The Main Objectives Of Poultry Farming In 7 Easy Terms

Do you want to know the objectives of poultry farming? The main purpose of poultry farming is to raise different kinds of domestic birds to provide feathers, eggs, and meat. This process is done commercially, wherein you can earn some money. 

Throughout the world, the usual poultry birds raised are chicken. Just come to imagine the millions of chickens raised in a year. And why do you think it’s possible? It’s because this chicken is a good source of food. As we all know, chicken is a great source of eggs and meat. 

Importance of poultry farming

Poultry Farming

Have you ever heard of what growers called layer chicken? These kinds are used for raising eggs. On the other hand, those chicken which is raised for producing meat is called broiler chicken

And here’s a shocking fact:

The USA and the UK, when compared to other countries worldwide, are shown to have higher chicken eggs and meat consumption. The consumption of the UK alone is more than 29 million, and this count is true every day. 

That’s why if you’re engaged in poultry farming, you would know how crucial it is for you to meet the demands of chicken produce. 

Here’s what’s exciting:

If you are engaged in commercial poultry farming, you can definitely profit A LOT! And it’s not new to many of us because this kind of farming is undoubtedly one of the traditional ventures we love. 


Why Should You Engage In Poultry Farming?

There are many benefits when you opt for poultry farming. There’s no question why many farmers love to invest in this kind of technique. 

Here are just some of the reasons why you should engage in poultry farming:


#1. Provide chicken eggs and meat

Usually, the reason or main objective of poultry farming is to provide meat (an average chicken weigh is 5-12 pounds) and eggs for the general public, thereby generating a high profit. 


#2. Bigger capital is not required

Perhaps, one of the best reasons why farmers invest in this kind of farming is because it doesn’t require much capital. With that being said, I’m sure anyone of you can afford to establish one. 

All you need to have is basic capital so you can begin to raise poultry. Don’t worry; most poultry birds are sold at a reasonable cost. 


#3. Bigger space is not needed

If you want to have a commercial poultry farm, you don’t need to have a huge space. Of course, this factor may depend, and it’s otherwise if you want to raise a lot of these birds. 

Basically, some birds can be grown right into your backyard. And you can just install cages or coops, depending on your preference. 


#4. Certain of high return of investment

I know- everyone here wants to earn. And probably, it’s one of the reasons why you would want to have a business, in this instance, a poultry farming business. 

Let me tell you this:

Raising chicken can ensure a higher yield. And that you can achieve this within a short time. 

For example, if you opt for broiler chicken, you’re guaranteed that they can mature at a shorter time, allowing you to generate more profit. 


#4. Lesser maintenance required

Unlike other farming ventures, you are required to incur higher maintenance costs. What’s amazing about this poultry farming is that it doesn’t need high maintenance. 

There are simple rules that you should follow, though, and these rules are as easy as following proper care and hygiene, just to name one. 

Don’t get worried too easily, my friend. Poultry birds, like turkeys and quails, are not prone to diseases. 


#5. License not required

In most circumstances, raising chicken does not necessitate you to obtain a license. Why so? 

Almost every kind of poultry birds is considered domestic. Yes, there may be some areas that require a license from persons in authority, but it’s just easy. 


#6. Provides nutritious and fresh food

Aside from the benefits, you can gain from raising poultry; you can also share these benefits with your consumers. 

It’s not just a take process. You can provide them with nutritious and fresh food, for sure. 

Your body, I mean ours, need enough nutrients to survive. What’s excellent about this kind of food is that it’s not too costly. You and I can definitely afford to have meat, especially eggs. 

And there’s no doubt why people usually have eggs during breakfast. 


#7. Easy to market

Poultry products are not rare; they’re very common. Besides, most people love having poultry products. 

That’s the reason why you won’t find it hard to market these products.

The market for poultry products is already well-established. That being said, there’s no need for you to seek marketing strategies. You can surely sell these products in the market. 


It’s A Wrap!

Poultry farming is the technique of raising birds for commercial purposes. The main objectives of poultry farming are many to mention, including to provide meat and eggs, to meet the high demands of the market, to provide people nutritious food, and so forth. 

Hopefully, after you have read this article, you’re already enlightened with the purpose of poultry farming, and that you’ve decided to engage in such, it all depends upon you. 

Happy growing!

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