12 Flattering Styles Of Jumpsuit For Wedding

Are you considering a jumpsuit for wedding? Here are 12 flattering styles for every kind of bride. 

We’ll discuss a universally-flattering jumpsuit silhouette, interesting details on the jumpsuit style, and bridal jumpsuit colors to help you nail the modern and chic jumpsuit look. We’ve also included the best wedding jumpsuit for every body type, so you can highlight your best features and look stunning on your wedding day. 

jumpsuit for wedding

And if you’re only considering a bridal jumpsuit because of the comfortable pants you can wear to party after the ceremony, you can check what to change into after a wedding dress for more outfit ideas. 


Jumpsuit For Wedding: 12 Elegant Styles For Every Kind Of Bride


A-line wedding jumpsuit

The most universally-flattering jumpsuit for most brides and weddings is the A-line jumpsuit because of the fitted waist and flare pants. The bridal shop might even offer A-line wedding jumpsuits with a removable skirt, so you can still feel and have the iconic wedding look but with the comfort of pants. 

If you find the overall style of the A-line jumpsuit with a skirt too drowning for your short height or small body, you can find an outfit with cropped pants to make it more flattering. And, of course, consider the neckline and sleeves of the jumpsuit. 


Bridal jumpsuit with overskirt

Bridal jumpsuits with an overskirt are pretty trendy for bridal styles because of the glamorous bridal train. You can still have drama and flair as you walk down the aisle with this jumpsuit style that features an overskirt. 

For proportions, you want the jumpsuit to be fitted in contrast with the bridal train. Pick something with straight-leg pants in a flattering length for your height. 


Satin wedding jumpsuit

Jumpsuits make a classy and chic outfit option for modern women, and one of the best materials you can pick is satin. A satin wedding jumpsuit will surely turn heads as much as a bride wearing a satin ball gown. 

The luxurious satin material will pair well with sexy details for the bridal outfit. For example, the bride can pick something with a deep V-neck or low back. 


Lace wedding jumpsuit

When imagining women at weddings, the material you’ll imagine for their bridal outfits often features intricate lace. And to avoid looking casual with pants, you can pick a lace wedding jumpsuit, so the style seems more bridal. 

Lace also makes a fantastic choice for illusion or see-through panels on the wedding jumpsuit while remaining classy for the ceremony. And for extra drama, why not opt for a floor-length lace jumpsuit? 


Crepe wedding jumpsuit

Besides satin and lace jumpsuits, another jumpsuit style that will instantly look bridal is if it’s made from crepe. The crepe wedding jumpsuits you’ll find in the shop most likely look modern and sleek, so it’s perfect for brides who want to wear many accessories and jewelry. 

Because of the sleek silhouette, pick styles that offer movement and shape. For example, the pant leg may flare, or the sleeves are one-shoulder and styled like a bow. 


Sequined wedding jumpsuit

It’s not a wedding outfit if it doesn’t sparkle, so don’t be surprised if you’ll find sequined wedding jumpsuits and embellished styles. They will surely make a statement and would be perfect for black-tie weddings and other extravagant occasions. 

For this fancy and head-turning jumpsuit, you don’t want to wear too much jewelry because it already features sparkly details. However, you can always add a belt to define your waist with these styles. 


Patterned bridal jumpsuit

The bride is not limited to wearing white and related colors for her wedding jumpsuit. You can also play with patterns and colors for your outfit, like wedding dresses. 

For example, a fun tropical-inspired wedding jumpsuit would suit a beach or tropical wedding. You can also pick a style with lace and patterns for boho weddings. 


Spaghetti strap wedding jumpsuit

You should pick a wedding jumpsuit with sleeves to look formal enough for the occasion. However, there are spaghetti-strap bridal jumpsuits that also look as party-ready. 

Sleeveless jumpsuits are flattering for brides that want to showcase their shoulders and arms. It’s also perfect for a hot wedding where sleeves would feel uncomfortable. 


