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How Wide Should Curtains Be For A 72 Inch Window?

How wide should curtains be for a 72 inch window? Well, for this measurement, your curtains should at least be 144-inch wide.

Ever experienced that feeling when you don’t know anything about curtain sizes? And all you have done is wonder what you should put in your new home?

I remember my first experience with putting curtains up on the window; I had trouble finding the right size for the various window sizes.

That time, I had to find different curtain sizes for each one of them.

So I researched ways on how to find the right size for any window size.

I swear, I don’t want to worry again for one simple reason: finding the right size of curtains.

That is why I want to share with you what I have learned through experience.

Here is how to get the correct measurement of the curtain with your window. Read on!


How wide should curtains be for a 72 inch window

Methods In Measuring Curtains

Before finding the dimension of the curtain, you should know how to measure one yourself.

The measurement of curtains could be customized to fit your windows perfectly.

If you do not know about measuring one, I’ll teach you how.


Method #1. Mounting technique

You will have to determine the mounting technique to be used first. Decide whether you will place the curtain inside or outside.


Method #2. Outside Mount Curtain

Outside mount curtains make an illusion of a bigger window.

It is one of the most common styles for hanging curtains.

The rod is located outside the window frame.

I use the outside mount method in bedrooms living rooms, and other standard rooms where you usually receive visitors.


Method #3. Inside mount Curtains

In this method, the curtain rod is located within the window frames giving it a specific look.

Inside mount curtains don’t necessarily block out all the light, but they could give privacy and a minimalist look.


How Wide Should Curtains Be For A 72 Inch Window?

Before choosing your curtain’s width, you will have to select the right rod for you first.

Rods are commonly extended from 3 to 4 inches past the window frame.

There are different types of rods if you don’t know how to choose one: a classic rod, return rod, track, and tension rod.

Choose one of your preferred rod choices.


The Width

If you want your draperies to be as ample and refined as they are closed, you have to ensure that they are wide enough to provide a whole appearance.

Curtains should at least be twice or thrice the width of the window covered.

It is also true with windows in pairs, although you can make an exception to the curtain’s width if you don’t plan to close them completely.

Here are the things you should do to find the right size of the curtains you’ll use.


Measuring the rod

The rod should be longer than the window’s width.

Then decide which type of fullness you would want:

  • Standard fullness

You will have to multiply its length by two. Mainly this is used in kitchens and bathroom windows.


  • Deluxe fullness

Multiply the length by 2.5. This type of fullness is usually used in bedrooms and private rooms to provide a better cover in the window.


  • Ultra fullness

It is thrice the length of the rod. You could see this type of fullness in living rooms or rooms used to receive guests.


Although you plan to use a pleated curtain, you should.t worry about its size.

It should give you a whole appearance already.

All you have to do is to use the width of the rod itself. Then add another 12 inches allowance for it to overlap.

So, how wide should curtains be for a 72 inch window? It would help if you used an 84-inch pleated curtain width.

Just keep in mind that the fuller the curtains are, the richer and more sophisticated it will look.


The Length

In determining the length of the curtain, you should measure the window’s height first.

You will then have to decide how high you will place the rod and how low the curtain will fall below the window.

The higher the curtain is placed from the window, the higher it will give the room’s sense of height.

And the length of the curtain could make the room look higher if the length is maximized.

Also, the curtain’s hanging method will vary the curtain’s length since it will make a difference if you have decided on a different design.


Curtain Installation

It is fun to install the curtain up yourself, but you could also do a handyman to do this task for you.

And doing it yourself could save you some bucks for installation fees.

A curtain rod is about 30 minutes to install.

It usually comes with the necessary hardware and instruction for installing upon purchase.

I had help from a friend when I was installing mine.

Imagine installing rods to 10 windows. It will take up much of my time.

So I had help from my friend to help me set up the rods and curtains.

The installation went smoothly, and we got it done within half of the day.



Determining how wide should curtains be for a 72 inch window, knowing how to measure one is a huge advantage.

A friend or two to help you install the curtains could give you more time to spare.

If you are in a hurry or don’t know to install these curtains, ask for professional help from a handyman.

