How To Winterize And Store Pressure Washer? 5 Easy Steps!

Did you damage any part of the pressure washer due to insufficient knowledge on how to winterize and store pressure washer? These six steps will help you acquire a longer life span for your machine and avoid buying replacement parts from time to time. Continue reading to learn more.

Improper storing machines is one of the most common mistakes anyone should not neglect. It may not affect your device sooner, but eventually, damages may break in after a few months.

how to winterize and store pressure washer

It is best if you avoid these situations from happening or recurring, right? No one wants to replace the original parts and buy another in the following months. Avoid damaging your soap tanks, hoses, wands, and other parts of your pressure washer by applying the most immediate and effective ways how to store your pressure washer and other needed maintenance.


Why Proper Maintenace Is A Must?

Upon buying any devices in a store, clerks often explain how to take care of them and how important it is to maintain their performance. There are manual booklets or paper given to allow access to reliable information. Similar to these situations, a pressure washer needs to treat correctly. It doesn’t matter if you own an electric, battery, or gas-powered pressure washer, as this article will thoroughly tackle them. You might have lost your manuals or don’t want to bother yourself looking for them anywhere. 

Why does a performance rely on how the owner handles it? Suppose the pump oils are already dirty and have a lot of grimes? It needs to be changed but still used in several cleaning? The impact is fatal. Pump oil goes inside the engine, plays its part as a lubricant, and gets in every piece. Due to grimes and dirt, it won’t play its role, causing friction and tearing.


Steps To Store Pressure Washer

Even though pressure washer comes in various types, the proper storage is likely similar. There’s no need to be confused. Read the steps carefully. If you just finished cleaning and want to learn how to winterize and store pressure washer even, it is still warm. It’s okay. Be careful, as other parts of your washer are hot.


Step #1. Rinse soap dispenser

If your pressure washer has a soap dispenser and used it for the day, you might have to rinse off the remaining soap inside. Check for the siphoning tube and remove it from the soap dispenser. Set your washer wand into the lower pressure, then let the water run for at least one or two minutes. This time varies and relies on how bubbly or strong your detergent is.


Step #2. Relieve the pressure washer

As your pressure washer holds pressure, it is advisable to relieve it. First, turn off the pressure washer and your garden hose. If you have an electrical one, you might as well unplug it from the outlet. Get your washer wand and release the air and water left. Note that the pressure is still high, and you should never point it to someone, as this might cause skin injuries. Lock the washer wand and let it cool. Know why wont my pressure washer start


Step #3. Drain water

Your pressure washer handles the water’s pressure. Even if you have already drained the soap dispenser and the washer wand, there is still excess water lying in the hoses. Next, you need to detach the garden hose and the washer wands’ hose. Upon pulling out these hoses, you’ll notice some water coming out, and that’s our excess water. Know how to drain gas from pressure washers


Step #4. Let it cool

If you have children at home, this is very important. It would help if you always reminded them not to touch the pressure washer after usage, as the surface is hot. Some homeowners often refer to the hot temperature of the surface as “burning.”


Step #5. Store it in a dry place

You should store your pressure washer in a dry and safe place, especially if you live in cold areas or experiencing the winter season or the opposite way. Keep gas-powered pressure washers from heat surfaces as fuel. You can also use a pump lubricant or an anti-freeze to prevent oils from drying out. Then, cover your pressure washer with specific coverage that can hold into moisture. You can use fabric clothing, but it’s not good for dealing with water. Know how to store pressure washer.


Other Maintenance In Preserving A Pressure Washer

You should regularly check your pressure washers parts, such as hoses, o-rings, pump oil, fuel tanks, and sparkplugs. Hoses are prone to tearing over time, as well as the o-rings. Poor o-rings occur water leakage in between connections of two joints. On the other hand, you must change pump oils every three months. Ensure that you do not store the fuel for a long period f time in your fuel tank unless you put fuel stabilizers on it.


It’s A Wrap!

Knowing how to store pressure washer is essential. Pressure washers are a high cost-cleaning tool, and to maintain its good quality performance, handle it with proper care and never neglect its maintenance. Now, you’ve known how to winterize and store pressure washer!

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