How To Word Hotel Information For A Wedding: Samples

If you’re unsure about how to word hotel information for a wedding, we recommend spreading the wedding hotel information through your invitation, information card, and wedding website. The most common accommodation for weddings is booking a hotel, so your guests must understand the details. 

Speaking of wedding details, do you already know how to build a wedding invitation suite? Read how to stuff wedding invitations for more tips. 

how to word hotel information for a wedding


3 Best Ways On How To Word Hotel Information For A Wedding


Wedding hotel information on invitations

The easiest way to guide your guests with hotels is to put the accommodation information in your invitations. You can use the invitation card inserts if the wording for the hotel information is too long and will need a significant space.

But if you’re worried about the potential increase in postage for invitation inserts, you can use a small card. Then, you’ll use your wedding website for the other information to avoid overcrowding the small card with words. 

We have made the following hotel arrangements for your comfort. We have booked a block of rooms at [hotel name] for a special rate. This rate is available until [date you need the guests to book the rooms to get the special rate]. You can reserve these rooms by calling [hotel number] and mentioning the [name of your wedding]. Additional information regarding accommodation is available at [your wedding website]


Hotels on the wedding invitation card

If the wedding hotel information you need to share with your guests is lengthy, we recommend using larger wedding inserts in your wedding invitation suite. This is also needed in big weddings where you might have booked multiple hotel room blocks. 

And besides knowing how to word the wedding hotel information, you can also play with the design and style of your insert if you’ll use a larger card. Just make sure to check the size of the insert to avoid higher postage cost

Ana and John’s Wedding

January 16, 2022

[Hotel name and location]

We have booked a block of rooms for your convenience. Please make reservations by [date you need the guests to book the rooms] to get them at special rates. Reference the [your wedding name] when you call [hotel number] to make your reservation. Feel free to ask us at [your contact email for the guests] for more questions or visit [your wedding website].


How do you list a hotel on your wedding website?

The easiest way to provide the guests with hotel information is through your wedding website. You don’t need to use a big invitation insert, and guests will readily have access to everything they need to know for the accommodation information. 

For your convenience, we have booked a block of rooms at [hotel name]. If you have more questions, contact us at [your email address or phone number where guests can ask you].

Please reserve the rooms before [date you need the guests to book the rooms to get the special rate] to get them at a special rate. Reference [your wedding name] when you contact the hotel at [hotel contact number and website] [Note that you can describe in detail how to make a hotel reservation by calling the hotel or using their website. ]

[Hotel name] is located at [complete hotel address]. It is [describe how to travel from the hotel to your wedding venue]. We think you will also appreciate their amenities like a complimentary wedding shuttle, breakfast, and internet. Please check the shuttle departure and arrival at the front desk when you arrive. [Note that you can also word the wedding room block rate and room type to inform your guests.]


How To Word Hotel Accommodations For Wedding Invitations?

There are two types of wordings for the wedding hotel accommodation as it will depend if you’re providing a pre-booked hotel or haven’t booked any accommodation yet. Here is how to word accommodation information for wedding hotels:


Option 1. You have booked the hotel for the wedding guests

We have booked at [hotel name in hotel address] for your convenience. Please call [hotel contact number] and mention [your wedding name] to book a room for a special rate until [date you need the guests to book the rooms to get the special rate].


Option 2. You have not booked any hotel accommodations yet

There are many hotels near our wedding venue, but our recommended options are [list the most convenient accommodations for your wedding location]. We recommend booking early as hotels are highly in demand on [your wedding date.]

If you’re curious about your wedding accommodation coverage, read who pays for hotel rooms for wedding guests.  


When Do You Send Out Hotel Information For A Wedding?

The best time to send hotel information, such as the hotel block for your wedding is between 6 to 8 months before the wedding. Furthermore, the rates offered by hotels for wedding hotel blocks are usually available for a particular duration only. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to word hotel information for a wedding in the invitation, information card, and wedding website. 

You don’t need to copy our sample wordings, but the information must be concise and easy to understand. And finally, make sure to lead your guests to your website and provide a number they can contact. 

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