.

The chair is wobbling: you may need to tighten some of the bolts on the chair and make sure all parts fit snugly with one another.


What is Pedestal Swivel Reclining Chair?

A pedestal swivel reclining chair is a type of furniture that allows you to rotate to either face the back or the front. It also has two settings for how far you would like it to recline, so there are many possibilities with how comfortable and versatile this type can be.


How do you remove a recliner mechanism?

Step 1. There are a few different ways to remove the recliner mechanism, but you’ll want to be careful how you handle it. Make sure that you have somebody else around for help and safety reasons, because if your chair is heavy or in an awkward position at all, then this will make things more difficult.

Step 2. Disconnect the power cord and unscrew the bolts that hold it in place. You’ll need a screwdriver for this, but you can also use an electric drill if necessary.

Step 3. Loosen the screws on any casters or wheels at the bottom of your chair as well to make removing them easier once they’re disconnected from their attachments on either side of the seat.

Step 4. Once they’re disconnected, you should be able to carefully lift the chair up and out of place. Take a look at how your recliner mechanism is currently set up. It should be in three pieces – one that connects to the seating area on either side of it, as well as one for each end that attaches onto each side of the chair.

Step 5. The centrepiece will likely have a screw or two in it, so be sure to put them someplace safe and easy to find as you remove each part.

Step 5. If your screws are attached with plastic nuts on the other end, unscrew those first before removing any parts of the mechanism that attach. If the screws are attached with metal nuts, you’ll need to use a wrench and pliers to remove them.

Step 6. When all three pieces have been removed from the chair, reattach them so that they’re in how they should be shaped – like how it is when your recliner is extended out fully. Once you have them how they should be positioned, tighten the screws on all three with your wrench and pliers.

Step 7.Take one of the pieces from when you removed it off of the chair (the centrepiece), put a screw in each hole and then attach that to your recliner using plastic or metal nuts – whichever type your screws are attached with. Do this with the other two pieces and your chair should be fixed!


How do you stop a glider from squeaking?

Apply a small amount of lubricant to the bearings and glide surfaces. If you can’t find any, try rubbing some cooking oil on them for now.

Clean off any old lubricant from the bearing surface with an alcohol wipe or soft cloth. Make sure it’s dry before applying new lube to avoid getting grease inside your bearings.

If the squeak persists, you may have to replace your glider’s bearings or other moving parts.

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