How To Wrap A Wedding Present: 4 Classy Ways

If you want to know how to wrap a wedding present, consider four unique ways. We’ll provide creative and classy wedding gift wrapping ideas to make your gifts more memorable. 

We will also discuss how to gift wrap a present the traditional way. And if you’re giving the couple something oversize, try this tutorial on how to wrap a large wedding present

how to wrap a wedding present


4 Best Wedding Gift Wrapping Ideas: How To Wrap A Wedding Present


Classic gift wrap

Gift wrapping a wedding present doesn’t have to be stressful. You can select any shimmering or solid pastel-colored wrapper for your boxed bridal gift.

But to make it more presentable, select a ribbon that suits the wedding theme. You can also try other ribbon materials like burlap or switch the ribbon with twine or string, whichever suits the couple’s wedding style. 

Alternatively, combine different gift wrap colors, so it’ll be an experience unraveling the gift. Although printed wrappers are not always tacky, buying wedding gifts will look classier if you opt for solid color papers. 


Add details on the wedding gift wrap

If, after wedding gift wrapping and you find the finished gift too bland-looking compared to the wedding presents you imagine, you can elevate and dress up your package. For example, use filler papers inside the box. 

You can also dry and press flowers or add decals on the top of the present. If needed, why not combine two types of ribbons? 

Another elegant alternative is to use a wax seal on the wedding present. And if you have dried flowers, you can slip them in the twine on a brown wrapper-covered wedding gift. 


Use fabrics instead of paper for wedding gift wrapping

A creative way to wrap a wedding gift is instead of a typical gift wrap, you’ll use fabrics for wrapping instead. This is especially useful for a wedding gift that might easily poke through paper. 

There are different materials you can use for gift wrapping. Try organza of different colors layered to cover the wedding present.

You can also slip a linen piece under the gift, gather all the fabric corners, and tie it with ribbon and flowers. Finally, if it’s a boho or rustic wedding, you can wrap it with burlap and twine, then add a gift note with your calligraphy. 


Use ribbons to wrap the wedding gift

Do you know that you can use ribbons as the primary material for wedding wrapping? Instead of paper or fabric as the wedding gift wrap, you can use different ribbons to cover the box. 

You can weave ribbon strips for uniquely wrapping wedding gifts. You can even experiment with different ribbons such as satin and silk. 

But of course, your budget and time will dictate the best gift wrapping technique for your wedding gift. You can save time and effort by having it wrapped at the store. 


How Should You Wrap A Wedding Gift?

Here is the etiquette regarding wedding gifts and wrapping them:

  • Select a box that can comfortably fit the item; this will prevent damage to the wedding present, and it’ll be easier to wrap 
  • Add fillers such as paper inside the wedding gift box to keep the item from moving; you can also place it over a piece of soft fabric if the item is fragile
  • Line the gift box with soft-colored tissue paper before wrapping 
  • Choose bridal colors such as white, silver, or related colors for your gift wrapper; you can also use the wedding theme and color scheme as inspiration in selecting the materials
  • Wrap the wedding gift with double-sided tape, so the adhesives are invisible
  • Include a greeting card taped on the face of the gift; write a short message wishing the couple the best; you can read what to write on the wedding gift envelope for ideas


What Is A Unique Way To Wrap A Present?

A fun technique you can do for wedding gift wrapping is a Japanese technique called Furoshiki. This way of wrapping gifts is ideal because it’s easy, but because you’re also using a reusable fabric, not a disposable material. 

  1. Prepare a big square cloth by cutting fabric with a diagonal length thrice the length of your wedding gift 
  2. Place the cloth diagonally on a flat surface and lay the wedding gift in the center 
  3. Get the corner closest to you and take it over to the gift
  4. Tuck the corner of the extra fabric under and repeat on the opposite lower side of the fabric 
  5. Take the edges of each side to the center, similar to creating the handles of the gift
  6. Create a double knot with the left and right handles at the top of the gift to finish


How Do You Wrap A Wedding Gift In A Bag?

  1. Line the sides and bottom of the gift bag with tissue paper
  2. Put the gift in the bag
  3. Loosely cover the top of the bag by bunching tissue sheets to hide the gift 
  4. Add embellishments or tie the bag handle with a bow



And that’s it! You just learned how to wrap a wedding present four ways.

You can stick to using wrapping paper, adding details like flowers, switching the paper with fabric for the gift wrap, and using ribbons to cover the gift box. 

We hope you also enjoyed our tips for Furoshiki and wedding gift bags. 

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