How To Wrap A Pillow? An Easy 4-Step Wrapping Guide

Try wrapping your pads to add a splash of decoration and fantastic highlights to your home decor, but how to wrap a pillow? Do you want a pillow that is the center of attention in your living room?

Today, we will ponder how to wrap a pillow using four easy steps: gathering supplies, cutting, sewing, and decorating.

how to wrap a pillow

I did significant research on this for you to craft an aesthetically-pleasing pillow wrap on your own easily.

These steps are relatively easy to follow, and it only needs a few base materials for you to create your very own pillow wrap.

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What Are Pillow Wraps?

Pillow wraps are pieces of cloth that surround a pillow.

Some would decorate their pillows with random adornments such as buttons and letterings that could depend on your preference.

These pillow wraps are available in a wide variety of designs in various shops. I recommend that you should check those out if you’d like.

However, if you’d like to opt for a self-made one according to your preferences, the following guide is for you!


Steps To Wrap A Pillow

Wrapping a pillow is an easy thing to do. It’s easy!

Just follow these four easy steps on how to wrap your pillow:


Step #1. Gathering of supplies

The needed supplies for your DIY pillow wrap are the following:

  • 1/2 yard of 44″ wide textile (can vary based on your pillow size)
  • 6”x13” iron-on adhesive
  • Template (Applique)
  • 12”x18” pillow already covered
  • loop tape & 11″ of hook
  • Three large pieces of decors of your choice

Take note that your adornments shouldn’t be bulky. You could use inspirational quotes, letters, and figures that you prefer.

Moreover, it would help if you also had iron to activate the heat n bond adhesive that safely applies the adornments to your pillow wrap.


Step #2. Cutting

Trace the letters/adornments on the iron-on adhesive sheets where the paper side is.

Leave at least 1/2” of space between each adhesive and optimize the spacing until it satisfies the design that you desire.

Trim the letters apart and try to leave a 1/4″ allowance for the seams. Adhere the iron-on adhesives to the ‘wrong’ side of your fabric creating an applique.

Carefully cut the letters to the desired size and set them aside.

Finally, cut the fabric for the main pillow wrap according to your size of choice. I used 14″ wide X 29″ for this one.


Step #3. Sewing

Turn the pillow under and press 1/2″ along each long edge of the pillow wrap.

Turn under again and create a double fold hem to secure the wrap around the pillow tightly.

Stitch the hems in place with threads that match the color of your adornments. Repeat the entire process along each short end.

Now, we are going to create the wrap itself!

Separate the hook and loop tape, and stitch one half of the tape to each wrap’s end.

Adjust the location of the ends of the hook and loop tape so that you would wrap the pillow adequately and with a minimal allowance.

Place the applique (the decorations you crafted!) on the wrapped center. You can stitch it in using a free motion or a significant pattern to highlight the adornments.


Step #4. Decorating

The final stage of wrapping a pillow is decorating using your DIY pillow wraps. You can attach additional décor to your pillow wraps, such as buttons and patterns.

Attach the pillow, wrap around the pillow and tightly secure it using the hook and loop tape you have adhered to. Place the pads wherever you want.

Now, you don’t have any drab-looking pillows anymore!


Related Questions

Here are some of the common questions and answers that you should know:


Can I wrap an entire pillow?

Yes, you can! Wrapping the entire pillow would mean that you will create a pillow wrap that looks like a pillowcase or a pillow cover.

You could also use the steps above.

Just opt for a more oversized fabric and incorporate the pillow’s full size by sewing and stitching the cloth just like doing it for a pillowcase.


How do I wrap a pillow for Christmas?

If you want the theme of your pillow wrap to be festive, try using Christmas or holiday-related decorations to spice up your gift!

These around-the-pillow wraps are reusable, cheaper, and better than using gift wrapping papers.

They also make your pillows look more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye, making these wraps a perfect gift.


What materials should I use to decorate my pillow wrap?

Aside from letterings and quotes, you can also opt for using figures or even minimalist pictures that match your pillow’s aesthetic and look.

Moreover, you can also adorn your pillow wraps with buttons, sequins, and patterns that add some spice to the overall design of your rooms and beds!


Final Words

In conclusion, how to wrap a pillow includes four significant steps. The procedure consists of gathering supplies, cutting, sewing, and decorating.

Pillow wrapping is a particular skill to master and an artistic method to beautify your home even more.

It also makes your pillows look fantastic and cozy when you give them to someone you love and value. Good luck and best wishes!