How To Write A Wedding Speech For My Sister: Best Tips

It’s easy to learn how to write a wedding speech for my sister if you simplify it into two steps. We will provide tips to keep you from feeling nervous and also how to express yourself genuinely for a heartfelt speech at your sister’s wedding. 

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how to write a wedding speech for my sister


How To Write A Wedding Speech For My Sister


Step 1. Prepare and practice your speech 

  • The most crucial part when writing a wedding speech for your sister’s wedding is to prepare early on
  • You can write the speech a few weeks before the wedding, so you’ll have time to read it and check if the message it conveys matches what you want to say
  • By writing the speech early and not winging it, you can also practice in front of the mirror to lessen your nerves
  • Consider having a friend as your practice audience so they can also provide suggestions; alternatively, set up a camera and record yourself so you’ll know what changes to make
  • You can use other sibling wedding speeches online as a guide, especially if you have no idea about the speech structure and tone


Step 2. Be genuine about your sister

  • The second step when writing a speech for your sister’s wedding is ensuring that you don’t sound robotic or being untrue 
  • Do not try to mimic other people’s wedding speeches or express yourself in a way to entertain the guests at the expense of making your sister feel unsupported and embarrassed on her wedding day
  • You can ways include humor in your wedding speech, but please read it to ensure that it’s not tacky for your sister
  • You also don’t need to give a lengthy speech that you’ll take most of the time in the reception; it’s unnecessary to talk about stories without context
  • Keep in mind that it’s your sister’s big day, and she should be highlighted


How Do You Start A Sister’s Wedding Speech?


Sister’s wedding speech introduction

You can always start by giving yourself a quick introduction. For example, are you the bride’s older or younger sister? 

You can also share your closeness to her, but remember not to make the wedding speech about you. Then, extend your congratulations to the newlyweds on behalf of your family. 

It’s also tasteful to give the guests a quick thank you for celebrating your sister’s wedding with you. Finally, to set the tone and make it lively, insert a few jokes or light teasing, and you can even include the groom for some amusing and witty humor. 


How to end my speech for my sister’s wedding

A wedding speech is typically three to five minutes long, so make sure to practice your speech and ensure that you won’t take too long. And to conclude your speech on your sister’s wedding, you can always provide some reassurance about their marriage. 

Discuss how you feel confident that they’re the best match for each other because of their qualities. You can also give your sister several compliments on how much she’s grown. 

Finally, call the guests for a toast and congratulate the bride and groom. Then, ask everyone to raise their glasses for the newlyweds to finish their wedding speech.


How Do You Write A Wedding Speech For A Sibling?

If you’re tasked to give a speech at your sibling’s wedding, here are the essential elements of a wedding speech to help you get started:


Basic outline when writing a wedding speech

  1. Introduction: This is where you’ll welcome and thank the guests for coming to your sibling’s wedding; you should also give yourself a quick introduction regarding your relationship with your sibling
  2. Speech content: The content of your wedding speech can include a trip down memory lane and how you’ve met the couple; talk about your best memories with your sibling and also how you’ve met their spouse
  3. Conclusion: The final part of the wedding speech is the toast; give your sibling and their partner compliments and reassurance on how they can handle the married life with ease; then, finish your wedding speech with a toast for the newlyweds


How Do You Write A Wedding Speech To The Sister Of The Groom?

If you’re the groom’s sister, apply these tips when writing a wedding speech:

  • Create a speech outline with three parts
  • Talk about your favorite memories of growing up with your brother
  • Include the story of how he met his bride
  • Gush about your brother and provide examples of why his bride is the perfect match for him
  • Talk about how your family is very supportive of this marriage
  • Be sincere with your compliments and only include tasteful jokes
  • Finish the speech with positivity

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Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to write a wedding speech for my sister by doing it weeks before the wedding, practicing, and ensuring that you sound sincere with your wording. 

Humor is always welcome, but keep in mind not to embarrass your sister. And finally, remember that this is meant to celebrate the bride and groom, so make sure you’re talking about them. 

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