How Wide Are Shower Curtains? Read This Complete Guide!

You’ve got the best spot if you’re searching for a fresh curtain for showers for the apartment or house by learning how wide are shower curtains? That is essential to the best style and design in determining the finest selection. Shower curtains typically measure 70 to 72 inches in width. There are more oversized curtains around 84 x70 inches and 96x 72 inches wide for floor-to-ceiling shower curtains.

There seem to be three standard shower curtain widths used in any regular shower. While the differences between them Although the differences between them are minimal, choosing the right one is crucial to prevent getting an inadequate curtain that allows water to seep into the ground.

how wide are shower curtains

So, how do you decide? What eligibility requirements do you want to use? Here’s all you have to know concerning specific diameters. So without further ado, let’s get started!


What’s The Dimension Of Shower Curtains

The shower curtains serve several purposes in the washroom, including providing color and design and maintaining the ground dry. It prevents drainage problems and mold in your bathroom. Showers curtain sizes are vital since you only get a tiny amount of coverage to avoid water problems, but getting larger than that is also acceptable. So, how wide are shower curtains?


Showers And Curtains Of Various Types

curtains for showers can be utilized around a standalone tub, over the exposed side of a classic shower/bath combo, or alongside two walls of a tiled shower, among other places. It was all about the measures and whether or not you have the correct shower rod to fit the curtain while looking for the right shower curtain for the task.

Assuming you have the accurate shower rod, you must choose between a shower liner, a shower curtain, or a blend of the following. Shower liner is available in many materials, including polyester and plastic, which can be used alone. The water-resistant lining keeps humidity just on the perfectly right face of the curtains. Polyethylene or plastic is inexpensive and convenient, but it must be replaced every 6 months. Friendly options such as polyester are becoming more popular due to their extended lifespan and device washability.


Dimensions Of A Shower Curtain

Whereas a broader shower curtain looks fine, it should never be lengthy sufficiently to puddle on the bottom. While curtains in the loungeroom may appear opulent, humidity and mold collect in the folds underneath the washroom. Shower curtains should be at least 12 inches wider than your shower. Shower stall curtains are typically 54 inches wide, whereas bathtub curtains are often 72 inches wide.

Shower curtains are typically 72 inches in length. Yet, don’t believe those estimates at face value because luxury curtains may be approximately 80 to 90 inches wide and 108 inches in length, just like most ideas. Is the shower going to last a long time? The concept is simple: suspend it 2 inches from the ground and 12 inches taller than the bathtub.


Dimension Of Standard Shower Curtains

The shower curtain height may be determined by a shower rod fastened to the wall. Take a measuring tape with you. The curtain must be 2 inches above the ground, plus there must be rings for suspending it, so additional 2 feet wide. If you ever want to put a telescopic shower rod, the conventional height is 75 – 77 inches from the ground. Sometimes really are odd-height showers, especially if you live in a relatively small apartment. In some instances, a shower curtain is significantly shorter than the standard curtain. If your shower liners are too wide for your little fixture, do not worry; most PVC or plastic shower liners may be readily reduced to fit.


Choose The Curtain Rod

Just ensure that you have good scissors having sharp power cuts. Estimate how wide the shower curtain must be to drape off the ground in your chosen location, and if you ever want to put a line, ensure it’s a bit below where you plan to trim, so the line isn’t visible after you’re finished.


Oversized Shower

Showers and tubs vary in size, even though conventional in most homes and flats. If your shower is more significant than a traditional 60-inch tub, the good news is that you can get luxury shower curtains having a width of up to 108 inches. A second alternative is to buy other shower curtains and put them jointly. You’ll be cautious with this choice based on the size of your shower, as you can wind up with more than 12 inches. 


Stall Showers

Shower stalls are narrower and higher than regular showers. Shower curtains with stalls are often thinner yet longer in height than traditional curtains. These come in 54 x 78 or 50 x 78 and conventional sizes. The width of the stall should be measured in the same way that a traditional tub should be measured. You may also be interested to know about the best shower curtains.


It’s A Wrap!

After reading this article, we hope you all will learn how wide are shower curtains? We’ve discussed everything in detail, so read the article from start to end to comprehend it completely. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end! You may also want to read about how to decorate curtains and how to measure and sew curtains.

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