Lights Flicker When Dryer Is On? 6 Surprising Reasons!

Are you wondering about the lights flicker when dryer is on? Stop wondering, and you have arrived at the right place at the right time. When a significant device, such as an air conditioning unit, heating system, dishwasher, and dryer, is turned on, it draws a great deal of electricity that can momentarily divert some of the current separated from the majority of the home, causing the lighting to flicker.

The rare light flicker could be affected by many issues, most of which are not life-threatening.

lights flicker when dryer is on

The following are the four main minor problems that might lead them to act this way: There’s an issue with the lightbulb, a malfunctioning light switch, also known as a fixture switch, is a device that controls the lighting in a room. Both the lighting socket and outlet have a loose connection are all the reasons that cause the lights to flicker. Continue to read to learn more.


What Are The Reasons Of Lights Flicker When Your Dryer Is On?

So, why do lights flicker when dryer is on? A flickering light does not always signify a significant problem. These are simple and easy points to examine that certain people may overlook. One could be one of the happy ones who discover the issue is triggered by anything as easy as a faulty light bulb hookup, a weak light plug that is not entirely hooked into an outlet, or a broken light switch and light fixture. The below mentioned are reasons that cause light to flicker and help in learning lights flash when the dryer is on.


#1. A bulb that is loosened

A weak bulb inside its socket is a common and easy-to-repair source of flickering lights. Turn out the lights, tighten a bulb, and re-light it. Change the bulb if that still flickers to see whether it’s a problem. Whenever you observe lights begin flashing for the first time, one needs to check the bulbs—especially if it’s a new bulb. Suppose somehow the light persists in flickering after replacing the bulb. A different root cause will almost certainly necessitate inspection by an expert who understands what else to search out.


#2. Loose outlet couplings

Rotate the plug at the point where it connects to the outlet. If the plug’s hold in the outlet becomes loose, press the prongs together to tighten it. If a flickering light in issue is a lightbulb powered by an electrical outlet, move on to the following step. The weak connection caused by the power cord’s metal prongs not fitting correctly into the socket can lead to flickering lights. To see whether this solves the issue, unplug the lamp, fix the prongs, and afterward plug it again.


#3. The light switch is broken.

This difficulty, like the last one, is linked to connections. One must tell whether the light switch seems to have a poor or bad connection to the light fixtures by twisting the button and turning it off. Seeing if flickering occurs, rotate the control. If that’s the case, start by securing the screws connections. And if that does not solve the problem, the button must be replaced. If the flickering appears to be caused by the switch, tighten the screws on the switch plate—or, if that doesn’t work, rebuild it entirely.


#4. Variation in voltage

Keep a close eye out if the lights merely flicker on and off: the next moment the light flickers, remind oneself what the other devices are operating in the house. Its voltage in the home could be wavering if the flickering occurs while the HVAC system or a radiant heater is turned on. This is most likely because the flickering source happens with a high-wattage device, including an air conditioning unit or a hairdryer. A momentary flicker is acceptable whenever the item is turned on, but you may have a hazardous voltage instability problem if it continues. To repair, you’ll need a skilled electrician.


#5. Electrical wires that are frayed, breaking, and weak

Lastly, and perhaps most uncomfortably, you may be dealing with a significant electrical problem. You may be at risk of a burning house if the home’s cabling, breaker, switch, or connections are old or malfunctioning. This is the most common reason for flickering lights while it’s windy outside. Whenever the wires wander in the wind, the frayed wires generate a short. Although this isn’t a safety hazard, it is highly hazardous because an arc among frayed cables can cause a fire. For immediate assistance, call an expert. You may also be interested to know about troubleshoot a dryer circuit and outlet problem.


#6. Heavy load on the transformer

The power supplier, the electricity provider, is sometimes the root cause of the problem. This is particularly troublesome if surrounding residences share a transformer, which means their electricity supply is shared with theirs. If your neighbor consumes a lot of power, the lights may flicker. Whether this occurs, see an electrician to see if any adjustments are required.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope this article assists you well in learning about lights flicker when dryer is on. As we mentioned above, five reasons cause the light to flicker. You must check any reasons when you experience such issues and call an expert to fix the problems.

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