Loveseat Recliner: How Much Large Is It?

Loveseat recliners are available in a variety of lengths but don’t evaluate a loveseat recliner solely by its dimensions. Choose a loveseat recliner that not only fits your space but also accommodates guests. This article will help you know how large is a loveseat recliner.

These sizes may vary depending on your need, the space where you will place your loveseat recliner, and the functions. The number of seating spaces provided by each loveseat recliner is determined by the type of cushion, style, and shape. This can help you know the standard and other sizes so that you will not have a hard time fitting them in your space.

Loveseat Recliner

But before we tackle how large is a loveseat recliner, we must know first the following:


What is a Loveseat?

Loveseats are small double-seater sofas that were originally intended to be a wider armchair variant. Loveseats are typically paired with larger couches in living room or family room layouts and are sometimes referred to as double-chairs.

Despite its name, the loveseat was not intended for couples or lovers. Its original purpose was to give women more room to sit in their large and opulent gowns. The uses of the loveseat evolved along with fashion. 

It evolved into the ideal piece of furniture for two people to converse in close quarters. This type has an S-shaped design so that the seats can face each other. However, the modern loveseat is a side-by-side seating sofa.


What is a Loveseat Recliner?

Knowing what a recliner is will help you understand the definition of a reclining loveseat. A recliner is a couch that leans forward when there is a lowering of the back of the chair and elevation in the front. The backrest may sink. 

Often, you can stretch the footrest can on the side with a lever or extend it automatically if you push the back. For you not to mistakenly buy a sofa, we also need to know its difference from a reclining loveseat. 


Sofa vs Loveseat

The differences in wording are extremely minor. The only technical difference between a sofa and a loveseat, for example, is size. A two-seater sofa and a loveseat are both seatings for two people but have slightly different proportions. 

The best way to choose between them is to take measurements of your room and choose the size that works best for you! But, if you opt for both you can always mix and match your couch and loveseat

The terms couch and sofa are interchangeable, though the couch is more commonly used in North America. The only distinction between the two is in the implication. The term couch implies a more casual style, whereas sofas imply a more formal or designed style. 

At Oak Furnitureland, they keep things simple by only using the term “sofa” to describe their diverse range of modern and traditional designs. So, this is a good example.

Finally, seating terms such as “settee” frequently refer to a specific style that has evolved over time. The term “settee” is derived from an Old English word for a long bench with high backs and arms, so a traditional settee sofa will have those design elements. 

This is similar to how the terms “Chesterfield” and “Davenport” evolved from a specific style to become synonymous with sofas in general.


How Large is a Loveseat Recliner

What is the length of a loveseat recliner?

A loveseat recliner has no set length because it can come in a variety of dimensions to fit a variety of rooms and spaces. A loveseat recliner’s general range, measured from armrest to armrest, is between 48 and 72 inches.

Here are some common loveseat styles and their average arm-to-arm lengths:

  • 54-inch small standard loveseat recliners
  • 62 inches for medium loveseat recliners
  • 68 inches for full loveseat recliners
  • Twin-sized loveseats that are 48 to 54 inches wide (meant to sit just one person)

What is the average height of a loveseat recliner?

Although the width of a loveseat recliner cushion can vary, the height is fairly standard. The majority of loveseat recliners are 25 or 26 inches above the floor. A compact twin-sized loveseat, on the other hand, sits a little higher – about 32 inches high.

However, just like the width, the type of cushion on your seat—whether it’s overstuffed or sleek—will influence how high it feels to the person sitting on it.


What Exactly Is an Apartment-Size Loveseat Recliner?

If the sizes listed above are too large for you, consider apartment-sized loveseat recliners. These are ideal for smaller spaces and older buildings. They offer the same style but in a scaled-down size that allows them to fit through tight hallways and not overwhelm smaller rooms.

Apartment-sized loveseats are available in dimensions as small as 32 inches deep and 60 inches wide. What is the trick to maintaining the style of the loveseat while reducing its size? The back cushion is smaller, allowing the piece to be compact while still providing a comfortable seat.



Loveseat recliner comes in different sizes though there is a typical size for loveseats. The sizes are similar to a basic loveseat but it has a few inches. This additional size is because of the installed mechanics under the loveseat to be a recliner. It is your choice to choose how large is a loveseat recliner in your home.

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