How To Wrap Short Hair For Bed? 5 Easy Steps!

If your hair has relaxed strands, then you should know how to wrap short hair for bed.

The same is true if you work with a silk press.

Wavy, curly, and coily hair tends to revert easily into its natural shape.

As such, you need to know to preserve its style.

One technique that you can use is hair wrapping, but if you are not familiar with it, do not worry because that is why we are here.

Read until the end of this post, as we will be providing a step-by-step process in wrapping your short hair.

But before that…


What Is Meant By A Hair Wrap?

It is important to know and understand this technique first before we proceed with the steps.

As per its name, hair wrap is a technique used to achieve a sleek finish by smoothing the strands around the head.

Basically, the hair is laid onto the scalp by brushing it circularly around your head.

Then, a scarf made of silk is placed on your head to keep the strands in place.


Why Do You Need To Wrap Your Short Hair Before Bed?

You may want to wrap your hair for various reasons.

Mastering this technique can help you prolong your sleek hairstyle as this helps protect it.

With this, you will no longer need to worry about loss of moisture or friction as you toss and turn in bed throughout the night.

That is because the hair wrap strategically keeps your hair strands tucked away.

Not only that, but you won’t need to fix messy strands the next morning.

Meaning to say, hot tools may not be necessary anymore to achieve a perfect look.

If you are wondering whether or not hair wrapping can make your hair straight, well, the answer is yes!

Since the hair strands are kept snug and nice on your head, it will be straight by the time you unravel it the next morning.

You no longer need to rely on different heat tools in achieving straight strands.

With that being said, the method will also keep your hair away from damage.

Take note, however, that this method will only work for slight wavy and curly hair textures.

If you have tighter and thicker curl patterns, you may need to explore other methods to achieve straight strands.


Benefits of Wrapping Short Hair For Bed

Just like black hair, short hair is also textured.

It does not dry magically into a perfect sleek shape.

If you allow your short, relaxed, and textured hair to dry by air without using any product, chances are, the strands will stick right above your head.

Try to Google Don King – your hair will probably look like him.

So it is important to mold your hair to bed.


5 Steps To Wrap Short Hair For Bed

I don’t want to keep you waiting; below are the steps you need to follow in wrapping your short hair.

So, how to wrap short hair for bed?


Step #1. Smoothing out the strands

Do not go straight into the wrapping.

Make sure that your hair is free from tangles first so that you will reap all the benefits of sleeping with a wrap.

To start, comb your hair from the bottom upwards until smooth.

Then, apply some hair serum to nourish your hair.

A lot of products are formulated to boost the softness and shine of hair strands.

Just rub some drops of the oil in your palm and then apply it to your hair.

Ensure to put on the entire length of the hair, but give more concentration to its ends.


Step #2. Parting your hair

The next thing that you need to do is to divide the hair into two sections.

This is done to make it easier for you to complete the wrap.


Step #3. Wrapping the hair

You may start on either side.

Smooth your hair towards the side by using a paddle brush.

In case some strands fall out of place use some bobby pins to secure them.

Continue to brush the hair towards the back of the head.


Step #4. Repeat to the other side

This time start combing the hair from the back.

To achieve a uniform look, combine the hair from the other section.

You can use bobby pins in securing the strands as you are working up towards the side of the head.

After you finish with the last strands, you can already release the bobby pins used.

Make sure to smooth the hair above the section.


Step #5. Securing your short hair using a scarf

After you completed the hair wrap, you have to wrap it further using a scarf.

Place the scarf on your head and wrap its ends towards the sides.

After you put both ends of the scarf behind your head, you now have to crisscross its ends.

Lastly, pull the ends towards your forehead and tie them into a tiny knot.


It’s A Wrap!

After reading the step-by-step procedure above, hopefully, you now know how to wrap short hair for bed.

Mastering this technique can bring you a lot of benefits.

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