How to tie up curtains

How To Tie Up Curtains? 6 Exciting Steps!

How to tie up curtains? The first thing that you should learn is how you can create the ties themselves! After which, you can tie the curtains up in six easy steps!

Indeed, fashion and functionality are both exhibited by tie-up curtains.

They serve a specific purpose while makes the room more attractive at the same time.

If you extend the curtains all the down your window, you can have more privacy.

Not only that, but this can also prevent sunlight from entering.

You can then raise them if you want to let the light into your room or if you wanted to look outside the window.

You have to secure the curtain at any position you like with the use of ties.

After you tie them up, you will see how tie-up curtains can add a unique element to your window treatment.

Now, to know how you will tie up your curtains, scroll down until the end of this post, as we will be providing all the essentials when tying up curtains.

As a bonus, we will also teach you how to make a tie-up curtain yourself.

Let us start with that before we proceed on the steps in tying up curtains.


Making The Tie Up Curtains

Perhaps, you don’t want to buy those ready-made tie-up curtains. You can create your own by following this procedure.


What are the things needed?

Before we get right into the steps on how to make tie-up curtains, you must know the things that you will need first so that you will be able to prepare them.

Make sure to have all of them ready so that the process would be smooth and fast.

  • Main fabric
  • Back fabric
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Straight pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing scissors
  • Curtain rod


6 Steps To Make Tie Up Curtains

After you have prepared all the supplies needed, you can now start making your tie-up curtains.


Step #1. Measuring the window width

The very first thing that you need to do is to measure the width of your window.

Use the measurement that you get to know how much fabric you will need.


Step #2. Cutting the fabric

After you get the measurement, you can now cut the fabric accordingly. Do this both to the back and front pieces.

Then, place the back piece and front piece together with their right sides facing each other.

Line their edges and put a pin to keep them in place. Make sure to leave an opening.


Step #3. Ironing the curtain

You need to flip the right side of the curtain out and then take the curtain’s opening and start tucking its edges as well.

Then iron the curtain, including its edges.


Step #4. Sewing the curtain

Now, stitch all the curtain’s edges, starting with its opening to close it.

Flip the top of the curtain to leave enough opening for the curtain rod and pin it down.

Then, stitch it as well to put a curtain rod pocket. Remember to measure the curtain rod to ensure that it will fit in the pocket you made.


Step #5. Making its ties

Cut two ribbon pieces having twice the length of your curtain.

This step is to ensure that it can reach the other side.

You may not attach the ribbon to your curtain, so you can easily change its color later on.


Step #6. Hanging the tie-up curtains

Finally, you can now hang up your curtains into your window.

Then, tie and untie them accordingly, depending on how you want it.

Or you can follow the steps below.


6 Steps To Tie Up Curtains

You can tie up curtains in so many ways, depending on how you want them to look.

So, how to tie up curtains?

In this post, we will be teaching you the easy way to do it.


Step #1. Fold up the bottom of your curtains to raise them

Narrow folds can provide a neat look. Fold it back in forth until it reaches your desired height.


Step #2. Create ties

Clasp the ties hanging down your curtain – two ties from the left and two ties from the right.


Step #3. Tie the knot

Start at either side. For instance, you can tie the ties on the left first into a usual bow.

Make sure that the bow is snug and tight enough so that it can hold the curtain up.


Step #4. Do the method on the other side

Proceed to the other side and follow the same method you used in tying the bow earlier.


Step #5. Adjust the tie

Please take a few steps back to see whether or not they are even.

Adjust them accordingly if they are not even by tightening or loosening one tie.


Step #6.  Finish up

To lower the curtains, later on, you only need to untie those bows.

Regardless, you might want to read this article.

Nevertheless, that is all.


It’s A Wrap!

Tie-up curtains are both attractive and functional.

You can let it fall to block light and for extra privacy or tie up to allow the light to enter and see the view outside.

Either way, your curtain will look chic and pretty.

It is very simple and easy to tie it up and untie it later if you want.

In any case, it is also easy to make a tie-up curtain if you are into sewing and designing stuff yourself.

That is how to tie up curtains!

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