How To Wrap Silverware For Wedding In 2 Easy Steps

Did you know that you can learn how to wrap silverware for wedding in two steps? This article shares a simple technique to wrap your silverware classily yet quickly to set the wedding tables efficiently.

We will also talk about other wrapping techniques if you want to use ribbons or rings. And for additional questions regarding wedding preparations, feel free to browse our blog as well. 

how to wrap silverware for wedding

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How To Wrap Silverware For Wedding Fancy


Step 1. Fold the napkin 

  • Prepare the napkins for the silverware, preferably those that are size 20 by 20 inches
  • Lay the napkin on the table and have one bottom corner facing you
  • Fold that bottom corner up towards the top corner
  • Get the silverware and place it along the bottom edge so that it’s at the middle of the napkin


Step 2. Make a pocket 

  • Take the right corner and fold it over
  • Repeat with the left corner to cover the silverware 
  • Locate the base of the napkin and fold it up, so the silverware is in the pocket
  • Roll the napkin up until you effectively wrapped the silverware securely and neatly


How Do You Wrap Silverware In A Cloth Napkin With Ribbon?

Tying the wrapped silverware with ribbon is a great way to secure them if you have a buffet at your wedding reception. The wrapped silverware can all be in a basket, so the guests can pick one up and ensure that everyone has utensils instead of setting them directly on the table. 

  1. Iron your napkins before folding
  2. Have the lower righthand corner of the napkin folded to the center
  3. Fold the upper edge towards the lower edge, so your napkin is now a horizontal rectangle 
  4. Fold the left side to the right side to make a square, then position the napkin as a diamond in front of you
  5. With the open ends at the top, fold the left and right corners towards the middle
  6. Fold the bottom corner towards the center and the right edge towards the left edge to cover the point and repeat, so the edges meet
  7. Flip the napkin over with the pointed end at the top to slide your silverware inside the pocket
  8. Secure the wrapped silverware with a piece of ribbon that complements the color of the napkin


Do You Put Silverware In Napkin Ring?

The napkin ring is not for the silverware, but it’s for holding the napkin for aesthetic reasons. Traditionally in France, napkin rings were used to identify the napkins used by the individuals in a household. 

If the napkin is still clean, it’s returned to the ring for potential reuse. But nowadays, napkin rings are nothing but decorations for setting the table. 

How do you use napkin rings with silverware? Put the napkin through the napkin ring, then place the napkin over the plate. 

As for the etiquette, you will place the ring at the top left side after removing it from the napkin. Then, return the napkin in the ring after the meal with the point facing the center of the table. 


How do you fold a napkin with a ring?

The fanfold napkin with a ring would look elegant in weddings:

  1. Place the square napkin flat on the table and fold it in half 
  2. Press to create a crease and unfold the napkin 
  3. Fold parallel to the crease alternating from one another to create an accordion-like texture
  4. Press to form creases, then fold the napkin in half with the edges aligned
  5. Once you have a fanned end and a rounded folded end, you can put the napkin inside the napkin ring
  6. Pull the ring over the napkin’s folded end halfway and pull the edges of the fanned end to make it more prominent
  7. Place the fanfold napkin in the center of the plate or a skinny glass when arranging your tables for the wedding 


How Do You Wrap Silverware?

Here’s another simple method for wrapping silverware: 

  1. Place the napkin flat over the table and fold the bottom edge up for about three inches to create a pocket for the silverware
  2. Align the edges well, so the pocket is even
  3. Tuck the silverware behind the fold you made, ensuring that they are in a vertical orientation and sticking out behind the pocket
  4. When stacking the silverware, start with the knife then fork, from the biggest to the smallest
  5. Fold the top edge to have the napkin as high as the knife and have it over the silverware
  6. The napkin’s top edge should touch the bottom fold, so adjust the pocket accordingly
  7. Grab the right side of the napkin and roll towards the left, smoothening the napkin as you go
  8. The folded edges shouldn’t move, and there are no ripples on the roll
  9. Secure the wrapped silverware with ribbon or twine, or put the bundle with the seam side down directly on the table



And that’s it! You have learned how to wrap silverware for wedding, which is as simple as two steps.

You’re essentially folding the napkin to create a pocket for the silverware. Another method is making a roll and tying it with a piece of ribbon if you want a more secured wrap.  

We hope these sparked some ideas on setting your wedding tables; leave us a question if you have any. 

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