New GE Dryer Making Loud Noise When Turning: 5 Surprising Reasons!

Are you worried about your new GE dryer making loud noise when turning? Don’t worry, we are here to help you out. A jammed motor that produces a beeping sound may cause the GE dryer to make a loud noise.

A metallic sound indicates that the heat pump works at high pressure, resulting in a banging sound. A damaged fan casing or a faulty dryer fan might generate a rattling noise. A rough floor, drum itself, or drum bearings might cause a dryer to make a loud noise when spinning.

A specialist can examine and correct all of these problems. Loud sounds may also be produced by worn-out twisted casings, plastic bearings, or a shortage of space between the drum’s rear panel and the drum. Below we have mentioned a few reasons why the age dryer makes loud noises; continue reading the article. Let’s check it out!


Reasons Why Ge Dryer Makes Loud Noise

Stop searching somewhere about why new GE dryer making loud noise when turning because in this article we have written all the possible reasons why this problem occurs. Not just that, but we also have discussed the solutions for these problems. 


#1. Damaged dryer belt

If the GE dryers sound creaking while running, it’s likely due to a damaged drum bearing. A drum bearing effectively turns the rollers that support your drive belt and upholds the rear of the age dryer drum. In comparison, a drum bearing becomes worn out because of regular or extensive use. If you overload the dryer with clothes, it also leads to excessive wear and strain. Disconnect the belt of your GE dryer and spin the drum of your dryer with your hand to check whether the belt bearings are damaged or not. If indeed the dryer produces thunderous noises when you rotate the drum by hand, it’s most likely due to a damaged or outdated dryer belt bearing. Please don’t waste your time repairing the damaged belt, and it’s a great idea to replace this belt instead. Know how to replace a dryer belt.


#2. A loose drive belt

A loosened or defective drive belt was among the most frequent source of a GE dryer generating sound. This short elastic belt stretched between a driveshaft, and a tension roller maintains a load of a dryer drum while it rotates. Its belt may wear, rip, and perhaps even fracture as a result of such an operation, stopping your dryer drum from rotating. The drum may also generate pounding noises as it turns due to a broken belt. A personal assessment will be used to determine the extent of drive belt deterioration. A frayed ripped or damaged, you should change the drive belt. As mentioned above, instead of wasting time repairing the drive belt, try to replace it so that it works effectively and helps in drying your cloth correctly. 


#3. Defective drum roller

Drum rollers assist in keeping your dryer drum in position while it rotates. Two drum rollers are usually found at the rear of the dryer drum, with two more across the front of sure dryers. The elastic rubber sea on these drum rollers may break easily, or the spindle it sits on might be broken. Dragging or grinding noises while the drum spins are common symptoms of drum roller degradation. Damage could also be confirmed by visually inspecting your drum rollers. Usually advise repairing all or most of the rollers at the exact moment, especially if only one roller is broken. It might be intimidating to replace dryer components if you haven’t done it before. Contact Appliance Repair if the age dryers keep making noises or if you want to get the parts to be replaced. 


#4. Damaged motors

 The driving motor turns the compressor and rotor into electric and gas dryers. Certain sounds, such as banging out of a faulty pulley, loud sounds from a damaged shaft, or pulsating sounds from defective motor control, can cause a severe problem only with engine power. Your expert may replace its er wheel or drum belt to ensure the engine is indeed the issue. Reinstall the drive motor if all other components are already in good operating order. A loud dryer might be a sign of something more serious. You may get a new GE dryer repair kit to remedy a noisy dryer if you can’t determine if the sound is getting through. This will include most of the usual help improve required to resolve several noise problems.


#5. Idler pulley

Whenever the GE dryer is loaded, the tensioner pulley applies pressure towards the dryer to keep it from slipping. However, like the idler pulley tends to die due to its rotation at high velocity, increasing resistance can lead the dryer to simply screech or scream. The sounds may feel like a harsh scratching or banging because it starts to break down. To inspect an idler pulley, the professional must detach a belt. Excessive buckling, damage, or wobbling will necessitate the replacement of the item.


It’s A Wrap!

After reading this article, we hope you’re already familiar why new GE dryer making loud noise when turning. Sometimes it starts producing noise because of extensive use of the dryer. But don’t panic about the solution mentioned above helping you fix different noises. Thank you, friends, for being with us! Know why dryer make a noise when tumbling and how to fix a dryer that wont spin.

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