How Wide Is A Side By Side Fridge? Its 8 Awesome Pros And Cons!

Are you interested in knowing how wide is a side by side fridge? Depending on the brand and model, several sizes are available. Some additional features can also contribute to the change in the dimensions. However, the average width ranges from 30 to 36 inches. When buying and selling refrigerators, the dimensions are critical, and you should consider them.

If not, they might not fit the allotted size in your kitchen. And when it’s too small, it might not be able to store all of your meat and produce. So, size is always important. Due to its size and unique feature among standard refrigerators, it has its advantages. And we’re going to share them with you. So, stay tuned!

how wide is a side by side fridge


Advantages Of A Side-By-Side Fridge

This type of fridge has been popular these days. It’s like you have two fridge units combined as one! And you can store a lot of your groceries, especially the meat and other produce. If you love cooking and you’re a kitchen person, you should invest in this fridge. Well, if you’re planning already and want to know more, you can read the following advantages and disadvantages of how wide is a side by side fridge. And here they are:


Advantage #1. Capacity

Due to its width, you can store plenty of your groceries, which can last for more than 1-2 weeks. The shelves, side baskets, and other compartments allow you to stock enough food for your whole family. So, you don’t need to buy every other day because you still have many goods in your home. Additionally, if you’re someone who has their own food business, this fridge would be convenient for you.

You can store the ingredients in the refrigerator and the final product at the same time. An example of this is having a cake business or any pastry.


Advantage #2. Organization

A side-by-side refrigerator also has a separate fridge and freezer. However, unlike standard fridges, the freezer is located on one side, and the refrigerator is on another. Meanwhile, standard fridges have their freezer on the top or bottom and vice versa. With this, you can organize your goods better than other typical fridges.

It consists of an equal number of shelves on each side, which allows you to arrange the goods in categories. Also, because anyone can access them, the food won’t decay in the back compartment. In short, this fridge allows you to develop imaginary chambers in your head and familiarize your food placements.


Advantage #3. Easy access

Since the fridge is divided in half vertically, household members of various heights have access to their preferred food daily. For example, you have small kids, and they love Jell-O or chocolate milk, you can place these foods in the lower part of your fridge side. And on the freezer side, you can put the ice cream on the lower part for them to get quickly. This type of fridge shows that its user friendly to any age and size.


Advantage #4. Water and ice dispensers

Due to the width of its doors, manufacturers have reached a point where they make the product more convenient to users. Water and ice dispensers are on one side of the openings of side-by-side refrigerators. Because of this feature, you don’t need to open the fridge to get a pitcher and pour yourself some water.


Advantage #5. Less door swing space

Consider the width of a side-by-side refrigerator and divide it in half. The width of each refrigerator door is half size. However, some people have one door that is larger than the other.

With its size, you don’t need to give enough space for the door to swing open. So, you can position your fridge in any area of your kitchen. For sure, your countertop won’t have any contact with the door.


Disadvantages Of A Side-By-Side Fridge

You must think that it’s a bummer for a fridge like this to have any disadvantages. However, we still need to consider them whenever we buy a particular product, specifically your appliances. So, continue reading!


Disadvantage #1. Sufficient clean water supply

You need to have a water line to connect to your unit for the water and ice dispensers. This water supply should be safe and clean enough to drink. So, better consult a plumber and have them examine your water supply in your kitchen for the dispensers.


Disadvantage #2. Frequent maintenance

Like any other refrigerator, you need to clean them as often as you can. Moist sides and edges of your fridge can allow molds to grow, which can be dangerous when they reach your food. So, ensure that your fridge is clean enough as a storage for your food. However, it has water and ice dispensers that you can’t see in any other fridge. So, this feature will add to the frequent maintenance since you need to keep the water passageway clean and has no molds. The size also contributes to the consumption in time and effort for cleaning.


Disadvantage #3. Price

Due to its size, are you wondering how much does refrigerator installation cost? It will mostly cost you more money than other fridge types. It’s like you got a premium membership for food storage. The size usually ranges from $950-$2400, which is very expensive.


Wrapping Up

And those are all the information you need to know about “how wide is a side by side fridge?” Concerning its size, the unit has its advantages and disadvantages of a side by side refrigerator. And consider these aspects in making a decision. We hope you’ll find the perfect fridge for your kitchen.  For more articles, click here on how wide is a truck bed. Thank you for reading!

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