How To Replace Agitator On GE Washer? Surprising Reasons To Have An Agitator!

Do you want to know how to replace agitator on GE washer? This article can tell you how in just a few seconds!

We love folks who take house appliance maintenance seriously, and this just shows the quality of the appliance they have if you take care of it.

how to replace agitator on GE washer

In this article, you will also learn how you can choose what type of washing machine suits your lifestyle. If you want to know what difference an agitator makes, you can also read and learn about that in this article. Remember, each washing machine has its unique designs; an agitator is merely one of the primary factors which can help you decide. Keep on reading to learn more!


What Is Agitator On Washing Machine

Agitators are the spindles or paddles you see in the center of the washer. This is mainly responsible for creating a more substantial flow in the water during the wash cycles. They also move the clothes around in the washer during the cleaning process; this makes more movement for the load and helps clean the garments. Don’t worry, these will not damage your clothes and are not dangerous for them either. Since the load will be going with the water flow, the agitators will not be hitting the clothes as you probably think. It is said that washers with agitators clean more efficiently or have better results. Yes, those without agitators are more gentle on clothes, but agitators cannot damage your clothes.


Is An Agitator Important

As stated above, it can be agreed that having a washing machine with agitators depends on someone’s personal choice and their preferred cleaning style for their clothes. However, there are pros and cons to owning one.



Do you ever have those moments where you just started the wash cycle, and you remembered you still have more laundry to put? Washers with agitators allow for this to happen. You can still put it clothes once the machine has already started. Hence, this can save you time when doing laundry. Since they can remove more dirt and stains, you won’t be sacrificing the quality of performance.



It can be challenging to clean a bulky load. Examples of these are pillows and comforters. Since the agitators take up space in the drum, it cannot accommodate big and bulky loads. It will be hard for it to spin if it is overcrowded or unbalanced in weight. If you force them, it could cause them to tear because they have been pressed too much in a tight space that cannot accommodate. This situation can put them in a position to be more prone to stretching too. Agitators also require you to use more water, something you might want to consider if you do a lot of laundry. You may want to read the GE washer repair guide.


Washing Without Agitators

Let’s hear the side of those who prefer not to have agitators in their washing machines. This is most probably because some people feel it could cause damage to the clothes or is too risky as it will eventually weaken the garments. Here are the pros and cons of those without agitators.



These washers are the front loaders, and the lid opens towards the side where the user bends down to take out the load, or it directly faces the person if placed at a higher place. Front-loaders do not come with agitators. They simply spin the clothes around old-school style. Since they are more spacious, you can wash heavy loads. It makes cleaning bed sheets and comforters easier. They don’t need as much water to clean, and this means lower water bills. With front loaders, you can stack this appliance in your laundry room to create more space.



When you need some deep cleaning, non-agitators may not be the best choice. They cannot quickly get rid of stains and grime on clothes and those with agitators or paddles. You will be left with no choice but to hand wash your clothes. It is good to match your appliance with your kind of work or lifestyle. If you tend to have heavily soiled clothes after a hard day’s work, non-agitators may not be suitable for you.


Agitators On GE Washer

So you think you’ll do better with a non-agitator GE washer? This is how to replace agitator on GE washer. You will need to use a flathead screwdriver on the edges of the agitator cap to loosen it. Use this like how you would pop open a can of paint. Once you got that open, inside, you may or may not see the dust cap. Some agitators don’t have this; if yours does, take it out. Unscrew the agitator bolt, then lift the agitator out of the tub. You can now put in its place the new agitator by reversing these steps.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know how to replace agitator on GE washer, you’re going to be a natural at fixing your washer once it acts out. We hope you’ve learned a lot from this article. Maintaining your house appliances can be time-consuming but can be fun when you know what you’re doing. Thank you for reading! It may also be a good idea to read about how to repair GE washer and how to use a washer.

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