Irish Wedding Rings How To Wear: Ways And Meanings

If you’re curious about Irish wedding rings how to wear, you should know the meaning if you wear the Claddagh ring on your right and left hand. They have different meanings, especially regarding marriage and relationships. 

The Irish wedding ring or the Claddagh ring is a unique traditional ring. And if you’re curious about wearing wedding rings in general, please browse our blog for etiquette. 

irish wedding rings how to wear

For example, do you know what to do with the engagement ring on your wedding day? Then, find out if you still need to wear it on your big day. 


Here Are 2 Ways: Irish Wedding Rings How To Wear


How to wear the Claddagh ring on your right hand and its meaning

You can wear Claddagh rings on your right hand to show that you are in a relationship or that your heart is already taken if the point of the heart is facing towards you. On the contrary, wearing Claddagh rings on your right hand with the heart’s point facing away from you signifies that you are not in a relationship or that your heart is open. 


How to wear the Claddagh ring on your left hand and its meaning

Claddagh rings can also be worn on the left hand, and if the heart’s point is towards you, then it means that you are married. But if the point of the heart of the Claddagh ring is facing away from you, then it means that you are under an engagement.

Some also view this as a sign that you are in a long-term or lifelong relationship. 


What Is The Meaning Behind The Claddagh Ring?

If you’re wearing the Irish ring or Claddagh ring as your wedding ring, you must understand the meaning behind this piece of jewelry. In Ireland, it’s common for a Claddagh ring to be passed down from generations, typically by mothers to their daughters.

Nowadays, you can give a Claddagh ring to your lover, as it’s a familiar wedding ring or engagement ring in Irish tradition. Overall, this ring symbolizes not just love but also loyalty and friendship. 

Inspecting the ring, you will find that it has three parts. Each of them has a meaning that may apply to married people who use them as wedding rings and friends who wear rings to signify loyalty. 


Parts of a Claddagh ring and symbolism

  • Heart: perhaps the most iconic part of the Claddagh ring is the heart, and its meaning is love as one can assume 
  • Hands: wearing the Claddagh ring also represents friendship because of the hands that hold the heart of the ring together
  • Crown: while the crown means royalty, you can view this part of the Claddagh ring as the representation of loyalty

Overall, you can exchange Claddagh rings to commemorate any lasting relationship, friendship, or romantic partnership. This is why it’s also normal to give these rings in platonic relationships or to depend on how you view the giver on a personal level. 


Can You Wear A Claddagh Ring If You’re Not Irish?

You don’t have to be Irish to wear the Claddagh ring. It is acceptable for all nationalities to wear it, but those who have an Irish heritage may have a deeper meaning with wearing their traditional Claddagh ring. 

Furthermore, wearing the Claddagh ring can be a way to showcase your Irish roots. Or, if you have traveled to Ireland, it can be a fantastic souvenir to be reminded of the rich Irish history. 

Can you buy yourself a Claddagh ring? Contrary to what one might assume, it’s perfectly okay to buy the Irish ring for yourself, especially when you visited Ireland and the ring interested you. 

Overall, checking various references gives a go signal of sharing the legacy of the Claddagh not just for those with an Irish heritage but also for people interested in Irish traditions. 


Who should wear Claddagh rings?

Anyone can wear Claddagh rings. But if you want to follow its symbolism according to tradition, you can always follow the placements and meanings discussed for single, engaged, and married people. 


Can I wear a Claddagh ring if I’m single?

You can wear a Claddagh ring even if you’re single or in a casual relationship. Most Irish jewelry stores even mention that you can wear it however you like and that it’s not a gift limited to lovers. 


Who Gives You A Claddagh Ring?

Traditionally, Irish mothers pass down their Claddagh rings to their daughters as heirlooms. It’s also popular to wear the Claddagh ring to show your relationship status so that these rings can come from lovers. 

You can even give it to a close friend or relative to symbolize love and loyalty. But, overall, its meaning and the way to wear it are up to you. 



And that’s it! We just learned Irish wedding rings how to wear, which can be on the left or right hand. 

You wear the Claddagh on your left hand if you’re married with the heart pointing towards you. But if it’s on the right hand and the heart is facing away from you, then it means you’re open to a relationship. 

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