11 Steps to Keep Swivel Chairs from Rolling on Slanted Floors

Do you have a swivel chair and a slanted floor? If so, how are you keeping the chair from rolling away as you sit in it? I’m guessing that your answer is “I don’t know.” It’s understandable if this sounds like a problem that has never crossed your mind. However, there is an easy solution!

In this blog post, we will discuss how to keep swivel chairs from rolling on slanted floors. Stay tuned for 11 steps on how to fix this common issue of not being able to work at home because your desk won’t stay put with a swivel chair and slanted floor!

keep swivel chairs from rolling on slanted floors


Steps on Keeping Swivel Chair From Rolling on Slanted Floor

Measure how far your chair swivels. If you have a small amount of space, start with the first step below; if not, skip to Step Four.

Step One: Place two L brackets at least six inches from both sides of the seat on either side of the leg extending from it. Then attach one bracket about three inches up in front and back of each wheel as well as attaching them to any other part that sticks out like arms for stability. This will fix the problem!

Step Two: Use an extension cord or power strip so that your desk can be further away than what you are sitting to prevent rolling over all day long. You may also want to try getting off every hour or so to stretch your legs and prevent soreness.

Step Three: Place a rubber mat on the floor in front of the desk for friction that will keep the chair from moving. You can also use an upside-down rug with furniture pads underneath it, but make sure you don’t place them right next to each other as this could cause slipping!

Step Four: Some people like how their back feels when they are learning all day long against something. This is not recommended by doctors because it leads to neck problems and pain in the back among others things. However, if you choose to do this then attach a lumbar support pillow (or two) behind your lower back for comfort!

A-List of Other Ideas For Keeping Swivel Chairs from Rolling on Slanted Floors

Use furniture pads to provide friction under the legs of the chair.

Sit in a position that will keep you stable and not allow you to move while working at your desk, such as sitting up straight or leaning against something for support.

Place an upside-down rug with furniture pads underneath it behind your back so that when you lean into it there is some resistance coming up through the floor which prevents rolling. Do NOT place this too close to another piece of furniture because then one would be slipping instead!


Tips on Keeping Swivel Chair From Rolling

Tip One: If all else fails use two chairs together where one goes backwards and leans onto their friend’s seat next to them for stability and comfort. This allows for a slight recline when working at the desk.

Tip Two: take an old phone book and cut or fold it in half to place under your feet for extra stability on the floor. This is especially helpful if you have carpet that gets dirtier easily because of how often one will need to adjust their chair throughout the day.

Do not use these furniture pads if they are too soft and do not allow for any resistance at all! If this happens, then there’s no point using them since one can still slip without them!

Tip Three: Use sticky velcro strips along with furniture padding as well just in case someone decides to rearrange things while you’re gone during work hours. These two items together should be enough to keep your chair from rolling on slanted floors.

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