Is Pest Control Technician A Good Career? Top Benefits

Is pest control technician a good career? You are in the right place if you are considering this job and would want to know more to prepare.

You’ll learn here who is a pest control technician, their duties, how to become one, and reasons why you should consider this; if you want to grasp those, then continue reading.

is pest control technician a good career


Pest Control Technician

If you are interested in identifying, investigating, and treating pests problems or anything related to that, then a pest control technician job would suit you. Before anything else, it’s best to define and explore this career path.

Pest control technician helps solve pests infestation both at residential or commercial places. To summarize the job position see the following:

  1. Pest infestation assessment.
  2. Creating treatment plans.
  3. Plan implementation for pest eradication.
  4. Maintenance after the operation to observe and prevent future infestations.

This occupation involves the detection and removal of pests indoors and outdoors. They know how to identify and differentiate the type of pests and which method is the best to eliminate the problem.

Pests are detrimental to people because they may carry transferrable illnesses, and they also cause damage to things and property. Hence, being a pest control technician is a necessary job.

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Obligations Of Pest Control Technician

It’s good to know first the duties of this job to further your understanding of pest control technicians. Here are some of the tasks that you’ll be responsible with:

  1. Communicate with clients regarding their pest problems.
  2. Conduct on-premise observations to identify signs that may indicate pest infestation problems.
  3. Provide a treatment plan for exterminating and preventing pests. The created method should consist not only of the process but what kind of pest control technique would suit the problem; it can be through pesticides, baits, pest opponents, etc. 
  4. Identify the origin of the infestation.
  5. Measure the area affected, how much chemicals are needed, and appropriately apply anti-pest products.
  6. Wear protective gear during treatment, ensure you and your client’s safety, and follow the given instructions on the product.
  7. To record and keep track of the tasks performed.
  8. Clean the location after treatment is completed.
  9. Assist other technicians in the process of pest elimination. You would also experience working alone, but this is for those with expertise.
  10. Keep up with new methods in pest control.

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Ways to be a pest control technician

It isn’t easy to become a pest control technician; you will have to get some specific qualifications to get hired. The job requires particular expertise and proper handling to ensure the safety of your clients and their property. 

If you’ve already made up your mind to become one, then see the following to know how to become a pest control technician:

  1. Acquire a high school diploma or an equivalent.
  2. Make sure you have a driver’s license (and that you don’t have any driving violations).
  3. Apply and complete a program about pest control training. It is an essential requirement since you’ll need to be knowledgeable regarding pests and their corresponding treatments.
  4. Undergo on-the-job training. You’ll start as an apprentice.
  5. Become licensed by passing an examination; it can be written, oral, or practical.

Other qualifications you might want to know are the following:

  • Can handle working outside and in any weather. You would have to travel often.
  • Able to deal with different types of pests, such as rodents, termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, etc.
  • Good overall health condition.
  • Skilled written and verbal communication.
  • Persuasive customer service skills.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Detail-oriented and observant.
  • Able to operate in undesirable circumstances.
  • Follow health and safety regulations.
  • Able to handle animals, insects, and pests.

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Reasons to choose this career

It is challenging to be a pest control technician, but it is also undeniably rewarding. Being able to help people with their pest problems and not only securing clients but also their property, belongings, pets, and family gives importance to this job.

Knowing that you can have an impact on other people’s lives is truly inspiring. Becoming a pest control technician involves a huge responsibility of protecting homes and other facilities, making it rewarding after all tasks are done.

The average annual salary for this job is around $36,000 up to $40,000. Still, some factors may affect this, such as where work is situated, the size of the company, and job demand. 

Having experience is a bonus, it can also increase your salary. Some companies offer bonuses, free uniforms, and letting employees use the company vehicle.

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In conclusion, is a pest control technician a good career? The decision is actually in your hands.

If the criteria for the job pique your interest, then this job may be for you. Yet not every job would appeal to everyone; different people have varying views; hence, remember to weigh the pros and cons of this career.

With all the information shared above, hopefully, you were able to see if this career path is for you.

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