Maytag Washer Leaks When Filling Up; 6 Surprising Reasons!

Did you notice your Maytag washer leaks when filling? You do not need to panic! In this article, we will explain to you; all the reasons why washer leaks when filling up and how to fix this leaking issue.

You can repair the washer on your own in an hour or two. Washers are the most used appliance in modern homes and, they can get ignored. A minor problem in the washer can create huge hassle especially leaking of the washer.

Maytag washer leaks when filling

Washer leaks can cause you a lot of trouble, as the surrounding area will get accumulated with water and will take a lot of time and energy to clean. With proper Maintenace, you can increase the life of your appliance and save the cost of repairing. It is critical to identify the problem with the washer before fixing it. There are multiple reasons for the leaking of the washer when filling up. Several of these factors are discussed below. Let’s begin to read this article!


Why Washer Leaks When Filling Up And Its Repair  

Before you begin repairing your washer, it is recommended to eliminate the water from the washer and switch off the appliance for safety purposes. Now, let’s understand why your Maytag washer leaks when filling. Here are the following reasons:


Reason #1. Loose pipe connections

The most common cause of the leak is the loose connection of water supply and drainage pipe valves. To begin the procedure, we suggest you pull the washer from the wall. Once the backside of the washer is exposed, examine all the connections. Typically, there are three valves. Two valves are for the clean water supply and, one is for the drain pipe. Clean water supply hoses are marked red and blue, indicating hot and cold water.  

To prevent the leak while filling up the washer, you will have to tighten the connections of a clean water supply. To restore the connection of clean water pipes to the washer, tighten the connection with your hands. If you fail to reconnect, replace the gasket to seal the water supply pipes or the drain pipe.   


Reason #2. Faulty pump

The integral part of the washer is the pump. It is usually present on the back of the washer, and the two main pipes of clean water supply and one drain pipe are attached to it. If the pipes attached to it are securely connected, the fault is most likely within the pump. After you have identified the pump take a close look at it for any loose connection or clog. You can detect the problem with the pump easily as the water will start leaking as soon as the drum starts filling. In this scenario, you will have to replace the faulty pump. It is suggested to get professional help; for replacing the defective washer pump rather than doing it on your own. 


Reason #3. Damaged air gap

The washer leakage while filling up can be induced by the air gap. The air gap is the small metal device located on the inlet holes of the washer. The air gap’s purpose is to keep the water coming in the washer clean. It also prevents the water from getting diverted into the house water supply. Any damaged part of an air gap can cause the leak. Therefore, you will have to replace the pipe of clean water supply. 


Reason #4. Old gasket

The gasket is used to build a seal between the outer lining of the washer drum and the drum cover to prevent any leakage. It can be more clearly diagnosed during the spin cycle. As the machine starts to leak during the spin and the water will be collected under the washer.  After draining the water in the washer and switching off the electric supply, you will have to lift off the front panel. Then detach the drum from the washer. You can doubtlessly identify the gasket on the drum as it will have soapy water streaks on it. Examine the drum gasket for marks of wearing and deformation. If the gasket is old and damaged, you will have to replace it. It is recommended to get this replacement done by the professional. 


Reason #5. The detergent drawer is not in its place

Occasionally, the washer might leak if the detergent drawer is not closed correctly. After adding detergent to the washer, make sure you have pushed it in. If the detergent drawer is not in its place, the washer will leak from there. You may also want to read about how to use laundry detergent pods correctly.


Reason #6. Damaged seal of the washer lid

If the lid of your front load washer is not securely shut: the washer will start leaking as soon as you start it. If you have tried slamming the top of the washer several times and it still doesn’t close, you need to examine the lid seal. If the seal is damaged, you will require replacement. 


It’s A Wrap! 

So, you’ve know why your Maytag washer leaks when filling. Just like every other appliance washer can have its own set of issues. Hence it is essential to understand and diagnose the problem. After reading this article, you might have already identified the troubles of your washer leaks when filling up. If you want to keep your washer in excellent condition for years, it is recommended to get all the parts like hoses and seals replaced every five years. With proper maintenance, you can avoid many major problems such as leaks. Read related articles; know how do I reset my Maytag washer and what does LE means on LG washer.

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