How Much Does Lowe’s Charge to Assemble a Patio Loveseat

Don’t have the time or patience to put up your patio loveseat? Do you find it difficult to follow those assembly instructions? Lowe’s can handle it all. But, how much does lowe’s charge to assemble a patio loveseat?

People employ professionals to assist them with assembling beds, desks, tables, chairs, bookcases, entertainment centers, coffee tables, outdoor furniture, and playground sets. 

how much does Lowe's charge to assemble a patio loveseat

Regardless of the style of furniture or if instructions are given, most specialists can complete the work. Many furniture assemblers also provide pickup, delivery, and disassembly services.

Because putting together furniture is a hassle, why not pay a professional to do it for you?

What is a Loveseat?

A loveseat is any couch with two cushions that is roughly broad enough to accommodate two people. Two-person sofas evolved from the general upholstered seats popular in the 1700s because they could fit the large gowns that fashionable ladies wore. 

Lowe’s Assembly and Home services

Lowe’s grew from a tiny town hardware shop in North Carolina to one of the world’s leading home improvement businesses. They were then, and are today, dedicated to assisting homeowners, renters, and professionals in improving their homes and companies.

It is not unusual for customers to acquire unassembled furniture online or from a store. Boxes take up considerably less space in a warehouse, and merchants often do not want to pay their workers to put the components together. 

It does, however, imply that you will be required to assemble the furniture. Putting furniture together takes time, which is scarce in today’s fast-paced society, and it necessitates the use of equipment that many individuals lack. As a result, hiring an assembly furniture service like Lowe’s is a simple answer.

How much does Lowe’s charge to assemble a patio loveseat?

Typically, furniture assemblers charge by the piece. The nationwide cost of labor to build furniture ranges from $120 to $175, depending on the size and complexity, with a bed frame costing on average $150 to assemble. 

The cost of furniture assembly varies. A simple chair costs around $40 at the bottom end of the price range. The most expensive item is a $525 L-shaped desk. Assembling furniture takes time and varies based on size and complexity.

Cost of Furniture Assembly by Furniture Item

A furniture assembler typically uses a furniture assembly pricing list to establish how much they charge for each piece. Prices vary, depending on the intricacy, from $40 to $500.

The amount charged includes only the cost of labor and excludes the cost of acquiring the item. The prices in the table below represent the average cost of each item. However, prices will always vary based on the number of pieces, intricacy, and object size.

Rates for Furniture Assembly by Room

Furniture assembly costs between $40 and $525 per piece or $40 and $75 per hour. Most demand a one-hour minimum service charge. 

Furniture assemblers are responsible for putting together a diverse range of furniture for every room in the house, with each item varying in size and complexity. Simpler parts might take up to an hour to put together. 

More complicated ones can take up to four hours to complete. The assembler solely charges for labor, not for the purchase price of the furniture. If you have numerous pieces of furniture that need to be assembled simultaneously, furniture assemblers may offer you a discount. 

You may pay a regular charge for the first piece and a reduced fee for each subsequent part.

Assembling Outdoor Furniture

The cost of assembling outdoor furniture, such as the patio loveseat, ranges from $40 to $180, depending on the component. To endure the ever-changing weather is generally hefty and robust. It must be appropriately built to withstand adverse weather and be sturdy and long-lasting. There are several styles of outdoor furniture available. 

Delivery and assembly of furniture

Lowe’s and certain furniture assembly businesses also provide delivery. You may choose whether or not to have the furniture assembled when you buy it. The assembly service is then added during the checkout process. 

Some parts are assembled before shipment. Other retailers will provide an assembler to your home. Typically, you may book the service yourself, or you must wait for the furniture assembler to contact you to discuss the appointment time. 

The cost of delivery is usually distinct from the cost of the furniture assembly service.

Service for Cleaning Up After the Assembly

After completing the installation, a furniture assembly business will often provide a clean-up service that includes removing and recycling any packing, boxes, and spare parts. Some enterprises have this service in their prices, while others charge a disposal fee that begins at $35. 

To put furniture together, you’ll need to negotiate the service with a furniture assembly firm or a handyman.


To sum up, how much does lowe’s charge to assemble a patio loveseat? Unfortunately, many individuals pay someone to build furniture like Lowe’s because they lack the appropriate tools or time. 

People who are busy, have impairments, are old, or have young children to care for may find it helpful to have their furniture constructed. 

The task is done in less time than you would have expected. Most businesses charge a fee to dispose of your packaging.


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