Micro Fiber Recliner Care and Maintenance: 17 Tips

When it comes to how to take care of a micro fiber recliner, many things come into play. There is the fabric itself, how often you clean it, how you treat stains on the fabric, and how well you maintain your chair in general.

All these factors can affect the longevity and quality of your recliner for years to come. With all this in mind, here are 17 tips on how to take care of a microfiber recliner:

Micro Fiber Recliner


Tips on How to Care for a Micro Fiber Recliner

Tip 1. Make sure to use the right fabric care products. This is because some can cause damage or discoloration on your microfiber recliner if they are not specifically designed for this type of material. Always read labels before buying anything and ask how it will react with a micro-fiber chair, especially when looking at furniture cleaning solutions, spot treatments, etc.

Tip 2. You should vacuum your recliner at least once a month to remove any dust and debris that has accumulated on the surface of the fabric with time. This will also help prevent dirt from accumulating in deep creases or getting into seams where it can be hard to get out later. Of course, you shouldn’t use an attachment with a beater bar to clean your recliner as this will do more harm than good.

Tip 3. You should also shake it occasionally when you vacuum, especially if you have one of the types that have loose back cushions or cushions on the side and arms like in our sectional sofa. This is how much dirt and debris can accumulate in a short time.

Tip 4. It is also good to use a vacuum brush attachment on the arms and back cushions as there are usually more deep creases for dirt to collect in these areas than elsewhere, especially if the fabric has been rubbed against itself or wrapped around metal springs over time.

Tip 5. One thing you should avoid is using a vacuum with the beater bar on your recliner. This can do more harm than good, as it will cause damage to the fabric and seams of the chair over time.

Tip 6. You should also shake it occasionally when you vacuum, especially if you have one of the types that have loose back cushions or cushions on side of the chair.

Tip 7. You should never use a spot cleaner on your recliner, as this can actually set stains and damage the fabric as well. Instead, you can try misting it with water or a diluted solution of soap before wiping it down with a soft cloth (old t-shirts work really nicely for this). This will remove dust particles from the fabric and give it a nice fresh scent.

Tip 8. If you have stains, be sure to use a pre-spotter before using the soap or water solution mentioned above. This will help break down any dirt on the surface of your chair that may cause further staining if not dealt with quickly enough. You can find these at most grocery stores or drugstores.

Tip 9. Avoid using bleach to clean your microfiber recliner, as this will also damage the fabric and destroy its color over time. Instead, you can use a product like Clorox®’s ColorSafe Bleach Alternative to whiten whites without harming any fibers or colors in the process.

Tip 10. It is also recommended that you vacuum your recliner at least once a week. This will help reduce allergens and dust mites from settling into the fabric’s fibers, which can lead to allergies or other health problems like asthma in some people. You can use an upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner if needed

Tip 11. When it comes time for professional cleaning, you can have your recliner or couch steam cleaned. Just make sure that the cleaners are reputable and use a high-quality water extraction system so that no fluids remain in the fabric’s fibers after they’ve been cleaned

Tip 12. Make sure to shake out any loose dirt before vacuuming your microfiber furniture – otherwise, it can get tangled in the fibers and lead to permanent damage

Tip 13. If you have stains on your microfiber furniture, some are more difficult or impossible to remove. In that case, you should consult a professional cleaner about how best to proceed

Tip 14. To keep your recliner looking its best all year round, do not place any pillows or cushions on it, as this can lead to permanent stains

Tip 14. To avoid any fading from sunlight exposure, make sure you cover your recliner with a protective fabric that’s been treated for UV protection. Just be sure not to use any fabrics which have been pre-treated with flame retardant chemicals – most of them contain harmful chemicals which are harmful

Tip 15. Make sure you use a vacuum cleaner that has been designed for microfiber fabrics and they have a good quality cleaning head. If the power is too high or low, it can cause damage to your recliner as well

Tip 16. It’s important to make sure your recliner doesn’t get wet – water can be absorbed into the fabric and cause permanent stains that are difficult to remove.

Tip 17. Be sure to clean your recliner on a regular basis by wiping it down with a cloth or using dry vacuum cleaning, as this will help keep all of the dirt from building up.


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