Strapless wedding jumpsuit

Do you want a feminine but contemporary style for your wedding? Pick a strapless jumpsuit that supports the bust like a sweetheart neckline. 

Some are also structured and feature a bustier corset for the body. And for a sexy look, you can find a jumpsuit with lace and illusion panels under the bust. 


Wedding jumpsuit with flutter sleeves

If you’re a plus-size beauty, a flattering jumpsuit can be sleek but adds glamor to the sleeve or neckline. For example, flutter sleeves are flattering, especially for brides who won’t want a long sleeve, but strapless styles are also unflattering. 

You can also opt for a jumpsuit with wide pant legs for a slimming silhouette. And, of course, it should be fitted at the waist to showcase your curves. 


Wedding jumpsuit with plunging neckline

The bride can embrace her sexiness with a bridal jumpsuit with revealing details. But of course, make sure that your outfit will be appropriate for the ceremony. 

That being said, a sexy but playful jumpsuit you can wear is figure-hugging with a plunging neckline. Some even accentuate the waist with a tie or have sheer lace panels that make any bride feel and look sultry. 


Wedding jumpsuit with slit

You might overlook wedding jumpsuits as your bridal outfit because you feel the pants won’t feature your beautiful legs. However, there are also jumpsuit styles with a flattering slit, especially for brides with long and toned legs. 

What’s excellent with jumpsuits with slits is they are not awkward like dresses with slits, as you won’t fear sitting and moving because you’re worried you’ll flash guests. The wide maxi pants are also flattering compared to the fitted upper portion. 


Can You Wear A Jumpsuit As A Bride?

Brides can wear jumpsuits for their weddings as no laws require women to wear wedding dresses to be legally married. Some women might also prefer pants and find them more comfortable or stylish than dresses.

And because of the trends, more and more shops and designers offer bridal jumpsuits with designs and styles that look bridal and suitable for the wedding ceremony or reception party. They often come in traditional wedding colors like white or blush and feature fabrics like lace with embellishments and sparkly details. 

If you want the train, there are also jumpsuits with skirts or the elegant feeling of walking with a wedding dress. And, of course, pick a dress with a neckline or sleeves that flatter your body type best. 

For more options, read what to wear to a wedding not a dress


Jumpsuit vs pantsuit

Brides might also need clarification on whether the wedding shop has jumpsuits and pantsuits. The two styles differ because the jumpsuit is one piece of attire with attached pant legs to the bodice.

On the other hand, a pantsuit is composed of two clothes. It’s a jacket paired with pants, and the two are coordinated. 


Can You Wear A Veil With A Jumpsuit?

Besides the bridal train, brides can wear a veil with their jumpsuits. Veils are iconic symbols for weddings, and they also flatter the wearer. 

You can pick from different lengths and styles of veils, but make sure they complement your jumpsuit. For example, an embellished veil can add visual interest to a sleek and straightforward jumpsuit. 

You should also be mindful of long and dramatic veils as they might overpower the jumpsuit. So if you want a long veil, you can pick an A-line jumpsuit or something with an overskirt. 


Are Bridal Jumpsuits Popular?

Bridal jumpsuits are popular nowadays because more and more brides are more open to expressing their style than following the traditional wedding look. The pants also create a contemporary and chic look, not to mention it’s comfortable, especially in some wedding venues. 

The bride might also wear a dress for her wedding ceremony and then change into a bridal jumpsuit for the after-party. But the fact that most wedding designers and shops have wedding jumpsuits indicates that this trend is here to stay. 


How to nail the wedding jumpsuit look

Here are some tips to help you rock the wedding jumpsuit look:

  • Consider the wedding theme to pick a suitable jumpsuit style (e.g., boho jumpsuits for a rustic or boho wedding)
  • Consider single-colored jumpsuits to avoid looking too casual for the occasion
  • Know the flattering pant leg length, neckline, and sleeves for your body type
  • Pick a wedding jumpsuit with bridal details like lace or sparkly embellishments
  • Make sure you get your jumpsuit tailored to your size so it will look flattering and feel comfortable 
  • Practice moving with the jumpsuit while wearing your bridal shoes so you can walk and sit with confidence when wearing it


What Body Type Looks Good In A Jumpsuit?

