Is A Picture Frame A Good Wedding Gift

If you’re unsure about is a picture frame a good wedding gift, it depends, as there are times when it can be acceptable or underwhelming. We will also discuss below if you can make a wedding frame gift to make it more sentimental. 

And, of course, we’ve included ideas on what kind of items won’t be tactful to give as wedding gifts so that you can avoid them. And for wrapping your wedding gift, you can check our tutorial on how to wrap a wedding present

is a picture frame a good wedding gift


Is A Picture Frame A Good Wedding Gift?

Most etiquette guides discourage giving picture frames as wedding gifts because they don’t seem thought out. However, remember that the perfect wedding present should be practical, functional, and sentimental. 

Some couples might use a picture frame, or it can be a project you’ve done yourself, so it’s also memorable and unique. Another instance where giving wedding picture frames as gifts is acceptable is when you’ll put artwork or photographs inside. 

You might’ve painted the couple or printed a favorite portrait of theirs. You can put those gifts inside a nice picture frame for your wedding gift. 


Is A Framed Picture A Good Gift?

If you’re unsure if giving a picture frame is a good idea as a wedding gift, consider putting your favorite picture of the couple inside. They can use it as decor in their home after the wedding, and it can even be something special, especially if they haven’t seen the photo before. 

The couple will also appreciate wedding picture frames, especially the quality and custom ones. Frames can be expensive, huge ones, and they can always be helpful for pictures and other decorative artworks and displays for the home. 

But if you want to ensure that frames will make great gifts, you can just have the couple’s photo included. Alternatively, it’s also possible to make a nice picture frame yourself. 


How Do You Make A Wedding Picture Frame?

Wedding picture frames are usually discouraged from being given as gifts. However, the perfect wedding present will always be personal or hand-made. 

So if you’re interested in making a frame marriage gift, here’s a sample tutorial to try: 

  1. Measure the photo you’ll put on the wedding gift frame and use the dimensions for the size of the frame and backing 
  2. Add the sides of the frame plus 24 inches for the molding to buy
  3. Mark the molding based on the measurements for each side of the frame but add three inches on each piece for the 45-degree angles you’ll cut  
  4. After cutting four pieces of molding for the frame, paint or stain it accordingly to match the wedding theme or style of the couple 
  5. Insert the frame molding into the miter box to make the first 45-degree angle cut and repeat on the other side with the angle going in the opposite direction
  6. Repeat on the other molding cuts and position them to create the frame shape
  7. Sand the 45-degree angle cuts and then apply wood glue on the mitered edges for constructing the frame 
  8. Add clamps to keep the pieces together as the glue dries
  9. For added reinforcement, staple each corner joint to finish 
  10. For the backing of the picture frame, cut a piece of foam board according to the needed size and staple it in place


What Can I Put On A Frame Besides A Picture?

Instead of the typical portraits, your wedding gift frame will also be absolutely perfect if you consider other unique items to put inside it:

  • A handwritten letter or card
  • The meaningful page or cover of a book or a magazine
  • Dried wedding flowers
  • Embroidery 
  • Jewelry or other heirlooms that are small enough to fit inside the frame
  • Map to inspire the couple to travel
  • Architectural plan 
  • Vintage signs for a vintage wedding
  • Astrological maps of the couple
  • Cultural symbols or signs of the couple
  • Sketches and other interesting artworks
  • Succulents

You can also collect the couple’s favorite recipes for a unique wedding gift. You can also frame select pages. 

Here’s what to write in a cookbook for a wedding gift


How Can I Make Cheap Frames Look Good?

If you’re on a budget, you can buy a cheap frame as the wedding gift and customize it to make it look better and less tacky. 

  • Put a contemporary artwork inside
  • Repaint the frame
  • Put 3D items inside that will also cover some parts of the frame like succulents or plants that can overhang
  • Install the frame onto a wooden board
  • Use the frame as the base for decors
  • Replace the backing or glass of the frame
  • Create one artwork from multiple frames


What Should You Not Give As A Wedding Gift?

When deciding what wedding gifts to consider, try to avoid these items:

  • Gag gifts that can be considered distasteful 
  • Something the couple can’t use like items that should be given assets, but only one is provided
  • Items you received for yourself then regifted to the couple
  • Wedding gift intended for only one of the couple
  • Baby items unless it’s known that the couple will be expecting
  • Relationship books that may be interpreted as anticipating marital issues
  • Perishable items
  • Live animals



Was this guide helpful? To recap is a picture frame a good wedding gift, the answer depends. 

If it’s a unique frame or you’re sure that the couple can use it, it’s acceptable. However, since frames can seem thoughtless, you can always include artwork or a photo for the wedding. 

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