Brides with hourglass figures will be flattered best by wedding jumpsuits. The one-piece style of the jumpsuit highlights the curves of hourglass body types so that they can showcase their slim waist, bust, and hips. 

However, you want something fitted to favor the hourglass figure or pick a style that defines the waist, like jumpsuits with waist elastics or wrap belts. On the other hand, you don’t want something too loose that will hide the curves. 


How do you look good in a jumpsuit?

Short brides will look great in a slim-fitting jumpsuit with cropped pants so that they won’t look swallowed by the fabric or look shorter. On the other hand, tall brides are flattered by a wide-legged jumpsuit because they elongate the body and showcase their tall frame. 

If you’re a plus-size bride, you want a jumpsuit that will give you shape and highlight your curves. They should define the waist but has a wide pant leg to avoid making the lower body look bigger. 

But if you have a smaller bottom than the top, also known as the apple body shape, go with a V-neck jumpsuit to provide volume at the upper body. Then, round body shapes like narrow shoulders and wide hips can wear a tight bodice and wide or straight-leg jumpsuit silhouette to balance proportions. 

What about athletic builds or brides with a rectangular body shape? If you have equal width for the bust, waist, and hips, you want to define your curves with a jumpsuit, whether it has a tight bodice or pants. 


Can you wear a jumpsuit with a big tummy?

Some women avoid jumpsuits because they fear the styles highlight the bulging tummy. However, you can pick a jumpsuit that will hide the tummy area with ruching, overlays, or draping. 


How Do You Accessorize A Bridal Jumpsuit?

The jumpsuit’s style, colors, and details should help you pick complementary accessories and jewelry for it. But a tip you can remember is if the outfit is very embellished and sparkly, wear dainty accessories, whereas a simple and sleek jumpsuit will look good with statement jewelry. 

  • Layered necklaces or drop pendant necklaces for plunging and V-neckline jumpsuits 
  • Back pendant necklace for low-back bodysuits
  • Drop or statement earrings for off-the-shoulder or sleeveless jumpsuits 
  • Statement bracelets for strapless or spaghetti strap jumpsuits
  • Dainty or pearl stud earrings for embroidered, embellished, or lace jumpsuits 
  • Choker necklace and vintage earrings for boho jumpsuits 


What Kind Of Shoes To Wear With A Wedding Jumpsuit?

Wedding jumpsuits with cropped pant leg are best paired with heeled shoes. The color and details on the shoes should coordinate with the style of the jumpsuit. 

The bride might also wear boots or pumps with a flare-leg jumpsuit. Stylish flats will be more practical with the wedding jumpsuit for a beach wedding. 

You can pick bright colors for the shoes to add personality, especially with a white jumpsuit. And with a wide-leg jumpsuit, avoid shoes with thick heels like wedges or clogs. 


Is It Okay To Wear A Jumpsuit To A Wedding As A Guest?

Guests can wear a jumpsuit to the wedding as long as the style suits the occasion’s dress code. For example, you should also avoid bridal colors and details like a white outfit with lace and gemstone embellishments. 

And finally, some jumpsuits have sexy styles that can be inappropriate for the ceremony. You don’t want to show too much leg, cleavage, or back, and it can even seem like you’re trying to upstage the bride. 

We’ve discussed everything guests should know about how to wear a jumpsuit to a wedding



And that’s it! You just learned everything to know about jumpsuit for wedding, especially for brides. 

Jumpsuits are appropriate wedding outfits for brides as they come in styles similar to wedding dresses. They can feature a skirt with lace, details, or embellishments that will turn heads when you arrive at the ceremony. 

The key is finding a flattering silhouette, as discussed above.

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